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  1. Didn't see this coming.
  2. This is only their 2nd, the Cubs won in 16.
  3. No. And it's expensive as fuck. But if you are not a huge baseball fan it will give you something to do during the game.
  4. RIP but I'm afraid you are a little late. B B King died in 2015.
  5. Cant get video to embed so click here: http://www.orlandocitysc.com/post/2017/02/21/march-5th-horizon?autoplay=true&_ga=1.81960150.1937525314.1445185313
  6. My team (Iowa) just about salvaged a good season after a disappointing start by upsetting #2 Michigan and dominating 2 border rivals, Illinois and #15 Nebraska. Looks like sunny San Diego for the Holiday Bowl this year but I won't be making the trip. Can't justify the expense after travelling to the Rose Bowl last year. Here's the view from my seat after we beat Michigan at the last second:
  7. Gut punch for the Mets. Giants vs Cubs it is.
  8. Don't get too far ahead of yourself - LOL. This is the Cubs we are talking about. Made another trip to Chicago last weekend for Cubs vs Cardinals. Better seats this time (at least not directly behind a post). Cardinals won 10-4. The plan is to pick up tickets to a playoff game in St Louis if the Cardinals manage to get through the wildcard game. It's the only way because tickets in Wrigley will be impossibly expensive.
  9. Our big "derby" last night - Iowa vs Iowa State. ISU is a bit Sheffield United though so not much of a game. We are looking good though, better than last year I think. Iowa 42 ISU 3 Next 3 games North Dakota State, Rutgers, and Northwestern so expect us to continue up the rankings for a while.
  10. I was actually in attendance for this game. My first game of the season. After the first 3 innings we had totally given up so that will take some beating as far as exciting games go. Joe Maddon managed the hell out of that game. Everyone in the stadium was asking why Lester was hitting instead of Arrieta, but that's why he's the manager. And they just won another game in similar fashion a few minutes ago.
  11. I have a season ticket at Iowa. Expectations sky high after an undefeated season last year with the stqr QB returning and a wonderful schedule, with all the toughest games at home. I'd be happy with a 10-2 and return to the Big Ten championship but 11-1 or even 12-0 is realistic.
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