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  1. In the Liverpool slums. In the Liverpool slums They look in the dustbin for something to eat, they find a dead cat & they think it’s a treat In the Liverpool slums. Oh & .... Sign on, Sign on With hope in your heart And you’ll never get a job. Still dont like thered half of Liverpool.
  2. Yep. Saw him get into his car with his Mrs. Didn’t look good.
  3. Doctor Doctor by Thompson Twins for the benefit of younger Owlstalkers.
  4. Oh Wednesday Wednesday Cant you see I’m burning burning. Oh Wednesday Wednesday Is this Love I’m feeling.
  5. I agree. Maybe we could change the fail line. Plenty of budding poets on here.
  6. Still putting cheesy lyrics in guys n gals. Need something like... They say it changes when the sun goes down. Over the river going out of town. And they say it changes when the sun goes down around heeeere. WEDNESDAY. Repeat till hoarse. Summat like that.
  7. After being impressed by Man Utd’s Stone Roses Waterfall song against Chelsea the other night I wondered how we could come up with one of our own. A simple verse or chorus from one of the many Sheffield bands over the years. Doesn’t need cheesy lyrics like the chip butty nonsense our noisy neighbors spout, the best football songs don’t even mention the beautiful game.( Walk alone, Blue Moon, Delilah etc ) Come on Owlstalkers. Get your your thinking caps on, there’s a perfect Wednesday anthem out there somewhere.
  8. Totally outclassed by Chelskis 2nd 11. Not one of our players is premiership class.
  9. Painful viewing. So far behind in class to Chelskis 2nd 11. I’m quite annoyed watching this.
  10. Excellent Snoots. And what’s more I agree with most of it. Or am I getting a bit old. Either way C’mon WEDNESDAYYYY.
  11. Oh yeah. Durr. Still got last nights Southampton Derby game in my head.
  12. What if by some miracle it goes to extra time & penalty’s.
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