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  1. Southernblues

    Nice Words

    Place like Luton, Stevenage, Northampton, Kettrring and Hastings and many others are real shitholes Sheffield has many very good factors including the local folk
  2. The Majority of us use the train from St Pancras or Luton, the motorway traffic and roadworks are not great for travelling up and down in a day If you book in advance standard class return is around £38.00 and first class around £56.00 That way you can have a drink and enjoy the day Similarly I have not renewed my season ticket due to the amount of non Saturday 3pm kick off games (and televised) I'll pick and choose next year and POTG
  3. Southernblues

    Half time - Beer Situation behind Kop

    Service on the South is okay, never have to wait long, also conactless payment which speeds it up quite alot
  4. Southernblues

    Owlstalk live from the Wednesday Tap

    Good drink, not as good as Sagres or Estrella though !
  5. Southernblues

    RIP Ian (Milkshake) Hemingway

    RIP Ian
  6. Southernblues

    Last 24 hours for season tickets

    Not renewing, but due to the amount of home games played at night which means I have to stay over in a hotel and loose 2 days at work or listen on Wednesday player The amount of games shown on tv is also a factor will pick and choose my games next season and POTG
  7. Yep your right about the score, not sure about the Owusu goal, we where also sat with the Swindon fans, it was quite warm I think?
  8. Southernblues

    A proper Sheffield Wednesday shirt...

    Yep think you are right Great games, went to the home tie, Arsenal and all the Leicester games
  9. Sounds like a good plan - heading for the Quayside ?
  10. Too far for me on a bank holiday
  11. Southernblues

    Bristol City match is ON

    Junction 18 - around Portishead (Bristol)
  12. Southernblues

    Our sister website Sheffield History

    Signed up - pretty good site I had forgot how big the Kelvin Flats where, had a few drinks in the Half Penny - Landlady use to dish out Yorkshire Puds on Sunday Lunctime
  13. Southernblues

    BBC pundits tonight

    Lawrenson that is