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  1. I think he's one of the baddies in Lord of the Rings...
  2. That would be cheating. Why not give it a harpoon gun as well?
  3. If Champ manager ever taught me anything, it's that you adapt your formation to the players you have available, not the other way around. All these one up front with two inside forwards formations are super-fashionable at the moment, but there's no point being fashionable if we don't have the players to do it properly. To play like Liverpool or Man City you almost need your strongest players to be your wing-backs as they are expected to do the job of two players. Even the likes of Mendy, Alexander-Arnold and Alonso struggle with balancing their attacking responsibilities with actually occasionally needing to defend from time to time. Liam Palmer has proved a lot of people wrong in the last couple of years but he's never going to be the rampaging wing-back we need. Bruce clearly started bringing the players in to try and play this system - Harris and Murphy fit the bill as quick inside-forwards that can cut inside and get shots in, Moses an attack-minded overlapping wingback. They were probably the best available without spending money, but I'm not convinced by two of them and I'm not sure we are there yet regarding being able to play the fashionable way.
  4. I don't know, theres been some stinkers over the years. Beswetherwick, Barry-Murphy, Blondeau. And that's just the 'B's. Maurice Ross, Rhys Wiggins, 39-year - old Steve Nicol in the Premiership. I'm sure I've probably missed some.
  5. Just wait until the next pointless European competition starts up. Even mid table Premiership sides will want out of the domestic cups ASAP.
  6. People who are put off by the ludicrous ticket prices are long gone years ago. Do you expect them to be sitting on yuhr club website on tenterhooks waiting for a one-off special offer to come up?
  7. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that perhaps his real name isn't 'Ellis Rimmer'...
  8. Was at a hotel there last week. Tv studio is all just posh flats now.
  9. Most people are already taking your advice. That's kind of the problem...
  10. Whatever you want to argue about feminism, in the current commercial environment a professional woman's team is an expensive luxury - not something we can or should be looking at at the moment.
  11. Sadly they would be back in the same position a few months later. The rot in the English game can't be papered over with a few bucket collections.
  12. I had forgotten about his existence until this very moment.
  13. I don't get this 'Fletcher is old' thing. He's only 32 and has never been reliant on pace - he's probably got a good three or four more seasons in him if he stays in good shape. Not sure what some of these kids would have made of watching the likes of Steve Nicol or Barry Horne still turning out in the Premiership in their late 30s..
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