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  1. When Jos came he said he would pick a side he thought would give us the best chance of a win regardless of anything else. I'm sick of people thinking that a certain kind of football is better than any other. The only kind of football I want to see at Hillsborough is the winning kind. Long short direct I don't care as long as we come away with 3 points who cares. The only right way to play the game is the one that gets the 3 points. Ps well don't the youth coming through UTO
  2. Gk Westwood Cb loovens Cb lees Cb hutch Lwb urby Rwb hunt Cm bannan Cm lee Cm abdi St fletcher St Forestieri Mix things up a little bit
  3. so is anybody going saw them supporting madness in December and they were quality
  4. Lets start being realistic palace had 5 in midfield whilst we had 4 now even I know from playing that the extra man in midfield makes it easier for them to stretch a 4 man midfield. with palace overloading of men out wide which happend quite often today it's difficult to hold your shape and not get left shot in the middle. for a spell in the second half we looked like we were weaker in the middle but for the most of the game coke and prutton held there shape and battled with everything they had, as I said they had 5 in the middle with 2 men effectively marking 3 defensively he was strong held
  5. he did do well yesterday only criticism was his killer ball was lacking and was astray every time
  6. the worst part about refereeing is the inconsistency in every other sport worldwide there are rules which aren't overcomplicated and are followed by good officiation rugby is a shining example where officials dont want to steal the show and are consistent with offence and punishment.whereas football refs do whatever they want whenever it seems in punishing fouls and tackles and missing crucial decisions and getting them wrong
  7. could it not be moved to outside the ground maybe on the outside of the kop or west stand with such info as upcoming games and such being written on it? so like keep it and use it for something else
  8. was it just me that thought Pecnik looked like a taller version of modric from afar he even ran like him, he stood out today be killer with antonio on the other wing
  9. poalo di canio for next manager just for the fact hes so passionate about winning, plus so animated great entertaining manager, plus if were desperate he can pop his boots back on and still and run rings around those we have at the min
  10. he was one of our best players today, he has been all season, he might not score 30 goals a season but he does the leg work of 2 men holds up the ball fantastically heads every forward ball, and creates goals every week, bashing him is like bashing semedo for not scoring enough. We would have missed him massively today was such a physical presence plus he got a quality goal, an outstanding finish, first forward on my teamsheet every week
  11. what for having on opinion that differs from what everyone else just concludes because everyone else believes it? all im saying is clintons playing style dosent suit us, and that this year if he plays he may have the players around him to be more effective in a game because they can read him better
  12. i never said that im just saying hes not the kind of player that suits Wednesdays style and people should stop slating him as an altogether terrible player and was saying maybe now with good footballers such as marshall, semedo, lowe always making runs behind the defence he may prove to be more of an asset to us as with his vision and goal poaching seeing as madines banned and god forbid he gets an injury
  13. the best performance from the owls under irvine was when clinton and heffernan played as a pair in the cup cant remember what game but they were outstanding but they were never paired together again because irvine was an idiot
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