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  1. Donnarumma, De Gea, Neuer or Oblak….it could be any one of them..
  2. Bruce knows what to say, he’s probably a decent enough bloke but he’s walked out on nearly every club he’s managed.
  3. I didn’t go last night but do think the lads got a lot of genuine, natural ability, boxers go on about “man strength” and at 22 they don’t have it, get an extension signed and send him out on loan for the season, he did well at Grimsby who got promoted so maybe back there?
  4. Forgot about Antonio and no doubt a few more who’d be before him.
  5. Would he get in the starting 11 since Prem days? For me no, Brunt and Wallace out wide..
  6. The tough games come thick and fast up to end of September, I think top 6 then would be decent with the games we’ve got.
  7. Possibly the best comment I’ve seen on here…we’ll done.!!
  8. Offer new contract and if he doesn’t sign then make a profit on him and move on.
  9. My mates Dads got one, I don’t get these concept kits but it is a nice shirt and we’ll made. *I’ve got the pulp kit but that’s a bit different to a concept..
  10. A settled back 3 with hopefully a fully fit and back to his best Iorfa and keep Windass fit and we’ll be fine.
  11. How did Alex Hunt and Glover look?
  12. One of the newly promoted teams away.
  13. Their academy isn’t at the level required.
  14. There’s a Documentary on Amazon with Leeds and Wilkinson and he says he only spoke to Leeds out of frustration and they really wanted him, he came back to us and asked for money to sign players and was told no, Strachan was one of them, the Leeds chairman met him near the M1 and he signed his contract in his car before he could change his mind.
  15. Score in a minute, we’re gonna score in a minute…. amazing how often that used to come true in the 90’s
  16. Good on him for wanting to play, hope he finds a decent club where he is first choice.
  17. For those released we get nothing I think, if they’re under contract or out of contract and a contract is offered then a tribunal decide the fee and put a 25% sell on in on the deal.
  18. My opinion doesn’t come from what I saw last season, it comes from the fact that he’s a footballing centre half and Moore like to play it out from the back, weather he was unlucky, is injury prone or fell victim to our curse last season doesn’t change the type of player he is.
  19. As a ball playing centre back I think he was going to be key to how Moore wanted to play last season, I’d definitely have him back on loan next season.
  20. Both Hull City and Rotherham at 4 different grounds…anyone got any 5’s??
  21. We’ve got several highly rated youngsters at the moment, some with Prem interest and some that have already turned down Prem interest, I’d rather forget about the players that wanted to leave and concentrate on keeping the players coming through.
  22. Gibson was unlucky with injuries, I really think our season would of turned out different if we’d of got 40 games out of him, Paxo clearly signed those players though, just a good job Moore got Byers and Gregory in or we’d of been terrible last season…
  23. Waddle, Nilsson, Sheridan in that order, although I always wished we’d kept Marc Degrise for longer..
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