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  1. Embarrassing season

    Could we pretend we were founded in 1868?
  2. He can't help it. His entire voice is negative. He could be telling you you've won the lottery and it would sound like he's giving you a cancer diagnosis.
  3. What even is the point of a club like Swansea (or Wednesday come to that) if they don't take the FA cup seriously? Is it just a perpetual sisyphan relegation battle until the end of time?
  4. Did we not swap him for Guy Whittingham?
  5. Long term Jos....

    That's a funny way of saying 'endless controversy drives up more owlstalk readers...
  6. Almen Abdi back playing

    Stranger things have happened. I've seen Mattias play recently and Lucas Jaoao look like a genuinely dangerous striker.... Who knows what Abdi can do?
  7. I don't get the police academy reference...
  8. Talks poo doesnt he? Maybe he thought he would be able to do that after the Huddersfield first leg...

    This survey wont persuade one single person to pay for a season ticket who wasn't going to get one already. It wont bring back one more PoTG fan who cant afford the prices any more. And it won't stop people bringing up the fact that we have the highest prices around with nothing to show for it every time anyone asks the fan's opinion. Literally all it has achieved is making Chansiri look like a child. The only real 'poll' that matters in any way at all is how many tickets we actually sell.

    Oh yeah I'd forgotten about Chansiri's petulant passive aggressive tantrum survey. You can only laugh at this point.. Was there an option for 'I want the club to be run competently and sustainably with reasonable ticket prices'?
  11. This Is Going To Happen

    Not any more, I don't think...
  12. He'll have had another 8 clubs by then...
  13. Season ticket renewals...

    Problem is they don't come expensive either.
  14. Kieran lee

    This would be a disaster if true. Both on a personal level for the player and for us as a team. I'd rather lose any other player than Lee tbh.