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  1. Ferdinand/Vidic....Ferdinand/Terry....Ferdinand/Woodgate.....Adams/Bould/Keown.....Puyol/Pique.....all right foot partnerships and there’s many more...
  2. Whats with all these teams that have got 2 right footers in there??
  3. Yes I got it at Rotherham match when Thorniley was probably our best player and by far our best defender.
  4. Yeah I do, I’m sure Borner could swap sides with ease, Thorniley, from the limited amounts we’ve seen them both this season is by far the better player
  5. They signed him the summer they went down and sold him 18 months later, your half right though, they were up at top of table when he was sold and he ended up their top goalscorer and stayed in championship...
  6. I first heard about the Crowley’s when Lincoln were still in conference...these guys are special and whichever club get them will be lucky to do so, hopefully it’ll be us.
  7. I know this is a duplicate but if DC or his team really do read this then he needs it to be clear so please keep it up.....get him in!!! Whatever the cost
  8. Got a minibus with seats available if anyone’s interested?
  9. Well this went well....there is a legitimate bus leaving the Norton and the driver is sound so let me know if you want on..
  10. Got a minibus leaving either 7am or 8am(gonna decide when we know who’s on it) from Norton pub Saturday morning, DM If anyone wants a seat, dropping at London Bridge and probably set off back from London Bridge around half 6-7
  11. If Chansiri owns the stadium can’t he just rebuild the lepp and it not cost us anything?
  12. The easiest would be to give away fans part of the North, it'd be easy to segregate on both concourses and then build a fence that will make home fans on Lepp go down side of south stand....that way there'd be no contact.
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