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  1. Probably Sky red button, but may put IFollow commentary on - (if John Pearson is on)
  2. Greying commentary on You Tube JB Sports
  3. Martin David Fry was born on 9 March 1958 in Stretford, Lancashire (now part of the Metropolitan Borough of Trafford in Greater Manchester) and grew up in nearby Bramhall, Stockport, alongside his younger brother Jamie, who later went on to join the indie rock band Earl Brutus.[5] Fry was editing a fanzine titled Modern Drugs in 1978, and first met future ABC band members Mark White and Stephen Singleton while interviewing them for an article in the fanzine. White and Singleton, then fronting an electronic band called Vice Versa, invited Fry to join their band to play additional keyboards.[6] ABC
  4. Thought Martin Fry was a Manchester lad (from Stretford) which is deep in Man Utd territory
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