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  1. owlinexile

    The Pitch again

    Looked fine to me Vs Reading. At least there isn't standing water in the corner between Kop and North stand these days.
  2. owlinexile


    He looked dangerous whilst he was on. Was screaming for him to play Fletcher through that time though.
  3. owlinexile

    Chairman’s statement

    That's a long winded way of saying we wasted all the money...
  4. Police numbers are roughly the same as they were in 2000 or indeed in the 1980s in the heyday of football hooliganism. It's a total red herring.
  5. "Expect lots of signings that the manager doesn't fancy, lots of loans, wing backs then end up as a back five, and lots of post match comments that bear no relation to the game you saw!” Should slot in just fine then...
  6. owlinexile

    Reflecting on last nights madness....

    What does that have to do with anything? They are still incredibly consequential for the ordinary people being asked to pay them. It's not the fans fault that global investment and TV money has ruined football finances.
  7. owlinexile


    I absolutely dont trust him. There hs never been any indication that he has the slightest clue what he is doing. Sorry.
  8. owlinexile

    Can I get a Summary?

    He'll tell us something about Jordan Rhodes when he leaves? I'm still waiting for Carlos to tell us his big secret that he couldn't reveal until he left...
  9. owlinexile

    Go and get him!

    Even if we hired Jose, DC still wouldn't listen to him or allow him to pick his own players...
  10. owlinexile

    Sean Clare

    We got carried away with Sean on the back of a couple of good performances. The same with Penney this year.
  11. owlinexile

    Audio of what Jos said

    Fixed it for you.
  12. owlinexile

    Jos storms out

    It's pretty straightforward really. If he wants people to stop asking him about losing his job, he needs to stop losing football matches.
  13. owlinexile


    Did he really say we are living in the past? Because we are not happy about being in a Championship relegation battle and wondering where the next point is coming from?
  14. owlinexile

    Really Bruce ???

    Yes, but he's a genuine actual football manager rather than some random DC got talking to at the airport...
  15. owlinexile


    Go on then. Enlighten me as to when things looked bleaker than they do at the moment...