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  1. Hope he doesn’t start freezing in front of goal now we have signed him.
  2. I thought they may recall him for the reasons you outline. I’m just wondering if it’s because they are skint & need wages off the books? I’m assuming we weren’t able to cancel the loan or I suspect we would have.
  3. Windass too? Assuming he doesn’t leave. Thought Borner was signed for only 2 years?
  4. Goal aside, he was pretty poor today. In general I find him pretty poor and limited, but he has a knack of getting a goal. He also work extremely hard. I just can’t work it out! Probably what we need for the scrap ahead!
  5. He struggled today, as he has done in his last few appearances. I wouldn’t be writing him off just yet. He needs some games out on loan.
  6. Enjoyed the second half. I thought the young lads at the back struggled a bit with Exeter physicality for the first 25 minutes. They grew into the game after that and expressed themselves a bit in the second half. I think the senior players did themselves credit today with some good performances - got the young lads through it.
  7. Hardly inspiring from looking at their records. May as well stick with Thompson if we are looking at these guys.
  8. I think they would have to apply the deduction proportionately. Not sure I got the maths exactly right about staying up, but I’m confident in my principle of the points deduction .
  9. I think they would have to: 1. Calculate our points per game based on actual points won; and 2. Apply the points deduction proportionately too. By my maths, we win tonight & we can campaign for the season to be scrapped!
  10. Agree. Annoyed the hell out of me. He didn’t put a shift in at all. I understand he may have been up there to hold the ball up etc, but I thought he didn’t do the hard yards. Shaw was closing down in the 90th plus minute & was out on his feet at the end. Brown may want to take that on board.
  11. Hyde. I thought Atherton was bang average on his good days.
  12. Up top alongside a target man I’d say. I don’t think we were great yesterday but we looked better for having two up top, even if neither Windass or Patterson are target men. Windass buzzing in and around a big man may be just what we need.
  13. At a minimum I’d like to see: Keeper Left back Holding midfielder (preferably a big, strong lad) Target man I’d be tempted to let both Marriott and Brown return to their parent clubs if possible. I just can’t see the latter getting into a Pulis team. Marriott just looks too similar in style to Windass and Kachunga.
  14. I thought he did OK. Made a few Carltonesque surges forwards. Think I’d want to see him in that position for half a dozen games before I could see either way whether his future is there. First touch isn’t great but maybe he wasn’t quite as relaxed with the position being new to him.
  15. I suppose it makes sense to make both jibes in one post rather than one of the jibes in a single post.
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