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  1. I would rather have a proper owl as manager than Pulis. I mean an actual, literal owl. Preferably a barn owl to match the club badge (the proper one not Chansiri's poo boob-eyed version).
  2. *Click* "Hi, this is DC speaking?" "Oh Hi, it's Dave from the corporate sponsorship department at HyperGlobalMegaBank plc." "Hi Dave. Are you sending my hundred million yet? Its just Amadou says he can get me a fantastic deal on a new centre forward, only seven previous owners. But I have to..." "Well, about that. One of our due diligence guys was looking at something called 'Owlstalk' and we now have one or two concerns that you might actually be a massively incompetent bellend."
  3. Chansiri came here with big talk about promotion and MAKING SWFC into a 'big' club. He massively raised ticket prices, plastered his name and his stupid fake companies all over everything, installed his weird 'lucky' statues, made us hold silences for the King of Thailand, etc etc, on the tacit understanding that this was the price of Premiership football and being built into a 'big' club. Up until a few weeks ago when they all inexplicably decided to unanimously back plans to become feeder clubs for Man City and Chelsea, I perhaps rather naively assumed that MOST of t
  4. Why? Are you worried I will affect the outcome by observing it?
  5. Get in. Just need a win for the Donald now and I'm quids in....
  6. Since when does football kick off at 7pm? Missed the first half hour now ..
  7. Good lord, man. Don't say a black man has strength and power. Apparently that's racist too!
  8. People can be lazy no matter what race they are. The two things aren't connected.
  9. Playing the favourites. 5-0 down at half time. They take their foot off the gas and you lose 5-1. Get 2 points. Hold them to a creditable 1-1 draw, with both goals in the same half. Get 0 points.
  10. For a start and also for a finish. It's not hugely relevant tbh. I very much doubt JP Morgan etc are particularly eager to try and advertise their massive new enterprise through the lens of Wegie sectarianism.
  11. Literally the only Christian nation in Asia. And I wouldn't bet on them to pick their football club based on sectarianism tbh.
  12. In the Anglosphere maybe. Not many fans of Scottish football in China.
  13. I mean, with five clubs from England alone and at least three from Spain definitely involved, there is going to be a similar amount from Germany, France and Italy. Where's the room for the likes of Rangers and Celtic?
  14. I wouldn't be so sure. They have certain... issues that large investors wouldn't like their shiny new product associated with. There are easily another 18 clubs in the whole of Europe that are equally as bankable without the baggage.
  15. Correct. Hopefully the real Man Utd and Liverpool fans can start their own clubs and get back in the league that way.
  16. Not the way I would look at it. It's more like half a dozen clubs no longer really existing as part of proper football and the rest of us can all get on with it.
  17. Only if we let them stay in the domestic leagues in addition to this new one. The likes of Liverpool and Man Utd ******** off permanently could be the best thing that has happened to English football for 30 years. More competitiveness, rebalancing of finances with more emphasis on matchday income and the real fans instead of TV money and speculative investment from billionaires.
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