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  1. Manning at MK Dons. I understand we beat them narrowly twice but, in my opinion, he did a much better job that Moore with the players at their respective disposal. Karl Robinson, his Charlton stint aside, had built good sides with in L1 with MK Dons & Oxford. Again with relatively limited resources compared to Moore.
  2. I don’t believe he is good enough to get us up. This was our best shot in my opinion. It’s going to be much harder next season if we are without players like Luongo, Dean, Hutch, BPF, Hunt & Storey. His early season tinkering and failure to play a settled side really cost us. Tactically I don’t think he is good enough, the switch to 4 at the back in the 2nd half at Sunderland nearly cost us the entire tie, being an example. Sticking with Johnson at centre half v Oxford away (who got out jumped for one of their goals) when Storey was on the bench was baffling. Playing NML up front when he isn’t a striker.
  3. I thought he looked really tired towards the end of last nights game. Hopefully just tiredness, rather than carrying a knock.
  4. He’s missed the best part of two season and looks way off the pace. He needs games, and plenty of them, to get up to speed in my opinion. I imagine u23 football isn’t great for getting match sharpness because it’s way less intense that League One football. Bring back reserves !
  5. Just because people may no longer make fun of and/or mock Moore’s speech on here, it doesn’t mean they don’t do it in private or with like minded mates. If posting the video gets just one of them to think twice about then surely there is no harm done sharing the link? Naive to think people getting removed from this site has resolved the problem, only education and generating empathy for those with speech impediment will?
  6. I reckon a good manager would be able to get the right players around Bannan for the team to flourish in this league. I don’t mind FDB at all. In fact, I quite like him at times. I guess it’s all about opinions. I don’t think getting rid of Moore would solve all our problems overnight but I think it would give us a better chance of finishing higher up the table.
  7. We have some quality players for this level. The goals we scored today were very good and we played well at times. The problem, in my opinion, is Moore. Marvin Johnson isn’t going to win headers in our box and is poor when teams attack us. Moore had two centre halves on the bench yet stuck with Johnson who simply can’t judge crosses well. It’s baffling. Also, for a period in the second half of the our midfield went AWOL & that is down to tactics in my opinion.
  8. It’s baffling isn’t it mate? We have one fit centre half so we play a system that requires 3…… which leads to shed loads of players playing in unfamiliar positions. Bizarre management.
  9. And/or play them out of position & drop them when playing well.
  10. To a degree he’s been hampered by injuries but he hasn’t done a great deal to mitigate in my opinion. He’s persisted with playing 3 centre halves when he’s only had 1 or 2 natural centre halves available. It’s baffling to me. He taken players out of the team, that have been playing well, for seemingly no good reason. Obviously, I don’t know if they have had niggles or not but I’d assume not as they have been on the bench - i.e. Theo/Brennan.
  11. I don’t watch rugby but I can see the validity of the points you make. The point you make about fatigue is really interesting & I can see the same happening with football to some degree. It will disadvantage those teams with smaller squads that can punch above their weight due to their excellent fitness. Fitness can be a bit of a leveller when competing against the bigger clubs. Less so when you can change half your outfield players.
  12. Desperation I imagine in the first instance. He’s really playing well after a fair few games getting used to the position. I’m surprised teams haven’t targeted him in the air more.
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