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  1. It is incredibly amusing to me that literally the only thing that is apparently no longer cool about these games is a Confederate flag in the background of a scene... Are there any actual gameplay enhancements in these games beyond the graphical upgrade? I am thinking something along the lines of the ME1 remaster. Especially the first two are extremely clunky to play by modern standards.
  2. The Bond films aren't in anything but the absolute loosest continuity with each other. They are just separate adaptations of a bunch of books (and later original stories). They can just start with a new Bond and not mention anything about him being dead and it really won't matter. Personally I would do a fairly grounded, cool From Russia With Love style Cold War drama set in the 1950s/60s next.
  3. Lord of the Rings is set in a fantasy land. It's no different than if a character just suddenly turned out to be, say, a vampire, and no one raised an eyebrow or commented on it, and then the writer said 'well, I was always a fan of The Lost Boys and Buffy and they were also set in a school, so I thought I'd just chuck it in'. In reality of course the actual reason is that they don't trust the intelligence of their primarily American audience and don't think they will watch it if it's not recognisably exactly like the school they went to, down to them throwing American footballs around and all wearing those jackets with the school logo on them.
  4. If it's supposed to be American why not just set it in America?
  5. The parents should be banned from spectating if they can't mentally separate a kids football match from the FA Cup final for starters.
  6. I can't get past the fact that an '80s American high school appears to have teleported itself into the Welsh borders in 2021...
  7. This is true. Even prestige stuff seems cheap and dated. You can always tell a BBC drama because they can only afford a handful of proper actors and they have to make up the numbers with people who have been in a couple of episodes of Casualty and Hollyoaks and it shows.
  8. He would have judo-chopped him in the neck...
  9. Experienced what? Beery English arseholes? Everywhere with an EasyJet connection...
  10. Not really to do with the football though, is it? You can go to those places whenever you want, and they won't be full of beery English arseholes...
  11. It may surprise you to discover that this thread probably wasn't set up with the purpose of persuading you personally to watch a film you aren't interested in.
  12. I just don't really see what's in it for us? It seems like just another step along the path of attempting to reduce the entire football league to nothing more than a support structure for a handful of 'elite' clubs.
  13. Ugh. So will Manchester United reciprocate by taking a bunch of our youngsters to train with them?
  14. Seriously. The only thing all these films have in common with each other is the character of James Bond. Different actors have put a different emphasis on different aspects of that character, but it remains essentially the same. Change it too much and it's not really a Bond film. The trouble is that James Bond is a bit... tricky in 2021. He's a historical artifact taken out of its original context. The solution - make the next one a cool, fairly grounded 'From Russia With Love' style Cold War drama set in the 1960s. Austin Powers was long enough ago that you could get away with that now.
  15. I guess the badges would be a little bit redundant in most cases. You can always tell...
  16. Women genuinely have a wider field of vision than men. If anything that should give them a physical advantage when it comes to refereeing.
  17. I think badges are a great idea. Surely we have a right to know which people have refused vaccination so we know not to trust them with things like looking after our kids or operating heavy machinery, and can all take the ******** out of them behind their backs? Are you afraid to stand by your decision or something?
  18. Yeah but imagine if she went to referee a match but then found out that she was nine months pregnant. Loads more women are nine months pregnant right now than men, so it could totally happen. Or if she wanted to stop the match for half an hour so she could go and pump breastmilk in the changing rooms. It's always women who do that, too. They might have to reschedule the match! These just aren't risks we can take.
  19. I think i'll wait on this tbh. It has 'cancelled partway through with no resolution' all over it.
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