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  1. Don’t you know pump it up………
  2. I thought it was a penalty but he did go down easy, that probably swayed the Lino and ref...still a pen 100% though
  3. Mel Morris, a Derby fan since birth, has just sent them into administration citing the club lost £20m during pandemic and refusing to bank roll them any longer…..we need to give Chansiri a break if you ask me…for the time being at least..
  4. No, simple as that, if they were good enough then why aren’t they winning pizza cup every season?
  5. You need characters like Paterson in squad, can play in loads of positions and will help the young lads
  6. Well I spoke to his mum and she said I was being rude asking about her sons ongoing contract negotiations....she also wondered how I thought she’d know anything about Ugohide’s ongoing contract negotiations that lasted until the summer.....sounds like he had 3 choices and he chose the one that had his interests furthest from their mind, shame really...bet his agent got a decent payday out of it though, with him going “abroad”
  7. Where do you get 3k from? Face it, clubs all over the world lose their young players...even the Man City’s and Barcelona’s.....as of yet we haven’t had a single one suggest DC was wrong not bowing to their wage demands...these are the facts...15k??? Here-say...3k???? Here-say.......what I’ve just said...completely true.
  8. Would you really be happy with the likes of Hirst sat on 15k a week? And we’d of given it him then how much would the rest ask for, clubs lose young players all the time, we’ve just never had them coming through so it’s all a bit new to us.
  9. You can’t, they’re rules saying so many have to of featured in the previous league game
  10. It a shame we haven’t seen anything like Sheridan since he left really
  11. A deal was done for Vardy and Carlos said he didn’t want him, we eventually signed Hooper in that window, pretty certain that has been confirmed Leicester end as well....in a what might never of been admission...
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