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  1. They were definitely trying to sign both. Karamoh's chances of getting a work permit would depend on whether he played at least 30% of the available first team minutes in Serie A over the last 12 months. Again it is totally black and white, and just requires someone to get on Google and do some basic arithmetic. He apparently played in 24 Serie A games last season, so I assume most of those were late substitute appearances or he should easily have qualified.
  2. They only punish racists from countries where it's not going to cause a fuss because the majority of people in that country will agree that they deserve it.
  3. It's a bit depressing that, although I'm not watching, I could work out exactly who had scored just from this comment...
  4. Actually, I didn't quite get that right. Last year Collado played exclusively for Barcelona B, who play in the Spanish third tier, which is a 'Band 6' league. So he starts off with 2 points, not 12 points. And up to another 3 available based on his appearances and where they finished in the league. So not even close. Still, even if he HAD been registered with Barcelona rather than their B side, he would need to have made a few appearances to get a work permit.
  5. The Eredivisie is a 'Band 2' league, so just for appearing in it he gets 10 of the 15 points required, with up to another 10 available based on what % of available minutes he played last season and up to 5 depending on where his club finished. I can't be bothered looking up his appearances to work out the exact number of points, but then again I am not working for a football club trying to sign him. It all basically boils down to if you are a regular starter in a 'good' league, you are pretty much guaranteed a work permit. As for Collado - La Liga is of course a 'Band 1' league as you would expect, and he has played in it at least once, which gives him 12 points. But he played a total of zero minutes for Barcelona last season, and appeared in no matchday squads, even in cup competitions or Europe, so no further points are available. So, 3 points short of a work permit. UK football clubs are going to struggle to sign fringe players or youngsters from abroad, and the new system closes off a lot of the bargains to be found in leagues with a low reputation, for example Sweden or Hungary. But regular starters like Sow pose no problem at all.
  6. Especially the bit about being fined for not turning up for training. Wonder if he was trying to engineer a move?
  7. Looks like how we used to set up in primary school. I'd drop Johnson for Kamberi personally, but I can see how you would want to build from the back.
  8. It's not even that hard to work out. It's not like it's subjective or dependant on someone's decision either way. You just need so many points based on number of appearances, how strong the league they play in is, international caps, etc. You could write an Excel function to work out whether or not someone is getting a work permit extremely easily.
  9. Players these days look after themselves so much better that they are almost bound to break records. By Ronaldo's age, the greatest players of previous generations would have already crashed and burned in their first managerial appointments and got well settled into lives of occasional punditry and problem drinking.
  10. Whilst he was preparing for that role he was living in the woods behind our house. Just used to creep about at the bottom of the garden and we all had to pretend he was being super stealthy and we couldn't see him, or he would get really mad and start waving this massive Bowie knife about. We wouldn't have minded so much except he used to trample all the flower beds and then one night he shot our pet cat with a flintlock musket and started wearing it like a hat. We finally had to hire some of those pan pipe buskers off a street corner to pretend to be a rival tribe and chase him off their 'territory'. Bloody method actors.
  11. It's already over? What ******** time did it start? Missed the whole match! Thought we were done with stupid kickoff times. Oh well, it barely counts as a first team fixture anyway.
  12. 'We?' I know it would only be a fraction of what Jones was on, but I don't reckon he will drop down to League 1, tbh...
  13. They have even figured out a way to make penalty shootouts low stakes and boring. I would just pay the fine and play our U-21s.
  14. The fine is only £5,000 though. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  15. We have had all the poo managers.
  16. They are a good side and will give anyone problems. Just goes to show how ridiculous an idea enshrining Arsenal and Spurs as the 'London Teams that Matter' for all time would have been.
  17. Christ, who cares? Everyone knows football finances are hopelessly broken. Wages bear no resemblance to reality because players have all the power. Players have all the power because all the marketing for football for the last 20+ years has been trying to persuade people that it is all about collecting 'superstar' players, to the extent that they all now have their own trains of overseas 'football fans' that follow them from club to club, changing their allegiance based on who their favourite players play for. The fact that Ronaldo is his own brand and will bring in more money from all the Americans and Chinese 'supporters' who will now be binning their Juventus shirts and buying Man Utd ones than he costs in wages and transfer fees is frankly insane, but also only the logical conclusion of where football is going. It also means that even if he wanted to sign for, say, Swansea, the boyhood club of so many of his compatriots, he couldn't, without damaging his 'brand'. His management wouldn't let him. He has to be playing in the Champions League every season, and getting to the business end of it, or goldfish-brained 'Fans of the Future' might forget about him.
  18. ESL to EFL in 12 months. You love to see it.
  19. The London Red SuperGunners are going to find themselves in a relegation battle if they aren't careful.
  20. To be fair, SWFC didn't guarantee said show would take place, though...
  21. Absolutely. Every club is the most important in the world to someone. No club 'deserves' success.
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