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  1. I wouldn't worry about it. Our season is over in mid table obscurity, they will almost certainly be promoted as champions. It's their turn in the limelight. Let them enjoy it
  2. There is literally nothing that will ever induce me to get into a driverless car. Maybe at a push one of the Total Recall style ones with a humanoid robot that actually turns the steering wheel etc. But one of the Herbie style possessed ones is right out.
  3. The extra convenience of 'cashless' systems to the customer is extremely marginal at best. Like most 'improvements' that people never asked for all the benefits are for the vendor (and whoever is providing the payment system) The most obvious benefit to SWFC of going cashless I would imagine is that they can (continue to) employ people who have no basic arithmetic skills to work the tills since the arduous problem of giving people the correct change is taken away from them entirely.
  4. They dont accept stabbings as a legitimate payment method either as far as I know
  5. I try to avoid cashless places whenever possible. I especially won't ever download an app just to purchase something. I'd rather only pay for something once rather than paying once with money and then again with my personal data thanks.
  6. It wouldn't help. The link between UK football finances and actual UK football supporters was broken long ago. The money men and their preferred customers in Asia and the Middle East don't care about Bolton Wanderers or any other traditional old club for that matter. Everyone apart from the top 12 or so 'global brands' going bust wouldn't matter one bit to them. In fact if anything they might welcome it because no more threat of relegation and every match will be a 'big' game that the global TV market will lap up.
  7. If he can replicate his form from the end of last season that would be great...
  8. Let's not worry about what the pigs get up to. We've already played them twice. We are in with a narrow chance of promotion ourselves so let's try and win every game.
  9. Can we get the necessary wins under our belt before we run out of players though?
  10. 4 points off with 27 points to play for. It's still definitely achievable although half a dozen teams will think the same.
  11. When did you last see a 'pay as you play' deal? It's just not a thing in this day and age when so much money is at stake and players/agents have all the power.
  12. I have had multiple texts today asking who he is and if he is related to Carlton...
  13. Madjid Bougherra? He was alright. Championship good not Premiership good though. Did well at Rangers.
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