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  1. Nice words, it didn’t work out but all the best to him..,,
  2. Neither would of played anywhere near what they did last season if it wasn’t for Iorfa, Did Miley and Luongo injuries, I’d still rather they stayed though, but wanted Clare and Hirst to stay as well...
  3. If Derby are then I’m sure we are too, but to be honest, does it matter? Our recruitment has been first class for the level we’re at.
  4. Try a few youngsters out, we’ve got a few that are promising....make sure you give them all long contracts though or you’ll have the fans on your back....
  5. Big season for him....I’ve seen villa fans on Twitter since he’s left saying they’d love him back one day.....in league 1 and at his age he needs to be taking the league by storm or he’ll just become another forgotten young player who didn’t get anywhere near his potential, I think he might just do that...
  6. Abdi, Bannan, Foresteri all played left wing....he played more games elsewhere I agree, but all his early games were at left back and he was signed as a left back...
  7. Emanuelson wasn’t competing for anything....and he came on for Pudil for his debut....
  8. We signed him as a left back, granted he could play anywhere down the left but he was signed as a left back....also, there is a massive difference between not liking a tackle and literally jumping out of the way of them...
  9. Kids pricing is the same it’s been for past few years.
  10. He’s supposed to be decent, Wildsmith and Dawson were at that age as well...even if not both of them perhaps one actually should of been good enough, if it were not for being thrown in to early..
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