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  1. Off the top of my head, OWEN LINAKER KLINNSMAN.
  2. I’d quite like stripes back but only with BLACK shorts otherwise we’ll end up looking like Colchester or Brighton et al. If that was the case I’d rather keep the blue Arsenal kit but with blue socks.
  3. Concrete Owl

    R I P mum and fly high

    RIP Tinks Mum. x
  4. Concrete Owl

    What signed #SWFC stuff do you own?

    Wasn’t my cheque. Your guess is as good as mine.
  5. Concrete Owl

    What signed #SWFC stuff do you own?

    Dug this out. (Knew I had it somewhere) Think the guy was a shareholder & matchball sponsor. Love the old letterhead & of course Dooley’s moniker.
  6. Concrete Owl

    What signed #SWFC stuff do you own?

    Got this for starters.
  7. It’s going to wee wee it down. Then hopefully we’re going to wee wee on their party.
  8. Concrete Owl

    Olive Grove in colour

    Great work. Did we ever play them lot at Olive Grove ? I’m sure someone will know.
  9. Concrete Owl

    Minutes applause saturday anyone?

    That was my thinking too.
  10. Concrete Owl


    Oooh, Fish Market. Cockles & whelks & some chitlings & bag for tea. Memories.
  11. Concrete Owl


    Preston we’re in decent form when we played ‘em. (Just saying like)
  12. No need to explain pal. We’re not thick you know. (Well most of us) Probably some muppets that didn’t geddit.
  13. Concrete Owl

    Kid-friendly songs

    If you don’t jump & bounce then you’re a blade.