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  1. It’s makes perfect sense when the player who might be on more is t at the club and is having a large chunk of his wages by another club
  2. I know that! Which one? Was it during the season that’s just past? Rhodes wasn’t at the club then
  3. When did he say it though? Was it during the 18 months Rhodes has technically been at the club?
  4. I know a guy who’s a financial planner and he’s done a few of our players, he says that there is only one player on 40k a week and that’s our highest earner, before the released players obviously
  5. Firstly he lives in Manchester and secondly your not paying anyone 35 grand a week next season
  6. We switched several times to 442 with Hector going into midfield but we did start with 3 at back, that Villa game was Peeneys best game for us, he was one of best players on the pitch
  7. I mentioned Hourihane to a villa mate when Bruce came in and he said Smith seems to fancy him more than Bruce did so probably not him, looking at Villa though...Abraham if Villa don’t go up? bit whoever he brings in will bring quality, he knows his way around the transfer market...
  8. Spurs new stadium cost £1bn !! Redevelop Hillsborough everytine for me...start with Lepp making it a stand that can have an away end that can be reduced I’m size when needed and move onto taking pillars off kop and then modernise the north..simple
  9. Sky bet are only place with the market I think, it’s 250/1 now though
  10. I’ve got £10 on a Villa Wednesday final at 500/1
  11. Jedinak.....why’s Iorfa on it? Is that a mistake or did we only give him 6 months?
  12. Hector and move Thorniley to centre back
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