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  1. I got sent to Sheffield Wildlife Trust. They had me wandering around Manor Top with a trundle wheel. It bore no resemblance to any work I have ever experienced since.
  2. Wow. They have finally managed to find something I would prioritise watching the Papa John's over.
  3. But you can also effect ******** change. English is ******** inconsistent.
  4. Chansiri has never been one for doing early business even back when he was splashing the cash. We have actually been busier than I expected already this summer.
  5. The answer is to find new ways to get them into the stadium. Cheaper tickets, deals, whatever. It's not like there is a shortage of seats.
  6. Prioritizing streaming rather than encouraging actual matchday attendance means that we are competing for fans with all other football clubs from the Premiership on downwards. Do we really think that some randoms who don't go to matches are going to start watching Wednesday instead of Man City or whoever?
  7. Since I live in Scotland I reckon there is a 50/50 chance I won't remember it's actually happening until a few games in...
  8. What are they planning to call their new sport?
  9. Can those people not just remember what the score is?
  10. I keep forgetting that the World Cup is supposedly happening in winter in the middle of the actual proper football season this time. I assume the League 1 season won't be affected mind.
  11. I had it in the back of my head that Zinchenko was no longer playing due to being a serial rapist. Turns out that is someone completely different. Shows how much attention I have been paying...
  12. I think the 'quality' of football is pretty incidental to the overall experience of being a football fan tbh. When you drill down to it the actual football isn't really what being a football fan is about. If synchronised swimming had been inexplicably popular amongst working class Victorians we would all be off to Ponds Forge every weekend chanting obscenities at the judge instead.
  13. Nah. Used to watch them back when I was a teenager in the 1990s and there was a bit of an 'event' about watching a British club do well in Europe. Not sure what I would get out of it these days though.
  14. Who's this 'we'? Don't think I've watched a European or Premiership fixture since the early '00s. It's all just noise to tune out, just like all the other 'celeb' poo .
  15. If I can't imply that Scousers are a bunch of lazy thieving dole cheats, I'm not sure I even want to GO to football any more.
  16. Christ. Thinks he's Reda Johnson all of a sudden doesn't he?
  17. Let's be honest. If his surname wasn't 'Hirst', we would be looking at a still-youngish striker with an excellent record in youth football, who has done alright for one season in League 1. If we signed him, most people (apart from Malek who would know everything about him) would be thinking 'yeah, quite an exciting signing, hopefully he can kick on, but also I hope we aren't relying on him to score most of our goals next year...'.
  18. So what does being in this get you? Every fan in the country has their own 'Hall of Fame' that is equally valid.
  19. The Lee Peacock-Steve MacLean-esque duo that are going to fire us back into the Championship...
  20. Wait a minute.... David Hirst has a son called George?
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