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  1. This was my early seventies car good old Triump Herald, breaks where a bit suspect though
  2. We will be relegated

    Same bet as Dave boy HM if you want it ?
  3. We will be relegated

    I am sure there are at least 3 teams worse than us !!
  4. The source of the injuries

    Yep - it was the same in the early Seventies
  5. Who do you want in the next Round?.

    Spurs away, only a couple of stops on the Tube
  6. WEDNESDAY number 6

    Number 14 Away please
  7. Team for Boro:

    Looks pretty god, both Matias and Joao are quite fast
  8. I need to go through my shed and find pictures of both games, sure I have a few Think the atmosphere at Loftus Versfeld at the match was better than Cape Town, but apparently the after party in Cape Town was on a differently level !!
  9. That was a good night out, didn't you go to Cape Town also?
  10. Take your pick 1978/1979 Sat 02 Sep Lincoln City 1 - 2 Sheffield Wednesday League 1977/1978 Sat 18 Mar Lincoln City 3 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday League 1976/1977 Sat 02 Oct Lincoln City 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday League
  11. Joe Wildsmith

    Did not compare the two in my post just said JW’s distribution could be better Everyone can improve in the job they do
  12. Player ratings

    All 8 for me
  13. Joe Wildsmith

    Yep and will get better slight issue with distribution but great shot stopper Future England keeper if he maitains his progress