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Community Answers

  1. When you’re down to 10 men surely you leave your footballers on to keep hold of the ball. Now we’re just going to invite pressure which let’s be honest we usually cave in.
  2. Would have to be Baz. The word legend is bandied around too much these days but the wee man is a true Owls legend.
  3. From my dodgy memory Sheffield FC Ladies had a good team up there with Doncaster Belles. Then Sufc set one up & nicked the best players. As Sheffield we had a chance of competing but now just making up the numbers for Citeh, Arse, Chelsea & the like to batter us. Shame.
  4. Can’t be only me that hasn’t got a scooby doo what Snus is ???
  5. Asda, Chupa Chups & Sanderson. Best shirt sponsor’s we’ve had imo.
  6. Consistently inconsistent. Not bothered. Move on.
  7. Done but he’s miles behind. Lincoln fans cheating methinks.
  8. Some people have too much time on their hands.
  9. Or passing to Byers for a simple cross instead of trying a daft shot & losing it.
  10. Daniel Udoh Shrewsbury. 6.0 ft, quick, eye for goal. Decent shout ?
  11. Back to goal, Byres screaming for it for a simple cross then tries an impossible shot and loses it and they’re up the pitch momentum lost. Awful play.
  12. Moore Moore Moore Ow do ya like it, ow do ya like it ? To the tune of erm (see what I did there) More more more by erm …. dunno & can’t be arsed to Google it.
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