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  1. £20-26 for an adult to watch a game of football doesn’t seem bad to me. OK, it means watching it from the Kop, which might not be some people’s preference, but it seems reasonable to me.
  2. Agree on the first point. Not so sure I entirely agree on the second. Didn’t they have the much berated Leon Clarke for example? Were we referring to him as talented at the time? Yes, Wilder recruited well from the lower leagues but he also turned the fortunes of players that had been there for a while - i.e. Coutts. . Personally, I believe we have some talented players. We just a need a manager that can add to the group and get the best out of them.
  3. That doesn’t necessarily make for a successful team thought does it? United, when they got promoted, pretty much played the same players week in, week out in the league (21 players used & a few of those were quite sparingly). Leicester used 23 in their PL winning season, again a few quite sparingly. Also, didn’t Chesterfield end up furloughing players when they were struggling to bring better players in? Bigger squads come with their own problems at times as it’s harder to keep 30 players happy and involved. A tight group of c22 players can work just as well.
  4. Surely the job of the recruitment team is to identity the best targets regardless of whether they have played for us before? It would be remiss of them not to. As regarding recruitment players whose best days are behind them. That’s not an huge issue for me either if they are better than the player they are replacing and will improve our prospects.
  5. Yeah, Griggs must be on mega money which is why I was surprised MK Dons managed to get him on loan last season. Maybe Sunderland just wanted a contribution to his wages from a club they didn’t consider a promotion rival. I’m not saying we are promotion candidates but I suspect they may not want to loan him to us at the start of the season. Not seen much of Mullins but his record last season was impressive. Like you say, may be worth a gamble. Hopefully we do bag a couple of strikers and a keeper soon!
  6. I imagine he’s on big money at a Sunderland, but do you think Will Grigg would be a decent signing? Hasn’t done much at Sunderland but appears to have done well at MK Dons on loan from Jan. I haven’t seen him play too often. Maybe not the back to goal striker I think we need but he seems to have goals in him.
  7. I’ve said on other posts, I find Moore a really hard listen. I hope he communicates more clearly with the players.
  8. If they do exist in some capacity I imagine they would come with a base salary, with additional payments per game. I’d also imagine that Carroll would want a hefty base salary.
  9. What if Bannan wouldn’t agree to anything more that a £1m release clause? Not necessarily the case of the club being stupid? Maybe it’s a case of the club being smart?
  10. Yeah, I remember the same. Also agree that he’d have been snapped up by now. The only thing I can think of, which is maybe a bit far fetched, is that he answered a specific question about a relegation release clause. Maybe it’s just a general release clause? Maybe be was just being a bit cute with his answer.
  11. It’s a million more than we would have got for him if he hadn’t signed a new contract. Maybe he wouldn’t have signed the contract without a low release clause.
  12. I think this could be a sensible bit of business if it materialises. He offers experience and affords Moore some flexibility in that he could either send one of the youngsters out on loan or ‘cash in’ on Palmer. Obviously, I don’t think we’d get loads for Palmer, but maybe £250-350k?
  13. Finished 21/24 in a different league though. And, as you point out a couple of them were injured. That doesn’t mean they lack quality but, as you allude, they will need to get fit and stay fit for us to be successful. Hutch barely missed a game since he returned and I’d like to think he’ll be seen as a CB rather than a CH. As for Bannan, I agree his goal return isn’t great but if Moore can get him playing further up the field that may improve. Agree we desperately need strikers, ideally someone that has good L1 or Champ experience.
  14. I agree, Ipswich will be up there with the players they have recruited and the manager they have. That said, and maybe I’m wearing my blue and white tinted glasses, but maybe we have a better base to work from. I don’t think they will be adding the players you mention to the quality of players like Bannan, Luongo, Windass, Iorfa, Hutchinson and maybe Patterson. Don’t get me wrong, I think they will be right up there & I’d have loved us to get Bonne and Pigot as they are the areas I think we are weak in.
  15. Thanks for your videos and sharing your thoughts. I can see where you are drawing your comparison to Bannan to a degree. He’s similar in stature and plays in the same position. He’s also in a similar position to Bannan when he signed for us, in that he’s not getting regular game time. That said, Bannan had a much high term pedigree and had played in 70 PL games for Villa at the same stage in his career. You mention the guy has a similar mentally to Bannan. I think that’s a big statement given we know very little about him. Hopefully, if we do sign him, that proves to be the case.
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