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  1. It's more like he hires someone to order some paperclips, but then they don't actually have the authority to order paperclips, so they have to wait until he is in the country and can come and stand over them and make sure they are ordering the paperclips to his liking (and they are the ones he has had specially made that say Chansiri on them) before he will give the paperclip ordering signoff. Except they also have to wait until he has finished following the groundsman around to make sure he is mowing the lawn correctly (using his special Chansiri-branded lawnmower).
  2. AKA the story of how a couple of immature middle-aged idiots instigate a gang war between rival gangs of affluent teenagers over a 35 year old children's athletic competition. Quite enjoying it.
  3. I'm not sure how much longer the football season can reasonably continue.
  4. There are three ways of doing things. The right way, the wrong way, and the Chansiri way. Which is the wrong way, but more expensive.
  5. Does anyone still think something as frivolous as the Euros will still go ahead?
  6. Sky can whistle for it if the games are stopped for reasons outwith the clubs' control.
  7. Quite the opposite. Sturgeon usually does whatever the UK government does except a few days later.
  8. The 'new strain' is everywhere. We are just a bit ahead of the curve.
  9. 1) It's not as if there is any matchday income anyway. Might as well turn the lights off and save on the overheads. 2) They are setting a terrible example for everyone with their jetting round the country and sexy parties and the like.
  10. They don't need a circuit break. They need to cancel the football season. And I'm not just saying that because we are now out of the relegation zone.
  11. I thought this was going to be about a new manager for a moment. I neither remember him at Hillsborough or recognise the name now. I take it he's playing in the Premiership now?
  12. Sheffield has a population approaching 600,000. A well-run business would be attempting to tackle the problem of 'what can we do to persuade more of them to come and watch a game of football on a Saturday afternoon' rather than 'how do we extract as much money as possible from the dwindling bunch of diehards we currently have'.
  13. Because, as someone with no involvement with SWFC, he is slightly out of date with his scouting of SWFC players? Whoever we do end up with has an excellent chance of never having even heard of Adam Reach.
  14. That Sheffield is not in south-west London?
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