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  1. Posted in the wrong thread earlier sooty if it’s a pope issue
  2. It is a classic, might be a few on here who do not recognise it though? Oh and by the way I do have a handle for my …………………..!
  3. Yep your correct CSKA was the army team
  4. Not bothered what the colour is to be honest, just as long as we win whilst wearing it
  5. Thanks John and congrats to your son My Son was in the academy a few years back - Cardiff play of final season so I know how good it feels
  6. Will you be able to get to the games on Monday's John? If so be good to read your updates (for us down south)
  7. Wilfred Samuel "Wilf" Smith (born Schmidt, 3 September 1946) is an English former professional footballer, who played in the Football League for six different teams between 1963 and 1978. Born in Neumünster, Germany, Smith moved to Britain with his family when he was a child. They anglicised their surname from Schmidt to Smith at this time. He joined Sheffield Wednesday after leaving school, and captained both Sheffield Boys and England youth.[1] Smith initially joined Wednesday as an apprentice in 1962, but turned professional with them in September 1963 when he turned 17. In all he made 206 League appearances for The Owls, scoring four times, before leaving to join Coventry City in 1970. He played 135 League matches in a five-year stay with the Sky Blues, but he found himself loaned out to both Brighton & Hove Albion and Millwall in his final season with the Midland club.[2] He rounded off his footballing career with a 20-month spell at Bristol Rovers between March 1975 and November 1976,[3] followed by nineteen months at Chesterfield. He played a total of 432 Football League games, and scored nine goals during his career. After hanging up his boots, Smith moved into retail, and in 1994 he was reputed to have become a millionaire through his off-the-field business.[1]
  8. Not a lot to do in Norfolk - apart from going to Yarmouth and animal husbandry Football is a big thing and it has a large supporter base as there only 2 teams worth supporting in the whole of Norfolk and Suffolk
  9. Tweets by ‎@snakepasswatch Snake Pass Watch @snakepasswatch SNAKE PASS IS NOW OPEN 2h Snake Pass Watch @snakepasswatch SNAKE PASS IS CLOSED 4h Snake Pass Watch Retweeted Glossop Online @glossoponline 11:21am TRAFFIC: A57 Snake Pass closed due to snow between A6013 (Ladybower Reservoir) and Hurst Road (Royal Oak Inn). Woodhead Pass is open but there is lying snow. @snakepasswatch https://glossop.online/traffic/a57-snake-pass-traffic-live.php … Check the Snake Pass watch or Glossop on line
  10. That's how it works, my Grandad was from Port Seton (just outside Edinburgh), It makes me part Jock
  11. The only things I put on my pancakes are stew and Hendo's
  12. Haha - are you watching the Mayans - he is in that also
  13. Chips, Egg and Sausage - oh and brown sauce Decadent old school tea
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