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  1. If I can't imply that Scousers are a bunch of lazy thieving dole cheats, I'm not sure I even want to GO to football any more.
  2. Christ. Thinks he's Reda Johnson all of a sudden doesn't he?
  3. Let's be honest. If his surname wasn't 'Hirst', we would be looking at a still-youngish striker with an excellent record in youth football, who has done alright for one season in League 1. If we signed him, most people (apart from Malek who would know everything about him) would be thinking 'yeah, quite an exciting signing, hopefully he can kick on, but also I hope we aren't relying on him to score most of our goals next year...'.
  4. So what does being in this get you? Every fan in the country has their own 'Hall of Fame' that is equally valid.
  5. The Lee Peacock-Steve MacLean-esque duo that are going to fire us back into the Championship...
  6. Wait a minute.... David Hirst has a son called George?
  7. Really enjoyed the first episode of Moon Knight. Don't know the material - but i'm liking the whole 'what if Batman was Tyler Durden to Bruce Wayne's 'Jack' scenario they appear to be setting up. Oscar Isaac is genuinely a cut above as an actor, and appears to be having great fun pretending to be a dweeby English weirdo.
  8. It's a bit late to be having moral scruples about where the money is coming from at this point, isn't it?
  9. I've never understood the desire to sit and watch somebody else's industry awards do. Always needed a fair amount of lubrication to get through my OWN one.
  10. Abramivich clearly knew about Russia's planned invasion well in advance. Started trying to protect his assets at least four days before.
  11. Does success in a daft game really mean that much to YOU? It definitely doesn't to me.
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