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  1. Did they make him go to Bethlehem to sign the contract?
  2. We already have most of the negatives associated with the Premiership. Might as well be on TV a bit more often and getting battered by Man City instead of Bolton.
  3. Don't give them another penny!!!

    To be fair the shirts are self-boycotting. It's a genuine innovation.
  4. This. So much of what's going on at the club makes more sense if you assume it's being run by a bored member of the idle rich trying to impress his son/play real life Football Manager.
  5. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    There are things you don't want to do but you really HAVE to as part of being an adult. Things like doing your tax return or going to the dentist. There are also things that you don't really have to do but do anyway, even though you don't enjoy them because it makes you feel better about yourself as a person. Maybe it's going to church and doing confession or visiting a relative you don't really get on with in hospital. Watching Wednesday does seem to fall into that second category for a lot of people but really going to a football match shouldn't be either of those things - it's a thing you choose to spend your money and hard-earned leisure time on because you enjoy it.
  6. Myth-busting, and where we go from here...

    Bolton literally haven't scored a goal since they last played us in the cup. Bet they wish they could play us every week.
  7. If you pay on the day, stay away.

    Have to say, you're really selling it.
  8. Do we do any homework

    I sometimes wonder what the players do in training all week. They don't look fit, they don't look prepared, they certainly don't look like they are doing any set piece drills.
  9. A micro-manager who doesn't know what he's doing is the worst possible combination...
  10. The whole club is just drifting along with no leadership and no sense of direction at the moment, and has been for some time. Everything off the field just seems so half-arsedly bodged together at the last minute. Now it has all fallen apart on the pitch, it can't be papered over anymore.
  11. We have to laugh don't we......

    They literally haven't scored a goal since we last played them. Embarrassing doesn't begin to describe it...
  12. As far as anyone not from the local area is concerned, the comparison is more like Lidl vs Aldi. Two non-premiershup sides much of a muchness. They will obviously go for the cheaper and most convenient one...
  13. New kit for sale!

    Can't help but feel that somewhere in Somalia there's a warlord whose entire pirate band are clad head to toe in 150th anniversary swfc gear. Maybe this Facebook guy has an 'in' with him...