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  1. What happened to that Baggies fan who started following us as well, even went to some games if memory serves me right?
  2. Praising Newcastle, went on to say in the north we need them Sunderland, Boro, Leeds, Forest and us to all have strong teams.
  3. It was a strange one, I thought at the time was there a non football reason behind it, no idea what but he was getting game time.
  4. I’ve seen a lot about atmosphere at SoL and didn’t think much to their fans on the night, watched highlights other day and could hear our fans more than theirs…
  5. But of bother in there in December, it was closed to away fans when I got there.
  6. Exactly, they’re from a period where fans weren’t allowed in the ground…
  7. What’s happening with FFP during the covid period?
  8. We have better players already at the club and hope to be in the league above, if we were to add a striker then I’d like to think there would be a few that are ahead of him on the list.
  9. Rest player, never doubted him…
  10. The striker he’d be in competition with, who scored more goals and played less games….
  11. 1……how many have played 40 games?
  12. Ok then, what is it about his game that you think could improve us?
  13. Time will prove one of us wrong, i predict a steady career doing what he’s doing now, odd season in the championship, he’s not a bad footballer but nothing special either, no way at all we’d be thinking of him if he wasn’t who he is.
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