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  1. Not exactly condoning it but how many of our current lot do you think care that much about winning and/or SWFC?
  2. Is it a viable commercial enterprise? A valuable and historic local amenity held in trust for the fans and people of the local area? A sort of rotary club where local businessmen, politicians and other 'worthies' can eat roast dinners, slap each other on the back and feel like proper working class boys done good? To my mind this is a question that most clubs have settled one way or another over the last 10-20 years, as football has developed and all the money has come in. I wonder what the opinion of the various people currently involved in the running of SWFC is?
  3. You can have my Lee Grant. He's eating me out of house and home!
  4. Lets try and keep our feet on the ground shall we? Last time we were down in L1 we had some decent players, a couple (Whelan, Brunt) of whom were, in my opinion, more talented than anyone we've got in the squad at the moment. It took the right manager playing the right tactics, good team spirit emanating from some natural leaders on the pitch such as Bullen, and a bit of luck along the way to drag them back up the league and into the playoffs. Now on the whole the team we have now is probably better than back then, but we still need everything to fall into place and we're still going to need that luck!
  5. Spurr also can cover at CB if necessary...
  6. To be fair, the article is a bit misleading. Although she may have spent her 'life-savings' on this, a director lives off their portfolio and anyone who can put together something that professional for £25k is going to find herself with no shortage of job offers. It's similar to Kevin Smith dropping out of college and taking out a loan to make Clerks - it paid off in the long run!
  7. Possibly not everyone's cup of tea - but after watching the first 20 mins I have to say it is incredibly impressive....
  8. He's a funny looking bugger the new Doctor though isn't he? Sort of like Gordon Ramsay's emo son...
  9. As i've come to expect from new Doctor Who, a good idea, poorly executed and loudly over-acted to CBBC standards. It had a few nice touches, and was by no means as awful as the last finale. Timothy Dalton was pretty good in a hammy, cartoon villain kind of a way. The last ten minutes was massively overdone and way too sentimental however.The takes-a-lethal-dose-of-radiation-to-save-someone-else scene was a blatant rip off (homage if you're being generous) of Spock's death at the end of Star Trek 2.
  10. Going to see this tomorrow. I am quite put off by the 3D gimmick to be honest - I wouldn't give this the time of day if it wasn't James Cameron. He's not put a foot wrong yet, though, so I'll give it a chance.Is Sam Worthington able to keep his accent straight for five minutes in this one?
  11. It was a decent episode, but utterly ruined by the EXTREMELY LOUD BOMBASTIC MUSIC throughout that made it impossible to hear what anyone was saying.Seriously whoever scored that episode wants shooting.
  12. Lee Adama is an idiot and i'm not sure why anyone EVER listens to him. If they were so worried about repeating the mistakes of the past, why not leave some kind of warning to future generations, in case they, you know, forget what happened? They should have left one of the ships buried on the Moon or on Mars so that when humanity rediscovers space travel, they will find it and the messages it contains. In fact the final scene could have been modern astronauts uncovering Galactica on Mars (although it's possibly a bit too 2001). Apart from that it was great!
  13. Thought it was excellent. Not perfect, but given the very difficult source material, an admirable effort. The bloke I went with hasn't read the comic, enjoyed it and found it easy enough to follow. What I liked: The atmosphere was spot-on, from the (inspired) beginning credits explaining the setting onwards. The use of music to establish the time was very effective. The actors playing Rorshach, Nite Owl, the comedian and Dr Manhatten were all excellent. "I haven't had this much fun since Woodward and Bernstein" Sacrilage I know, but I actually preferred the new ending. It doesn't lose any of the impact, but allows them to simplify the conspiracy theory parts of the story, and is generally tighter and more economical. What i didn't like: It was unnecessarily brutal in parts. Its good that they didn't go for a PG/12 certificate but it will not reach a part of its audience because of the high level of gore. I know my girlfriend would have liked to see it but that really put her off. A couple of the characters didn't get enough screen-time - especially the plot-crucial Adrian Veidt. It will probably be fixed in the directors cut but a bit more focus on his motivations and backstory would have given the ending a lot more impact. Nixon was just wrong - his freaky prosthetic makeup took me out of the film slightly. Also he reminded me too much of 'Futurama' http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif
  14. Why wouldn't their guns shoot bullets? If it aint broke don't fix it... Everything set in the future doesn't have to have 'pew-pew' laser beams.
  15. That whole speech was very Blade Runner... It seems to have lost momentum in the last couple of episodes - hopefully the finale will be a suitable end to what has on the whole been an excellent show over the years.
  16. Agreed.... It looks like they've knocked up a new model for the Galactica for these last few episodes - its really starting to look on its last legs.
  17. Aye.... Can't see any way this series is going to end well.....
  18. :st2: :st2: :st2: :st2: Holy f**k that was depressing! Anyone else seen it?
  19. Phil Glenister would have made a good Doctor actually....
  20. Just finished the boxed set (I bought it in November). Yes I have no life!
  21. But why do they take him all the way to London for treatment if he gets mauled on the North Yorkshire Moors? Do they have a special lycanthropy unit down there or something?
  22. Looks like he's escaped from that poo poo tweeny vampire film Twilight that I was forced to endure the other week... Would have massively preferred either of the two black dudes mentioned.
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