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  1. He is, which is why it is especially frustrating that he has only had one really decent script (again, I've not seen the new one yet). The Craig films suffer most from the issue of trying to have some form of continuity over multiple movies with multiple writers and a studio demanding they throw in a massive amount of 'fanservice' along the way. Perhaps it would have been tighter if they had never got the rights to SPECTRE/Blofeld back half way through and therefore just stuck to the one ill-defined nefarious criminal organisation. Tenner says that after several years of flame wars about continuing the series without Bond/having a woman Bond/Bond just being a code-name for a string of agents/whatever, the next one will end up being another 'back to basics' reinvention starring a white British guy in his late 30s. In fact if it was me, I would make it a period piece set during the Cold War.
  2. Brosnan himself is not a particularly convincing action hero. Definitely down towards the Roger Moore end of the spectrum. But Goldeneye absolutely stands up as one of the best Bond films, and dragged the franchise back out of the doldrums, just like Casino Royale. It was a pretty straight trajectory downhill from there, but you could say the same about the Craig ones. Skyfall is a humourless slog, regardless of the 'Bond channels Kevin McCallister in the Highlands' final act. Spectre was just as much of a massive self-indulgent turd as the Madonna/invisible car one was, and really should have been another franchise-killer.
  3. Not seen the new one, but Craig has turned out a bit of a disappointment tbh. The exact same record as Pierce Brosnan. A strong start to rejuvenate the franchise, a kind of poo, forgettable one to follow it up, then one that everyone at the time thought was brilliant that was actually mediocre, followed by the absolute overindulgent poo of the one with Madonna/Spectre.
  4. Yes, and it was by far the shittest thing about them. Trying to have 'continuity' gave us Quantum of Solace.
  5. Did they? Laaaaame. Seriously, possibly the lamest and most predictable thing they could do. To be undone as soon as they remember that these movies aren't actually in continuity with each other.
  6. I also had Frontier on the Amiga! Was also great, especially the soundtrack. If you have an Android phone, there is an excellent port of Chaos on the Google Play store for free.
  7. He's right that an actually pregnant woman would definitely struggle to keep up with play though....
  8. I would keep them both on board, at least at first. There is no reason why the person running the station needs to be the same person acting as ambassador to all the other alien races. You could have their relationship be slightly antagonistic at first, with Sheridan being presented as more of a pragmatic military man and Sinclair an idealistic diplomat. Sinclair slowly starts to realise that the people back on Earth don't have his back, and eventually he gets reassigned to Minbar. But also, that Sheridan has hidden depths and isn't necessarily the 'just following orders' type the people back home think he is. Boom, thats season 1 worth of character development done. Easy, this screenwriting thing...
  9. He has the look for it. I think they would need to do something different for Sinclair/Sheridan, given the quite clumsy way they ended up having to shuffle them about. Maybe have Sheridan be the station's military commander with Sinclair as a separate 'Earth Ambassador' role? Also, if they use Alfred Bester it would 100% need to be Zachary Quinto. He has that faux-affable menace down pat in Heroes, plus there's the obvious 'Star Trek alumnus' in joke...
  10. Absolutely he would. How about Bob Odenkirk for Londo? Comfortable with comedy and pathos.
  11. Been playing games far too long to have a top five. But here are some that I have sunk a LOT of time into: 1980s: Chaos: battle of wizards (seriously - I have a port on my phone and still play it) Elite Lords of Midnight 1990s: UFO: Enemy Unknown Baldur's Gate series Sensible World of Soccer Speedball 2 Fallout series Alpha Centauri 2000s: Football Manager series GTA: San Andreas Mass Effect Bioshock Civ 4 2010s: Skyrim Rebooted Xcom games Witcher 3 Crusader Kings 2 Total War series
  12. I actually quite liked the big red 'main gun' lasers on the Earthforce destroyers. They actually acted like a more advanced version of the weaponised lasers the military is experimenting with today (albeit not invisible because it's a TV show), and still seemed a bit more 'low tech' than the magic space beams of the more advanced races. Bear in mind Earth had recently been in a major war against an alien race, which they won easily, which was the main reason for their cocky arrogance in trying to force contact with the Minbari.
  13. I'm not saying it needs to be super campy or anything. Just Londo better still use his ******** to cheat at cards or my childhood is ruined.
  14. Good stuff. Can't help but feel that they won't be able to recapture what made the original stand out. It was one of the first shows of the type where they actually tried to tell a coherent long-form story rather than just having episodic 'planet/monster of the week' stuff; that is the norm now and in fact shows that have lighter, more episodic elements like The Mandalorian and The Witcher seem like a total breath of fresh air. Plus the slightly ropey charm of the extremely 'bargain basement' actors and Amiga 4000 special effects. I hope they don't go too hyper-serious nBSG with it.
  15. Christ. Remember when most films were, like, an hour and a half? I blame Peter Jackson for starting the 'no editorial discipline' trend...
  16. His drive and energy would have kept us up last year. We have moved on now though.
  17. Why would the Russians need to take pictures of a submarine when one of their agents is a sonar operator trained for that submarine who can presumably give them whatever technical specifications they want?
  18. In 1983 the world came about the closest it's ever come to all-out nuclear war. They USA had been playing silly buggers for a few years by that point, doing psy-ops such as launching flights of nuclear bombers that turned away just before entering Soviet airspace, messing about with submarines in the Black Sea and the Baltic, etc. They Soviets got extremely paranoid and rattled, and genuinely suspected that the West was planning a surprise nuclear attack. At one point they even shot down a South Korean passenger airliner that had accidentally strayed into their airspace. Then one of their early warning satellites malfunctioned and reported that a single ICBM was inbound from the USA. The standing orders at that point were for an immediate full-scale retaliation using the Soviets' full nuclear arsenal. Fortunately for the world, the man on duty, Colonel Stanislav Petrov, used common sense and refused to pass on the alert, reasoning that an attack with a single missile made absolutely no sense, and that it was probably a false alarm. If a less cool head had been in that position, or someone who was too caught up in following procedure to the letter, human civilization could have ended right then and there because of nuclear powers dicking with each other like it's all a big game. That's why, despite the fact that Russia absolutely does like to send it's fighters to keep the RAF on their toes over the North Sea, and is perfectly willing to blatantly send assassins to murder Putin's personal enemies on foreign soil like the bunch of organized criminals they are, some things are absolutely off-limits to mess with.
  19. So. Are we to believe that Russia would risk inadvertently setting off a nuclear war by dicking about with the UK's nuclear deterrent, just for the sake of taking a few photos of a decades-old, soon to be replaced submarine, and creating the opportunity for a PR stunt? Also, did they ever explain how the Americans were able to shadow them without them noticing?
  20. If we are going to ban everyone who has ever used 'gay' as a mild insult, that's going to apply to almost everyone who has been using social media for longer than the last five years or so. At least Pep's U-23 players should all get a decent run out.
  21. He should go and manage in one of those countries then. That's not how we do things here.
  22. No, he can fizz off. If he wants his players to play in the Championship he can get relegated like everyone else.
  23. "Kid from provincial working class town overcomes prejudice with the healing power of the performing arts and the one person that really believed in them" is certainly one of the Old Reliables.
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