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  1. The UK Government can do pretty much anything it wants, as long as it has Parliamentary support and the public onside. Up to and including taking the clubs in question into public ownership.
  2. There will still be plenty of money to go around. All the traditional sports broadcasters are still going to need something to broadcast. Wages for players and agents might have to come down a bit. Boo hoo.
  3. Carragher is a coward. There is no room for mealy-mouthed 'lets all be friends and meet in the middle' in this debate. One side is 100% in the wrong.
  4. Only if the football authorities actually do their job and completely ostracize them. The current model would work fine if the money could be taken out of it.
  5. fizz them. No amount of posturing and threats from corporate lawyers can make everyone else agree to be in the same league as them.
  6. If allowed to stand it would literally be the end of football. This is a football forum. Obviously people aren't going to chill out.
  7. Whether they have got away with it remains to be seen. They HAVE to be expelled from domestic football though. There is no other way.
  8. The rights won't be up for sale. The league won't want broadcasters to get a penny of their revenue. They will stream it themselves.
  9. How is it a 'natural progression'? Football has been around for 150 years.
  10. Greedy for what? To be replaced by corporates, tourists and Arabs? Not going to happen.
  11. They won't be joining it. They are controlled by what these ******** term as 'legacy fans'.
  12. Why? So they can play Spurs and Arsenal every season for the rest of time? These 20 'football' clubs only need so many players. There will be plenty to go around.
  13. I am totally on board with this. Sadly I think the football authorities will be too timid to do what needs to be done.
  14. Yeah but that doesn't make the match experience any better. The most important thing is that they are competitive.
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