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  1. I’m not sure it’s ethical for the EFL to be naming clubs like that. It gives other clubs an unfair advantage in the Jan transfer window. For example, it it’s true about us, we may look to cash in on Iorfa in the window but our bargaining position is weakened if other clubs know we are in serious financial difficulties.
  2. That would have been better as at least he’s had his conviction quashed, even though his behaviour was highly questionable.
  3. Sow had chose a convicted rapist as his role model. Not great PR from the club in that aspect.
  4. In most instances I would agree with you but I have seen nothing to suggest we are heading in the right direction on the pitch. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. If I’d seen patches of decent play and good football I’d be agreeing with you. Much of what I see is a team constantly struggling trying to play out from the back. Also, Johnson never has been, and never will be, a left back. It’s costing the team and it must be awful for the player because he’s going to cop for it from the fans when it’s Moore’s fault for playing him there. You may point out he played in a cracking cross for the goal, which he did, but his general defensive play was woeful.
  5. I’d review the situation after 15 games. I get that individual errors have been costing us but performances haven’t been there. If, after 15 games, he is still stubbornly persevering with 4-3-3 & passing out from the back I think he will be giving DC a choice to make. IMO opinion, one of our better performance last season under more was Barnsley away when we played a bit more direct. I think we played 4-4-2 but I can’t be sure.
  6. I’d like him to try that formation. Relying on our full backs for width, like we did yesterday, left gaping holes at times defensive. I’ve a feeling Moore will stubbornly stick with 4-3-3 though.
  7. I’d probably leave around 6-6.30pm and hope you have a clear run. Setting off earlier and you may hit plenty of traffic. Safe journey!
  8. Thought he cost Brum £1.5m+ from Utd. Obviously Utd paid next to nothing for him.
  9. Ollie Watkins cost Brentford an initial £1.8m https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.devonlive.com/sport/football/football-news/exeter-city-set-another-cash-5214051.amp
  10. Where did you get the insurance from mate? Is it via the train companies themselves? Does that cover you if the game is rearranged at short notice? Cheers
  11. We are doing well despite having potentially two key men (Windass & Shodipo) out injured. If we can stay up there until both of these are fully fit and firing we must stand a great chance of being in the top 6 come the end of the season.
  12. It’s a tough one as I thought Dunkley played well. I think Hutchinson is a far superior player but I didn’t see anything in Dunkley performance to suggest we need to rush Hutchinson back if he isn’t quite fully fit to play.
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