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  1. Not much money to be made by agents out of SWFC for the foreseeable future. Not sure Paxao would have a clue how to operate in that kind of environment.
  2. She looks like she wants to put her feet up on the desk.
  3. Also about 1.6% of the outstanding wages owed to players.
  4. Martin has released ten books since he allegedly started working on The Winds of Winter. It's doubly depressing that this is likely the only ending we will ever get...
  5. Good match, that. Nice to see a couple of teams proper going for it for a change...
  6. Wow. That penalty was Chris Waddle worthy...
  7. I just checked my current save on FM Mobile and Wednesday re-signed Morgan Fox along with former Brazilian international/Man Utd stalwart Rafael and have D'margio Wright-Phillips on loan. Where do I pick up my salary?
  8. Is that where you had to write to Chansiri personally, explaining you were too poor to afford his ticket prices and begging for his charity?
  9. In addition to the lazy source material, the Star's website is absolutely unreadable garbage.
  10. Wow. £300k. That will cover 2.5% of the wages that are due to players. What a windfall!
  11. I'd say 'is running Football Manager on holiday mode for 10mins what constitutes journalism these days?'. But it is probably also what constitutes our scouting network, so why not?
  12. Probably best to wait and find out which (if any) division we will be in next year before throwing more money into the bottomless pit.
  13. More of a challenge than he would have got here, mind.
  14. Not really. They are nothing to do with SWFC, other than being allowed to use the name.
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