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  1. fizz em. We can start our own FIFA. Without the blackjack and hookers.
  2. Why would anyone do that? It is important to remember that any positive developments at the club in its quest to rebuild to the position it was in when Chansiri first took over is in spite of Chansiri, not because of him.
  3. If he did, we have less than nothing to show for it. Rich idiots don't deserve credit for weeing away their inheritance, especially if they damage a 150-year-old community asset on the other side of the world in the process.
  4. Money that he borrowed against the stadium he now owns, but sure.
  5. What assets do we have to strip? A bit of land with a massive rusting stadium on it in a down-at-heel part of a post industrial northern city, that floods every few years? I'm sure the property developers will be battering down his door.
  6. It's not like there are a lot of options out there. Basically the one free agent that is fit enough to slot straight in was Mariappa, who has elected to go for a nice sunny semi-retirement in Australia instead.
  7. Translation - 'He will do what he is told and not make a fuss'.
  8. There is no guarantee clubs will even be able to just 'start again'. And even if they can, all their creditors (often local businesses, especially the further you go down the pyramid) get totally shafted every time they do. If no one can 'overspend', and the TV revenue is properly shared, then the leagues will become more competitive, not less.
  9. There is no escaping the fact that the club is in a much worse position in every conceivable area than when he took over.
  10. Had to google to check whether this was a paint cup match or a proper one. Sad times.
  11. UEFA's latest wheeze to make sure the riffraff (national champions of smaller countries, Spurs etc) are kept out of the way so US and Chinese TV audiences can just watch Man City Vs Barcelona play each other over and over again until the end of time like they want.
  12. I can't see any upside whatsoever in letting Chansiri have anything to do with running a second football club...
  13. The Darren Moore Centre For the Reformation of Wayward Boys is still open then, I see...
  14. It's a real shame how this has turned out. Back when San Andreas came out, I was actually living with a bunch of mates on Grove Street in Edinburgh, and it became somewhat integral to all our 'in jokes' and stuff. Still, the original actually runs fairly well on my laptop. It is Vice City and GTA3 that were more desperately in need of some gameplay enhancements.
  15. Don't be daft. There is no evidence whatsoever that he would be any better than Palmer at centre-back.
  16. They need to wait until after the Ashes to get their number 1 target...
  17. The government intervenes to regulate the behaviour of private companies, organisations and individuals every single day, in thousands of different ways. As does every single government in the world.
  18. Tbh if overseas TV fans insist on paying good money to watch English football, we should take them for every penny and use it to protect valuable community and heritage assets in towns and cities across the country so that future generations can enjoy them, and to preserve the overall competitiveness of the English game so it doesn't get any more boring and predictable and end up like Spanish football. Literally the most interesting Premiership season of the last 20 years was the one when Leicester won it, after all. Football players are employees of football clubs after all. If there weren't any football clubs or high quality competitive leagues that people want to pay to watch, than they would be screwed. Even Americans aren't going to pay Ronaldo hundreds of thousands of pounds a week to watch him do keepy-uppys on YouTube.
  19. After watching season 2, can't help but feel not enough time has elapsed between the two. Not enough has played out yet to make a satisfying narrative.
  20. Might as well say that SWFC are pointless and should pack it in since we are never going to seriously challenge for anything ever again. All these national teams are the most important to their supporters.
  21. Knew there was a reason women shouldn't be allowed to play professional football. Far too competitive.
  22. To be fair, Star Wars IS a family adventure/fantasy movie, and a very good one. Always was. It never made any pretensions of being profound.
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