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  1. Paul Sturrock got us promoted out of this division basically by getting us chasing everything like mad and playing all the percentages in the expectation that your typical League 1 footballer has the capacity to make catastrophic blunders under pressure. We have some better footballers this time round but the basic strategy still works.
  2. Yeah. There's no way we are only going to score 41 goals all season...
  3. Sunderland fans are doing it on their forum, and they lost the other night.
  4. It's like bladesman culture...
  5. Ffs. I took a punt on him in my fantasy draft team when it looked like he was going to Arsenal.
  6. If he is he's going to have to prove it. Byers is the player in form at the moment.
  7. It would take some truly colossal self-destructive insanity from DC to get this team relegated to League 2. I'm talking uploading a video of him teabagging Rick Parry's wife whilst shovelling wads of players' paycheques into a fire and laughing about how he's going to sell the stadium to Att for £200million levels of self-sabotage. That or bringing Luhakey back anyway.
  8. Well done Wednesday. Another win on a day when a lot of the 'big teams' dropped points. Another clean sheet, too. Shame the referee decided to make it all about him though.
  9. Bannan is turning up all over the place. Playing like a man possessed so far this season.
  10. Bannan just plays where he likes, doesn't he? Didn't expect to ever see him as an inside forward...
  11. And if that's not a damning indictment of how these 'superclubs' are leeching the life out of their domestic leagues, I don't know what is.
  12. . So clubs are literally just making transfer decisions based entirely on how many shirts that player will sell in the USA and China now. End-stage football right there.
  13. If Rooney registered as a player, Derby would have to count a good chunk of his wages for P&S purposes.
  14. Gilles De Bilde was a dog person. Just for the sake of balance...
  15. Well, if it says it on 'transfermarkt.co.uk'... It was an undisclosed fee, but widely reported as being around £3million at the time.
  16. It's all about location. None of these American and Chinese 'fans of the future' will be planning their holiday of a lifetime, where they will casually drop the cost of a season ticket in the club shop on full strips (the posh ones, that the pros wear) and half and half scarves, to Leicester or Leeds. If they let those kind of clubs in, they would only have to move the franchise to somewhere a bit more glamorous.
  17. He's not crap - he's just not a traditional 'number 9'. He likes to drop deep, pull defenders with him and look for Mane and Salah to make those diagonal runs into the centre forward positions. But it's all about being able to anticipate what your teammates are going to do - I wouldn't expect a set of forwards to be hugely effective trying to play like that when they have only been training together for a week or so. Liverpool have kept the same front three for season after season so they are like a well-oiled machine.
  18. We paid around £3million for him. At the time most people were kind of shrugging their shoulders at the signing as they didn't see where he fit in alongside the likes of Lee, Lopez and McGugan.
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