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  1. If we are going to ban everyone who has ever used 'gay' as a mild insult, that's going to apply to almost everyone who has been using social media for longer than the last five years or so. At least Pep's U-23 players should all get a decent run out.
  2. He should go and manage in one of those countries then. That's not how we do things here.
  3. No, he can fizz off. If he wants his players to play in the Championship he can get relegated like everyone else.
  4. "Kid from provincial working class town overcomes prejudice with the healing power of the performing arts and the one person that really believed in them" is certainly one of the Old Reliables.
  5. Is it not basically just Billy Elliot except with a trans kid?
  6. We ARE in exactly the same mess. We got relegated with a points deduction and still aren't allowed to spend any money on transfer or loan fees.
  7. Was this the year where this guy was an absolute superstar? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andri_Sigþórsson
  8. I have seen some terrible fullbacks for Wednesday over the years. Barry-Murphy, Beswetherwick, and that's just the 'B's. But taking into account the reputation he came with, I reckon Patrick Blondeau has to be the worst ..
  9. Absolutely. Every football club in the world is the most important football club in the world to someone. It's great to see some of these self-appointed ESL 'custodians of the game' struggling. You can't even run yourself, why should you get to control football?
  10. I seem to remember one CM around that time had Peterborough United with half a dozen brilliant youngsters that you could immediately poach for peanuts. We subsequently bought a couple of them in real life and they were poo ..
  11. Think you could look at Man Utd and say the same thing in the 1990s. Clubs didn't carry anything like the ridiculously huge squads they do today.
  12. He's no Sam Hutchinson though....
  13. There is no way she would ever be allowed on board in the first place. But also no way she would struggle so much with the concept of 'chain of command'. Police Scotland is just about the most heirarchical organisation I have ever interacted with
  14. It's like when a country is called the Democratic People's Republic of wherever. If it actually is those things, you don't have to say it...
  15. There is a whole set of careers that involve being paid to work this boll0x out.
  16. Would they have done the decent thing if it was 1-1 though?
  17. If only the rest of the squad could actually take the bloody things...
  18. You only notice your luck when it is bad. 'Sheffield United Luck' wasn't a thing when they got two successive promotions and then finished in the top half of the Premiership.
  19. Absolutely shithousery of the highest order. Why else choose the absolute most dramatic moment to storm onto the pitch and detain them after they have been in the country for 3 days already?
  20. Chansiri's address to the fans if we get promoted this year: https://youtu.be/kOzNsQyamvk
  21. Just wait until the World Cup is every other year. It'll never stop.
  22. If they don't have the balls to boycott a World Cup in a nation that has just been caught red handed sending assassins to murder someone on British soil resulting in the actual death of a British citizen, there is no chance of them doing it over appalling human rights issues.
  23. A couple of weeks ago my five year old was excitedly telling me all the ways that one of his new friends from football training was just like him. 'He likes dinosaurs like me, he's got the same colour hair as me, he has the same colour skin as me...' I think I may have muttered something in sheepish embarrassment about how that's interesting but it really isn't important and we are all the same on the inside etc etc. (And then later made a private joke to my wife about them both liking to dress up as 'ghosts' with pillowcases over their heads). But now I wonder if I should have turned them both in to the FA for bringing the game into disrepute?
  24. How can you 'bring the game into disrepute' when you are not involved in the professional game?
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