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  1. Kazakh_Owl

    anyone on I Follow ?

    Not working in Kazakhstan either, but worked well all season
  2. Kazakh_Owl

    Any I-Follow users on here?

    Works very well in Kazakhstan, not missed a match and glad I bought it even if it has been painful to watch at times!
  3. Kazakh_Owl


    Live stream isn't working for me in Kazakhstan but for some reason Radio Sheffield's commentary is playing through the watch live button.
  4. Kazakh_Owl

    George Hirst Off!!

    Neither is he Finnish! ;)
  5. Kazakh_Owl

    Streaming websites

    I cancelled my WP subscription 3 days before it was due to automatically renew. Last season it worked perfectly, and as an expat it was worth the money to listen to all the games despite having to endure trips around the grounds! This year the first few games of the season it wouldn;t work at all... the service has been shyte.
  6. Kazakh_Owl


    I had already booked my flight back for the potential Wembley date... but now I think I might have to change the flight for the Wycombe game...