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  1. Southernblues

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Prefer eggs to pineapple, agree with new potatoes though Indian take away tonight
  2. Southernblues

    U18s | SWFC v STOKE CITY. FA Youth Cup.

    Thanks John, but much further down the M1 Junction 17 of the M25 in fact hope the boys do well
  3. Southernblues

    What XI does everyone want to see ?

    A first 11 that want to play there hearts out for us?
  4. Southernblues

    U18s | SWFC v STOKE CITY. FA Youth Cup.

    Wish I could, bit too far for a night game I wonder if the club will ever realise that they can stream games like this on YouTube etc ?
  5. Southernblues

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    Yep very good TBH
  6. Southernblues

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Not looking likely, they are talking about February (Daughters boyfriend is a Spurs fan)
  7. Southernblues

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    I’ll take that, 15 mins from my house
  8. Southernblues

    Alan wheen

    Yep agree, also Carotts, Geof Capper, Dave Barnsley etc
  9. Southernblues

    Alan wheen

    I will come up on the train for this if I can ge a bit of notice RIP
  10. Southernblues

    Alan wheen

    Also dated a girl called Sue Kirk from Pitsmoor, is she related to you? if so small world
  11. Southernblues

    Alan wheen

    Yep we where at both games Mamelodi Sundowns at Loftus Versveld was pretty good to be fair We came back In 2000 but decided to live in Hertfordshire as there is more work for air conditioning engineers down here UTO
  12. Southernblues

    Alan wheen

    Yep it is Back in the day his girlfriend was Ursula I also had the pleasure of going out with one of his sisters, think her name was Elaine? I organised all the coach trips from the Burgoyne with the okay from the then landlord Trevor back in the 1970’s then moved to South Africa in 1980 Guessing I would probably know most of the people you know
  13. Southernblues

    Alan wheen

    That’s me (at Luton away first game after the away ban) in the Bear suit, I think Chris Gott stood next to me, Weenie was holding me up on the barrier , you can see his head at the side of my right leg, he was dressed as friar tuck We lost and the team bus got bricked We used to run the coach trips from the Burgoyne on Langsett Road we also managed to get to all the games that we where banned from, Swansea and Derby where the best anyone recognise themselves in the photo? RIP Alan
  14. Southernblues

    Alan wheen

    Top man RIP Alan Remember going to Luton in fancy dress after our away support ban Wheenie was a Monk I was Fozzie Bear will post a pic if I can find it
  15. Southernblues

    Does God hate us?

    Well done to all that attend