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  1. I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by him so far but, as he’s come into a struggling side, he deserves to be cut some slack. I’m also not sure what his best position is either. That said, he’s the right type of age and seems to have a goal in him. Seems to have a decent attitude too. At the right price & wages I’d be tempted as I imagine the right manager could get something out of him.
  2. Looking for 3 Brentford tickets if anyone has some going spare. Cheers
  3. They haven’t turned into poor players, they are having a poor run of form - Borner especially in my opinion. That said, I’m not sure they get a great deal of protection with Bannan & Joey in midfield.
  4. Not sure I can make the game now so looking to get rid if anyone can take them off my hands. Cheers
  5. Thought he did OK. Needs a run of games as he can’t be match sharp. We didn’t really create anything clear cut tonight so, given that, it’s hard to be too critical of him.
  6. I probably had my beer goggles on, but I thought Westwood was pushed for their 2nd? Their first was down to him, but he made a couple of good stops late on which were important. Good keeper, mixed day for him.
  7. I thought Iorfa had a good game. He got caught out a little for the goal a bit but, to me, Murphy is equally responsible as he seemed to make little or no effort to cut out the cross. All that said and done, it was a great cross and a cracking header in a game in which I thought we created the better chances.
  8. I’d stick with Odubajo. I’d be inclined to bring Luongo in for Reach if we play 4-3-3. I don’t think Reach has done much wrong but I think we’d be a bit more solid with Luongo. It will be interesting to see how Borner gets on if Millwall go direct. I thought he had a really good game against Barnsley but I wasn’t totally convinced with him in the air at times.
  9. Not seen much of those two but, from what I have seen, they look pretty decent. Thought Chalobah stood out for Ipswich at Hillsborough.
  10. Think Fletcher has been playing well for the past 6-8 weeks. Played well again today.
  11. I can’t help but find some of what you say a touch disingenuous and hypocritical. 1) You state, almost as fact, as fact DC doesn’t value the contribution of Owls fans. Having met DC on several occasions I have a completely different opinion. If he’s saying the fans money doesn’t go far in the greater scheme of things, that’s fair comment isn’t it? 2) Dodgy signings. Didn’t you sanction the signings of Darren Purse and Tommy Miller? Both could be described as poor, couldn’t they? I also think the Purse signing indirectly led to our ‘prized youth’ at the time, Richard Wood becoming disgruntled? Hindsight is a great thing, but I’m sure neither you or DC intended to make poor signing? It feels a bit like you are throwing stones from your glass house. Cheers
  12. Obviously it’s wrong if FF is found to have used racist language. However, if the text conversation above really involves a Mansfield player, surely they should be in trouble. He’s inciting violence against FF, admits to ‘hunting down’ a player (which could be taken several ways - one of which could be to injure him) and thinks it’s funny that it resulted in a big brawl.
  13. I agree mostly. The two awful individual mistakes aside, I don’t think we played terribly in the first half. Granted, we were nowhere good enough but I didn’t think we were terrible. In terms of positives, I thought Joao and Thorniley did well when they can on. Like you, I also thought they put a decent enough shift in during the 2nd half.
  14. Wildsmith. I think Westwood is a top keeper but I don’t think Wildsmith deserves to lose his place. The mistake against Boro aside, he hasn’t done much wrong. He also played a huge part in our win at Forest.
  15. Thought they both did ok today to be fair. Didn’t do too much wrong.
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