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  1. I want a preseason that isn't derailed by egotistical fuckwads. We don't always get what we want.
  2. I dont know. A nice long, painful urinary tract infection seems fair enough...
  3. Without any player sales, a centre-back and someone to be an upgrade on Pelupessy I reckon would see us going into the season in good shape. After that, you are looking for people who will be an upgrade on already decent Championship players which doesn't come cheap, and is probably best addressed by loans.
  4. If there is anything in this, Ashley is an even bigger c*nt than Bruce.
  5. I take it this is another Doyen appointment?
  6. Newcastle fans also think he's a c**t for doing this and are actively cheering DC on to make it as difficult as possible. I'm not sure Bruce knows/cares what he's walking into.
  7. He will. Wilder is a good manager and promoted teams going into the season with momentum often do better than expected. Meanwhile Newcastle have lost their best players and have no manager for a big chunk of pre-season. They will struggle this season.
  8. Probably waited until after the weekend so he could watch the cricket before heading out to China, the lazy poo .
  9. fizz him then. He'll be on I'm a Celebrity by Christmas.
  10. I'm curious. What on Earth in the recent history of SWFC is informing this expectation?
  11. Nah. fizz him. Either they pay what he's worth or he can stay and do his job like the professional he supposedly is. fizz getting pushed around by the likes of Newcastle and Leicester City.
  12. I don't think Joao has ever been referred to as a fullback before...
  13. Are Newcastle not flying to China tomorrow? You have to think if it hasn't happened yet, its probably not happening.
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