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  1. Steve Downes for me
  2. Southernblues

    IFollow on Sunday

    It is on the red button for free on Sky Sports Football at 13h30
  3. Southernblues

    This time last season

    This time last season I had a season ticket, and had one for a long time along with 4 others This season not been to one game We don’t live in Sheffield and night games are on TV, IFollow has also been pretty good
  4. To be honest I think you are pretty much spot on with this Neil
  5. We are down and out
  6. Southernblues

    U23's away at Leeds today

    Jack Lee?
  7. Southernblues

    U23's away at Leeds today

    Yep working okay thanks Ethel
  8. Southernblues

    Wednesday Celebrate 100 years !

    I was there age 11
  9. Southernblues

    Team for Reading

    Yep agree with this - but can't see it - may be Matias, Joao & Fletcher?
  10. Thought Fernando was carrying a slight injury?
  11. Southernblues

    HELP please

    If you contact the ticket office they will send them to Sunderland’s tickect office for you to collect I have done it a couple of times at a few southern grounds