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  1. Yep, can't be denied. But what he did at Barnsley surely eclipses that few months? Maybe not. In most ways you're more of a Leeds than a Barnsley, but in the current guise? Nope. You're skint, the club is on a huge downer. It needn't be Hecky. But it needs to be someone of that ilk. Same cloth. Like Chris Wilder (sorry to say it). Local lads, know the environment, the league, the players etc. You can't get relegated. Not saying they'd keep you up, but if you end up appointing someone like Bruce then it's example number 1867 that Chansiri is bereft of a clue. Just a neutral opinion, and check my history, my opinion doesn't alter. Chansiri is your issue.
  2. Met the bloke, have a fairly informed opinion, and he was actually a decent chap who was forever dealt a bad hand in a completely new environment and, despite his departure, had you looking up at times. Pep Guardiola wouldn't get much of a tune out of Wednesday under this regime. Needs a huge overhaul.
  3. Paul Heckingbottom. Can work without money, to a budget, working with players already there and uses the academy successfully. He also knows the club, had success as a player in your colours, knows some of the people there. Lee Bullen for example. Got the best out of Sam Winnall. Plays intense, high-pressing football with attacking the only tactic. You can knock him, I am not calling him perfect. He has his faults. But nobody will give it more graft and have more to prove. He will also cost a lot less than the likes of Bruce. Chansiri is your issue. Has been from the moment he walked in. But you lapped up the nonsense while winning games. The daft signings (Rhodes especially). Now, it looks a bit silly doesn't it? The golden elephants, his name on the seating, ditching the stripes, the two minute dedication to one of his countrymen, the obscene pricing, the anniversary disaster, the fake companies he's not set up hoping to dodge the rules and failing, the treatment of certain players, legendary ex players, superb staff behind the scenes he forced out, I could be here all night. Seeing United thriving no doubt adds to the sting. Give Hecky the gig. Be sensible. Or Bruce on big money and carry on the crazy. Good luck to you all and Merry Xmas.
  4. You're a club in an absolute state, top to bottom. However, you do have a handful of players who are high-end Championship level, so there won't be a relegation worry I don't think. Trouble with you lot is you crucify players far too readily, rather than get behind them. It makes a huge difference. Couple that with the antics of Chansiri and it's a recipe for dog turd. On your shoe, that you've walked into the living room, that caused an argument with her indoors. If the little tuna man thinks that squad's getting promotion, he's on that spice stuff. But you won't go down. You'll tow, probably end up just above the drop zone. United will be mid table. Sad times, but better than other years. Or summat.
  5. I'd take him back in a heartbeat. He's a 20 goal a season striker at L1 level, and not shy in the Championship either. He rubs some folk up the wrong way, I happened to find him a great lad. Understood why others didn't, mind. Would carry him on my back to Oakwell. You've not got a better striker. Just a shame he's a few months away from fitness.
  6. Jesus Christ. You're paying to keep it afloat because he's a lunatic.
  7. Sorry I didn't predict it would cost you £99 or £59. I think someone said it earlier, but it's like DC's compromise kit. A step int reight direction I suppose. I'll unlikely be around much this coming season, I've League One to enjoy. Again. So I'll take this opportunity to wish you all well for 2018/19. Interesting to see how you get on. A lot of respect for Wednesday which last season soured, sadly. But due to circumstances out of the norm, so I'll not let it cloud things. Unless we get you in a cup tie, I'll only be at S6 when Derby visit. Looking forward to that. Circumstances. See you more often in 2019/20. Hopefully.
  8. I haven’t, but I’m reliably informed. Bookmark it.
  9. Proper Stripes are back, on the front, plain blue reverse. White numbers/names.
  10. 1. Leeds 2. Wednesday 3. United 4. Huddersfield 5. BARNSLEY 6. Hull 7. Bradford 8. Rotherham 9. Doncaster I refuse to include Boro. It’s about two hours away. Never seen Yorkshire. I think pre-WW2 I’d be having Leeds about 6th in the list. But post-war, they are definitely number one. But in all seriousness, Yorkshire has been on its backside for too long. Fair play to the likes of Hull and now Hudders for trying to push on, but like my own club, I don’t think they’ll ever be a big club as the fan base isn’t there, even if the money (certainly in our case) is. Its all willy waving though at the end of the day.
  11. ^This. You've absolutely hammered the lad from pretty much day one. And I don't mean on here, online, which is THE platform to do it if that's your lookout. I mean, at games. Booing him on, booing him off. It's embarrassing. Feel free to respond with how bad he is, that's not my agenda. Crack on. But if you're going to games, and booing your own players, you're a massive weapon. 3-2 vs dem blades by the way. UTR.
  12. He’s under contact for another three years. Swansea rate him massively. Zero chance of him leaving. He may be loaned out again next season but that’s about it. And trust me, he’s a little bit special. If he hadn’t arrived in January we’d be relegated already. Even with him, it’s looking bleak. As for Wednesday it’s your defence that needs work, the rest of your squad should be more competitive next season if all are fit and on form.
  13. My point was clear. The injured players (other than FF) all played quite a lot in the first half of the season. Your form wasn’t as bad as it’s been of late, but you were still lower mid table and got diccked by United with them all in the side. I appreciate you enjoyed two seasons with these players. I actually enjoyed watching Wednesday in 2015/16. Exciting side to watch. Not so much last season, however, you were probably more successful until the playoff shambles. But football moves on. CC moved on. As seen when they were fit this season, these players weren’t as good anymore. But maybe you’re right and they’ll all return and get you back on the up and up. Good luck.
  14. You barely gave Winnall a run of games. He’s not the greatest all round player but he’s ruthless and a finisher. He will go to Derby full time if they stay down. Hecky would take him at Leeds too. He’s the one player we miss the most, and I include Hourihane in that, however great he is too. We’ve only just replaced Sam, but McBurnie will be back at Swansea in the summer so we have to find another. Regards to the others, I don’t rate Hutchinson much. Not a bad player and ideal perhaps at centre half in a three. But average in midfield. The rest you named have played as many games this season than most in your squad. Like I say, weren’t up to much, other than Hooper who had a wee purple patch. And im still amazed FF is seen as the idol that he is considering he tried to cry himself to a move and then fudged that pen in the playoffs. The vitriol I read on here aimed at good honest lads, yet FF is God-like. Good player though, has summat different that you definitely lack this season. All about the summer for you now I suppose. See what direction DC takes things what with FFP etc.
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