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  1. They would have to extend the stand to fit his name on, though...
  2. Another Hearts youngster is going to Bayern Munich. Hearts have a decent set up comparable to a well-run upper end of the Championship side. The problem with Scottish football is the lack of strength in depth. There is only enough population to support half a dozen decent sized clubs and it's made worse by the total dominance of the Old Firm taking far more than their 'share' outside of Glasgow. So even the SPL is made up of half clubs with proper, well resourced setups and half clubs that would struggle in EPL League 1. When you get relegated and there are no Old Firm or Edinburgh Derby games, the revenue REALLY dries up.
  3. I remember that Birmingham goal well. I think our other goal came from fellow random foreigner Pablo Bonvin.
  4. This is the real problem, right here. The gap between the 'haves' and 'have nots' is so huge now. Being able to bring in £40million for bang average Premiership players like Wilson and Ake. Not so long ago, when those kind of players were going for £4 million, the Championship 'have nots' were still getting by on the same free transfers, loans and the occasional half a million pound (or £350k) lower league signings that they have to get by on now. The difference in the resources available is far larger now than it ever has been.
  5. Let's face it, the KOP is going to be fully Leeds white before we ever see the Premiership again.
  6. Fifteenth 'best' in Europe at a completely meaningless stat.
  7. Seriously? A side relegated from the Championship, a side that would have been relagated from the Championship if not for the other sides points deduction, two mid-table championship sides, one with just about the worst form imaginable, Leeds, and a bunch of European giants? It seems like 'pressing' has very little impact on league position from that sample.
  8. Gray was building a decent side with zero resources. I have to admit to being annoyed when he was pushed out. Even more so several weeks later when DC's big replacement was some total random journeyman who had never stayed at one club for longer than a season. I guess Gray never wrote any books about tactical periodicalisation or whatever though...
  9. So teams with quality players have done well, and teams with poo players havent. Cool.
  10. Whatever happened to all the hungry young players called Dave and Mike?
  11. The U23s also require warm bodies at the moment...
  12. Except the ones that are rich because their family is rich, like DC.
  13. It's been clear for several years now that Chansiri has that lethal mix of arrogance and incompetence that can only ever end in disaster. He's a far cry from the hard-nosed, successful businessman we were expecting; the man who would invest serious money building up the club in anticipation of a big Premiership payday. Perhaps his dad or his brother are people like that. What we got was the rich idiot son looking for a toy to play with, wanting to plaster his face and name over everything and use his family's money to make flashy, 'crowd-pleasing' signings that we don't need like Jordan Rhodes instead of investing it in the club's long-term infrastructure. He just desperately wants the approval of the fans but has no idea how to get it; and he hates it when his toy talks back to him or gives him lip. I bet he thought he was the cleverest person in the world, coming up with all his fake companies and the stadium scheme. I bet he thought no one had ever thought of it before and the authorities would never catch on. Worst of all, he's clearly bored of his toy now it's no fun any more and too much like hard work. We are watching what happens when Gob Bluth gets to run a football team, and I have no idea how we can move forward to a position where he is no longer involved with the club.
  14. He's not lost anything he will miss or understands the value of. We put up with the price rises and the bizarre decisions and the plastering his name and face over everything because we thought we were getting a competent businessman with a plan to get us into the Premiership for that big payday; what we actually got was the idiot son of a competent businessman with a plan to play with his shiny new toy and bask in the adulation of the fans until he got bored or it wasn't fun any more. Chansiri is basically this guy:
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