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  1. If I can't imply that Scousers are a bunch of lazy thieving dole cheats, I'm not sure I even want to GO to football any more.
  2. Christ. Thinks he's Reda Johnson all of a sudden doesn't he?
  3. Let's be honest. If his surname wasn't 'Hirst', we would be looking at a still-youngish striker with an excellent record in youth football, who has done alright for one season in League 1. If we signed him, most people (apart from Malek who would know everything about him) would be thinking 'yeah, quite an exciting signing, hopefully he can kick on, but also I hope we aren't relying on him to score most of our goals next year...'.
  4. So what does being in this get you? Every fan in the country has their own 'Hall of Fame' that is equally valid.
  5. The Lee Peacock-Steve MacLean-esque duo that are going to fire us back into the Championship...
  6. Wait a minute.... David Hirst has a son called George?
  7. Really enjoyed the first episode of Moon Knight. Don't know the material - but i'm liking the whole 'what if Batman was Tyler Durden to Bruce Wayne's 'Jack' scenario they appear to be setting up. Oscar Isaac is genuinely a cut above as an actor, and appears to be having great fun pretending to be a dweeby English weirdo.
  8. It's a bit late to be having moral scruples about where the money is coming from at this point, isn't it?
  9. I've never understood the desire to sit and watch somebody else's industry awards do. Always needed a fair amount of lubrication to get through my OWN one.
  10. Abramivich clearly knew about Russia's planned invasion well in advance. Started trying to protect his assets at least four days before.
  11. Does success in a daft game really mean that much to YOU? It definitely doesn't to me.
  12. Haha. I remember her playing a sex-trafficked Russian mail-order bride on Prison Break. Coincidence?
  13. You can't freeze some assets but not others. All those yachts have normal working class crew members working on them who will lose their jobs, too, you know.
  14. I was thinking earlier about the direction of football and how all these 'fans of the future' manage to glom onto random football clubs on the other side of the world that they have absolutely nothing to do with, like Man City or Barcelona. They have often never been to any of these places, and know nothing about the town/city or the history of the club etc. But they still randomly seem to be able to pick them somehow and suddenly become 'super fans' who will happily plan their 'vacation of a lifetime' to go to Anfield or wherever and drop the price of a season ticket in one evening on half-and-half scarves and full pro kits and stuff. It didn't really make a lot of sense. But then I realised that 'traditional' football fans sort of do it too. For example, I have lived in Edinburgh for 20 years. My wife is a Hearts fan; you would expect if I had a Scottish team, it would be them But no; instead I randomly developed a soft spot for Kilmarnock. Based entirely on the fact that they play in blue and white, and originally started off as a cricket team. I have never been to f***ing Kilmarnock in my life; I have definitely picked up a bit of my wife's Edinburgh disdain for literally everywhere west of around Bathgate. I know they make a nice steak pie and that's where Johnnie Walker came from... but that's about it... So - what random football club have you picked up an entirely illogical fondness for, and why? I'm sure there must be some good stories out there....?
  15. Newcastle's beloved reputation as a big club with lots of passionate fans only has any meaning in the context of UK football and actual real football supporters. It means literally nothing to these American money men and 'Fans of the Future', most of whom will have barely heard of Newcastle.
  16. Well, that's not necessarily up to them, now, is it?
  17. Well they should just make their own ******** game then.
  18. No doubt. But I just don't get it. Cozy little cartels tend to find that their product goes stale and they eventually end up getting unseated by some fast-moving disruptor out of nowhere that they didn't even see coming. It's even happening in real-time to Mark Zuckerberg right now as we watch, and he used to BE the disruptor. Football isn't the only form of entertainment out there. The Champions League is already utterly boring and predictable with the same old teams playing each other every season as it is. Everything they are doing will only serve to make that worse. Genuine competition, underdog stories and weird, unpredictable stuff happening is the exact thing that makes a sport exciting. Since we were last in the Premiership, there are two seasons I can literally remember anything about. The one where Arsenal were unbeaten all season, and the one where Leicester won it. I couldn't even tell you who won it last year without looking it up. But instead of going 'awesome - new life has been breathed into the ever-more moribund product we all rely on for our livelihood!', these so-called Big Clubs immediately got together to try and work out how they could fix it so nothing so disruptive could ever happen again. But it ******** will. It might even come from outside football. And they will be too busy throwing each other off over nice dinners inside their little fortress like the SWFC board of directors in Dave Allen's day to even see it coming.
  19. Christ. That's more of a convoluted mess than the Papa John's Trophy. So what happens when one year Barcelona are 'drawn' to play against the champions of Scotland, Lithuania, Slovenia, Tottenham etc and Real Madrid get Man City, PSG, Bayern Munich, and Liverpool? What kind of a ******** 'league' is that?
  20. It's been 22 seasons since we were even in the Premiership. Sheffield Wednesday doesn't have any 'plastic fans'. Just fans who go to every match, and fans that go every now and again when they are in town or have a bit of free time on a Saturday afternoon once in a blue moon. Christ, you would be the shittest 'glory hunter' ever.
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