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  1. Listen to those boos Mr C

    I think Chansiri might have had his 'go' at getting the club into the Premiership and now he's bored of his toy.
  2. Our performance throughout the rest of the season so far suggests not.
  3. Missed the press conference

    He knows his job is safe no matter what...
  4. They've got one exactly like it in the shopping centre in Livingston. They have a curtain over both ends of the tunnel and are using it as a Santa's grotto. Mystery solved?
  5. Why?

    That's exactly what a clapper would say.
  6. Why?

    Apart from the shirt fuckup. And the way the club has handled the 150th anniversary celebrations. And the style of football. And how Carlos chose to approach the playoffs. And the often baffling transfers. And the relationship with Doyen sport. And the 1867 club nonsense. And the way they have priced the boxes. And getting rid of the stripes. And the unnecessary changes to the badge. And the George Hirst situation. And Chansiri's wierd superstitions. Until the league position started to suffer, its been easier for the clappers to shout people down and drown it out - but people have been complaining about this stuff for literally months and years.
  7. A few ‘outsider’ thoughts..

    There's absolutely nothing wrong with the OP (apart from the thing with the Chansiri flags, that turned out to not really be the club's fault). Even more worryingly, it's just the tip of the iceberg. Theres also Doyen, the shirt debacle, ticket prices, the clusterfuck that has been our 150th anniversary, the fact that all of our players seem to lack basic physical fitness, whatever shenanagens is going on with 'Elev-8' and 'D-Taxis'... I'm sure I've probably missed some stuff too.
  8. If he really is here until the end of the season for whatever reason, it's going to get really ugly and unpleasant.
  9. And why are none of them apparently fitness coaches?
  10. What do you make of this???

    This is not new information. This is what led lots of people to question his appointment in the first place. His agent finally managed to find him a proper whale as his latest mark.
  11. 5 point plan for Mr Chansiri

    Oh yes - can we also have our proper owl badge back whilst your at it?
  12. 5 point plan for Mr Chansiri

    All of that - plus get rid of Doyen and hire some scouts who actually work for the club and don't have a massive conflict of interest.
  13. Adam Reach

    Described by who? I don't remember that.
  14. Is DC even paying attention any more? Maybe he's got bored...
  15. Hahaha. Hes desperate to blame the fans/media for 'making' him attack more. Even though he didnt. What a tail...