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  1. Totally agree with this. Whether it has been poor decision making or just pure selfishness previously, he looks a far better player when he used his teammates yesterday. It must also increase his teammates willingness to make runs & get up and support him when he plays like he did yesterday. I can see how they could lose enthusiasm to do so if they think that he will never see or make a pass to them.
  2. I take your point entirely but our previous style wasn’t working so to keep persevering with something that doesn’t work can’t be the answer. It’s a bit damned if you change and damned if you don’t. I’d like to thing he’s getting the players used to his style for next season but hardly any of them will still be here so it will be back to square one in the summer.
  3. A persons mentality can be worked on and improved. He’s a young lad and young people, in many walks of life, are filled with self doubt. Give the lad a chance I say. He’s obviously got talent so let’s get behind him.
  4. I’m still clinging to the hope we’ll still stay up but, other than that, I agree with you. Tried to play, instead of hitting it back to front. Didn’t alway look good trying to do it but at least we tried. Got a bit annoyed with the commenters criticising us for not being great at playing it out from the back. Same commenters criticising us for going back to front under Pulis. Can’t change a style in 6 weeks!
  5. I’d be surprised if any player that signed in the summer didn’t have some sort of relegation clause in their contract. There maybe fees written in them but why else would Windass, Paterson & Dunkley have signed when we were on minus 12. Same with Bannan too.
  6. Nah, I don’t think you are being harsh. I find him difficult to listen to. Like you, I expect he is clear when talking with the players, otherwise it would be a bit of a worry. Maybe he’s just not great in front of the press.
  7. How often does Darren Moore use the phrase ‘in terms of’. It’s got to be up there with Stuart Gray and his ‘as such’ That is all.
  8. Disgraceful wasn’t it? Especially as he was in the wrong.
  9. If we are looking to play Hutchinson in midfield I’d say get rid. As a centre half I’d be tempted to sign him if we could agree favourable terms. I suspect he’s already met, or close to, the criteria that triggers his contract extension. On a favourable deal I’d keep Westwood too. But maybe that can only happen if we can move one of Wildsmith or Dawson on. I expect that could be difficult as I understand they are on pretty decent money.
  10. So, you think it is DC’s fault that clubs who develop youngsters can lose them for minimal compensation? It’s a rule that benefits the bigger clubs. If he’s challenging the rule, and I doubt he even is, then I can’t fault him. Whether it’s Shaw’s lifelong club or not, DC can’t make him sign a contract - especially if there is a better offer elsewhere. We don’t even know whether someone advised DC to offer Shaw a contract 12-18 months ago. If not, it can hardly be DC’s failing.
  11. That’s only part of the problem isn’t it though. Clubs should be better protected and/or receive better compensation payments in these sorts of situations. Youngsters can burst onto the scene at any given time so it’s not always the clubs fault when that happens close to the end of a contract. I’m not saying the club couldn’t have handled this, or other situations, better but it’s not always clear cut. Just imagine if the club had given into the clamour to sign Clare and Hirst on long term contracts with decent money. We’d have two players that were squad fillers at best.
  12. That’s the way I’m understanding it. I expect we may see some (or all) of the Joao transfer fee in the next sets of accounts too.
  13. I don’t get my season ticket to get one over on POTD fans, but I do expect a little more than just reserving my seat for stumping up the cash up front. By investing money upfront I enable the club to budget more effectively and I commit (£500-600) that I can’t use elsewhere. I’m appreciate there is a multitude of reasons why supporters can’t commit to season tickets but that’s not a reason for those that can not to have a reasonable benefit from doing so. Also, from the clubs perspective I imagine there will be overheads for proving the POTD service. If that is the case, yes, I wou
  14. I take your points but I’m not necessarily sure that will be the case. I’m sure, regardless of what’s going on at the club, Sheffield and SWFC are still an attractive proposition for League 1 players. There are some teams in and around the top of league 1 that I would imagine offer less wages than SWFC and an less enticing location to live. I also think Moore’s decent track record at Donny may appeal to players too.
  15. I think Patterson & Windass will be decent in L1. Others who I think will do OK are: Iorfa Bannan Luongo Dunkley Palmer Dele Bashiru Not sure about Green. I’m not entirely convinced many of those players above will still be with us as they could have get out clauses should we be relegated - especially those that have signed contracts following the points deduction. Even if we keep all the above listed players, I think we’d need 6-8 to push for the play-offs.
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