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  1. Well there will be plenty of t*ts on show.
  2. I remember seeing this thread about Barry Bannan. I'm willing to trust CC
  3. Love how defensive you all are of the play off system like we invented it
  4. To be fair, they were pretty neutral. Congratulated Wednesday and said the debate was nothing against them. Now if you wanna talk about Cundy and Goldstein then I wouldn't be defending the station at all
  5. For everyone that didn't listen but wants to whinge. His suggestion was as follows: 3rd place are rewarded for their efforts by going straight to the final. 4th place are rewarded by going straight to the semi final as a home tie. 5th play 6th in what would be a quarter final, 5th are rewarded as being the home team. 4th play at home against the winner of 5th vs 6th. The winner of the semi plays 3rd at Wembley. I like the play offs as they are but as alternatives go, it ain't a bad shout.
  6. He's getting that final game plan sorted...
  7. To be fair, Gough made a good point and a decent alternative
  8. Carlos got us here in this position, he can do what the roger he wants and I'll trust his decision.
  9. Well now the miserable twats have nothing to moan about the stupid "happy clapper" name stopped being banded about. Must have worked out that's what supporting a team looks like.
  10. With improved football and investment into the club.... I'm not defending it personally but if I were that's the route id go down
  11. Oh roger me he's gone and said it
  12. Winning, breaking records and in the play offs. I'm happy to let Carlos do what he does right now.
  13. Annoyed that I've read a good point from the realist
  14. Beckham in the holding role for England. Amazing.
  15. The man has drastically improved over the last two years there's no doubt about it. But your asking if we should have kept a player for 10ish years before he comes good? Nope
  16. Is the home game part of your season ticket?
  17. Can't argue with you now after we've agreed on that! Hunting for another thread to lurk in
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