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  1. Get well soon Big D. We’re gonna need you next season to mount a challenge in League bloody 1. ️
  2. So did Cardiff. QPR didn’t. Makes no difference. 2-1 Wednesday.
  3. The new badge is better IMO. Also a stupid idea IMO. We have far more important things to worry about than the club badge IMO.
  4. We’ve had 2 full weeks more training under Big Daz (Palmer excepted) Watford will underestimate us at their peril.........Maybe.
  5. Just turned phone on ( been working. WTF. This bloody club. Mind you still 30 odd minutes to go...
  6. And Bannan & Palmer & Reach & Rhodes.
  7. I see 18 points (if we’re lucky & down hill with a strong wind behind us) max. So not enough.
  8. Sad but true. I just can’t see us closing the gap now.
  9. Invented by a Frenchman you know. Monsieur Felipe Fillopp. Ill get me coat.
  10. Blade at work just told me he’s going to Celtic. Poor Shaw.
  11. Great bit of business but playing devils advocate didn’t we get £7 million for Joao ?
  12. Put some of our players in other hard working teams & they’ll thrive. As a collective, our team doesn’t work hard enough. Simples.
  13. All we need on top of this is a points deduction for Brum and we’re sorted.
  14. Darren Moore should know some good players who will fit into his system. Chansiri & Stuffing man should let him get on with it.
  15. I’d say that was more down to bad luck. Missed more games through injury than he played. I’d have sent him back too thinking we don’t want to waste a squad member on another crock.
  16. . I’m gonna turn my phone on at 5pm & be really annoyed with myself I didn’t watch our surprise victory.
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