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  1. Do they fancy a runout against Newcastle U-21s?
  2. Because it was a totally superfluous competition even BEFORE it was hijacked for the sole purpose of incepting the idea that it's alright for Premiership clubs to play their youth sides against proper football clubs that are just as 'worthy' as they are. Now it's an insult to football. It should be treated just like any other Under 21 match.
  3. Exactly. At the end of Season 4 it had a chance of being something really special - one of the all time great TV shows. Then for 3 seasons it was still pretty good although obvious they had run out of book and the writers were a bit less sure footed with the political intrigue side of things and couldn't quite work out what to do with some of the characters. But still one of the best things on TV. Then in season 8 it just took an absolute unprecedented nosedive off a cliff.
  4. It doesn't matter 'where we are as a club'. The fact that Premiership teams are allowed to play their youth teams in it utterly devalues it to the point that teams at the bottom of League 2 should refuse to take part.
  5. Sadly it's a league format, I think. So we will have to play a whole bunch of games even if we lose. Presumably set up that way to make it difficult for clubs to deliberately throw it.
  6. Also, they can get right to fizz with the 'Napoleon Vs George Washington' one. The Little Corporal would have one of his idiot relatives installed as puppet King of America faster than you can say 'Fetchez La Vache'...
  7. Grealish is good but he's no KDB. But then who is?
  8. Remember the IRA Vs Taliban one. Wasn't sure if I should be cheering on the home team....
  9. So is he going to stop behaving like a massive ridiculous manbaby now?
  10. Realistically, Wildsmith will be playing a fair amount this season. We aren't going to get many games called off. The Sunderland one will be about our best chance.
  11. I mean... relatively? Certainly in comparison to the forwards they will be playing against, he will have it far easier at SWFC.
  12. Hate all this stuff. Sucks all the joy and magic out of the sport by reducing it to a bunch of variables in a spreadsheet. Might as well just be watching someone play Football Manager.
  13. Benrahma has really packed on mass (in a good way) over the summer break. He's going to have a big season.
  14. Haha. ******** Blood Bowl. Used to have that back in the '90s. Not elves though. Elves are for nerds.
  15. Assuming they still charge for shirt printing by the letter, Lewandowski is the bigger name by a whole four...
  16. I don't know. Jos Luhakey seemed like he could have done with some advice from randoms on Owlstalk...
  17. The seesaw is definitely in motion. You have to think they have enough quality to stay in the Championship. But you never know....
  18. You can't make up songs on internet forums. They have to happen 'organically'.
  19. If only we had a song comparing the club to a bunch of long-disappeared consumer goods our grandparents used to like...
  20. I've never found the actual quality of the football to be all that essential to the 'experience' tbh. If synchronised swimming had been inexplicably popular amongst working class Victorians, we would all be off down Ponds Forge on a Saturday afternoon. The football is just the excuse for the tribalism and sense of community and having shared experiences to talk about with people you just met. Obviously football fans like to see their team win. And the consequence of winning a lot is getting promoted. But I'm not in a particular hurry for the club to ascend to the heady heights of jobbing vs Man City and Liverpool in front of a bunch of tourists and foreign TV audiences. It just doesn't seem like much of a reward.
  21. You can't rule out a goal on the basis that the goalkeeper was poo ...
  22. Are we now at the stage where we are going to be disappointed if this lad isn't the next Messi or Ronaldo?
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