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  1. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that perhaps his real name isn't 'Ellis Rimmer'...
  2. Was at a hotel there last week. Tv studio is all just posh flats now.
  3. Most people are already taking your advice. That's kind of the problem...
  4. Whatever you want to argue about feminism, in the current commercial environment a professional woman's team is an expensive luxury - not something we can or should be looking at at the moment.
  5. Sadly they would be back in the same position a few months later. The rot in the English game can't be papered over with a few bucket collections.
  6. I had forgotten about his existence until this very moment.
  7. I don't get this 'Fletcher is old' thing. He's only 32 and has never been reliant on pace - he's probably got a good three or four more seasons in him if he stays in good shape. Not sure what some of these kids would have made of watching the likes of Steve Nicol or Barry Horne still turning out in the Premiership in their late 30s..
  8. Stats. Just another thing for Asians to bet on, though, aren't they?
  9. I would keep Murphy as an impact sub. He's only been training with the rest of the team for a day.
  10. I don't mind Barnsley. I don't really understand why they hate us so much. It's kind of weird and off-putting.
  11. Not knowing the clubs exact financial position it's quite possible that we don't have £5 million to spend.
  12. We still need Pelupessy if we are playing 3 in the middle - otherwise we only have four players for three positions (Lee, Bannan, Hutchinson, Luongo). I guess Reach could fill in there if necessary.
  13. I would say an 8 given the circumstances of being in an embargo and no manager. We have brought in some decent players - Luongo and Harris especially look like good acquisitions. We have made a decent profit - Joao will no doubt come good and end up a £20million striker now, but that can't be helped.
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