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  1. Sportsman Inn, Worral Road

    Won't the New Barrack be open early?
  2. "Don't panic,Mr Mainwaring".

    Just think we need a centre half TBH it seems to be Mulgrew If our key players stay fit for 80% of the games we will be around the top 3
  3. Vitoria de Setubal vs Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Mine too, our local nandos sell it in bottles
  4. Vitoria de Setubal vs Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Yep I can see the lure of the New Barrack, sure they sell Sagres on draught
  5. Who went to this?

    Tenner the chant of Hop Swiss Hop Swiss
  6. Official Site First Team Profiles

    Sasso isn't there, only Semedo ?
  7. Nothing getting done!

    At St Pancras getting ready to board our train
  8. Me - my day will be tube from home to St Pancras at 09h30, train to Sheffield at 12h00 Stay over at in Sheffield Next day will bet train to St Pancras at 12h29, tube home 2 day holiday Actually probably 3 - I'll be sick on Friday !!!
  9. Birthdays on the 7th

    It's my eldest daughters birthday today, good memories getting out of the pub league
  10. Option B for me, rather travel up for a Sunday game than evening game
  11. The other teams' forums

    Found this on EFL play off rules; 6.3.1 50% of the Net Gate Receipts shall be paid into the Pool Account referred to in Article 65; 6.3.2 the remaining 50% of the Net Gate Receipts shall be divided equally between the two Clubs taking part in each Final Play-Off match. 6.4 Where spectators are admitted to the Final Play-Off matches as part of hospitality arrangements by The League then the income from such hospitality arrangements shall be included in the Final Net Gate Receipts Levy. 6.5 Income derived from programme sales and perimeter advertising after paying thereout all attributable costs shall be included in the Final Net Gate Receipts Before Levy. Read more at http://www.efl.com/global/playoffrules.aspx#8KsrPhGW3m4PvRyT.99
  12. Vote Fletch NOW

  13. Question re tickets

    Your Dad will have to set himself up on the site as all the season tickets are on reserve under the holder's name (or go to the ticket office)