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  1. Tweets by ‎@snakepasswatch Snake Pass Watch @snakepasswatch SNAKE PASS IS NOW OPEN 2h Snake Pass Watch @snakepasswatch SNAKE PASS IS CLOSED 4h Snake Pass Watch Retweeted Glossop Online @glossoponline 11:21am TRAFFIC: A57 Snake Pass closed due to snow between A6013 (Ladybower Reservoir) and Hurst Road (Royal Oak Inn). Woodhead Pass is open but there is lying snow. @snakepasswatch https://glossop.online/traffic/a57-snake-pass-traffic-live.php … Check the Snake Pass watch or Glossop on line
  2. That's how it works, my Grandad was from Port Seton (just outside Edinburgh), It makes me part Jock
  3. The only things I put on my pancakes are stew and Hendo's
  4. Haha - are you watching the Mayans - he is in that also
  5. Chips, Egg and Sausage - oh and brown sauce Decadent old school tea
  6. Brown sauce and fish is shocking brown sauce is for meat or pies
  7. Bangers and mash with onion & mushroom gravy - that's more interesting than FH at the moment Agree it should be cut back, maybe replace it with a Northern Soul request program !!
  8. I think Iorfa is earmarked for Hector's place next season TBH
  9. Yep - had a season ticket on the north stand back then
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