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  1. Can’t get any commentary on it just me or anyone else ?
  2. The game is not over yet, let’s hope for a more positive second half
  3. Below caption from the BBC, not sure how accurate it is Profit and sustainability rules affect Reading Reading are deemed to have breached profit and sustainability rules, while Hull's embargo is based on "conditions under monitored loan agreement", as is that applied to Fleetwood, Oldham and Scunthorpe. These terms relate to loans which were made available to clubs in Leagues One and Two during the pandemic, which on application meant clubs had to agree to specific squad sizes and playing budget. Sheffield Wednesday have been released from their previous embargo, following relegation to League One.
  4. Probably going to my sons house to have a look at his new extension, a curry and a few social drinks and explain to my granddaughter that her mom ( and her mom's side of the family are wrong to support Arsenal as we are the better team )
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