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  1. Concrete Owl

    Team for Blades

    Dawson Palmer Lees. Hector. Thornily Reach. Bannan. Hutch. Penny Fletcher Joao. Attack, attack, attack attack attack.
  2. Probably at 1 of my locals in Hunters Bar. Be Blunt heavy but not driving anywhere cos like most people I’ll probably need a drink.
  3. Concrete Owl


    Mickos McCarthavich.
  4. Concrete Owl

    Chansiri - In or Out?

    In. But be honest with the fans.
  5. Concrete Owl

    What are we drinking tonight

    Farmers blonde.
  6. If we had to move this could work.
  7. Concrete Owl

    Sold out

    Pigs really should give us all the Bumhole Stain end.
  8. Concrete Owl

    75 Today !

    Happy birthday Vic. State of that pitch though.
  9. Concrete Owl

    Soccer am

    The Barnes goal was great as well. Very Messi like in my opinion.
  10. Concrete Owl

    Adam Reach Goal

    Harkes at Derby. Tudders / Hirsty/ TC at Pigs. Brunt at home against Coventry always gets overlooked. Carbone at Blackburn. Di Piedi, such a sweet overhead kick. Now Reach Villa/ L**ds. Lots of great goals. So hard to choose.
  11. Concrete Owl

    Am I wrong?

    Ok then currents. Conkers just sounds daft.
  12. Concrete Owl

    Am I wrong?

    It would appear not. Bias conkers.
  13. Concrete Owl

    Ron Atkinson

    Great night. Really enjoyed it.
  14. Concrete Owl

    Joao Injury?

    European market still open till end of month. Not impossible Benfica, Porto, Sporting and the like want to take him back home.