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  1. A full day on the ale and there’s going to be things said and done that wouldn’t normally. But it was the amount of people and times that got to me.
  2. All the songs about Bruce basically, it was a small ground with hardly any atmosphere and 2 out of ever 3 songs were either about cancer or Bruce’ parents, it was embarrassing
  3. Maybe it had something to do with some of the songs our fans were singing, complete embarrassment and not what I expected, never been abroad with us and expected a hard core of real fans, not a load of numties singing about cancer and people’s parents dying
  4. Anyone with any plans? Only going for the night but will be there most of day on Friday/Saturday
  5. I’ve not seen many slagging Newcastle off for that tbf and I certainly haven’t been
  6. Get what we can for Bruce and go get Cowley.....let him rebuild us properly
  7. Same thing happened at Birmingham didn’t it? He went on to manage them for over a year, personally I’d rather we didn’t have to but got a feeling we’ll have no choice..
  8. Don’t think he’s played for 21’s mate, he scored most of those goals people mention for u19’s and some for u20’s
  9. Play off final is on the Monday as well and it’s not a bank holiday next year, it’s coming forward to the Friday around first May one, league 2 is week before and ours and league 1 are still Sunday/Monday
  10. It looks like Bruce is bringing in more midfielders, If we had Lee and Hutchinson sat on bench we could hopefully keep em fit and it would be a decent option.
  11. Last youngster Bruce brought down from Scotland was Robertson and on that I expect nothing more than this lad being the best attacking midfielder in the world in the next 2 years
  12. The amount we sign will depend on who we can off load, for example if we don’t sell at least 2 strikers then we won’t be signing one in my opinion...with regards to pace on the wings, Penney and if it’s true we’ve signed him Odibajo will provide that from full back like Odibajo and Robertson did for Bruce’ Hull side
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