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  1. Its not possible to make this sentence more nonsensical.
  2. Obviously, as Owlstalk has become a joke of a site where freedom of speech (text) is prohibited, this will almost certainly not get shown. Should it be shown however, may I say that you lot had me laughing this morning when I watched the football league show on playback. Yeovil battered you. How you were not 0-4 down at HT I dont know. After watching my superior team annihilate Yeovil a short time back, it filled me with confidence we are going to hammer you at your "ground" I cant wait, we're bringing loads and we are going to witness a passing team against a bunch of sunday league footballers, (Rob Jones) dirty violent cheats, (JJ) and extras from the lord of the rings (Megson) If you struggle with Yeovil, you really are in for it. UP THE BLADES.
  3. Jehovah

    Batth for England!

    I like him
  4. Jehovah

    straight from a pigs mouth!

    Yes but you havent had one bad result have you? you have been consistently battered on the road virtually all season. What are you oing supporting wednesday anyway? Ecclesall is blades territory.
  5. Embarassing post from the OP tht he doent even know the style the opposition play. I have seen wednesday on TV twice and both times they have looked embarassingly bad.
  6. Jehovah

    Gary Madine for England U21's?

    Never laughed so hard in my life
  7. Jehovah

    straight from a pigs mouth!

    A few points here. 1. Reading Owl you seriously are the second most boring poster on this forum (big guns is in first place) you are pointless. 2. Anyone that thinks wednesday are going to be champions ar deluded beyond belief. Champions dont get smashed at Bury, Bournemouth and Stevenage. 3. I take it you all think guns is a turd? SO your slagging your mate off? good mate. No it wont. United re going to batter you.
  8. Jehovah

    Good Morning MASSIVE

    From 1947, typical wednesday. Try the last ten years FFS
  9. Jehovah

    straight from a pigs mouth!

    Good thought out statement "hes bound to" Keep telling yourself that. It will make our cricket score victory more the sweeter.
  10. Jehovah

    straight from a pigs mouth!

    Stevenage 5-1 SWFC
  11. Jehovah

    Good Morning MASSIVE

    If you have nothing constructive to say, then why bother?
  12. Jehovah

    Good Morning MASSIVE

    They did beat the power of Yeovil
  13. Jehovah

    straight from a pigs mouth!

    what are you doing on here? Should'nt you be geting a DNA test to see if your parents were brother and sister? Your posts are pathetic guns, I truly dont know why you bother.
  14. Jehovah

    Good Morning MASSIVE

    Blah blah blah, you lot have been saying the same for years "the end is nigh!" "the tide is turning" as I have said in other threads you must be the only club in the league who thinks they can get a result at the lane and are less equipped to actually do it. We played one decent team and got hammered? you got pounded beyond belief by Stevenage! And yet you think you scare us? I swear to god I have no doubt in my mind we are going to crucify you. Ill be suprised if we put less than 5 past your shambolic defence.
  15. Jehovah

    Madine fact.

    I stopped reading after you spelled predator wrong , in accordance with owlstalk policy.