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  1. But there are literally thousands of gods. That's kind of the point.
  2. Depends which god doesn't it?
  3. We've probably got all but FF of our most expensive assets out on the pitch tbh.
  4. We are winning for now - but honestly this is as bad as I have seen us play in 30 years.
  5. That was the softest goal we will ever be gifted...
  6. owlinexile

    Here is how #swfc line up tonight

    We desperately need the win to kickstart the season before our current form becomes a losing streak.
  7. owlinexile


    The idea is that there will probably be a fair amount of them who miss going to football on a Saturday with their mates/family and SWFC can act as sort of methodone for whoever they support. They might even drag some of their fellow students along with them. I have always had a bit of a soft spot for Hearts after watching them whilst I was at University and still watch them occasionally.
  8. owlinexile

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    It's nice to do community stuff like having women's and kid's teams - in fact clubs should do as much of that as possible. If there's one thing a women's team won't do it's make any money though. As a spectator sport it's about on a par with those masters games with ex professionals or the one where they have Ollie Murs running around. Bit of a novelty when there's no actual football on.
  9. This has been a major problem since the start of Chansiri's tenure when the club brought out a price list with about 10 different categories for each stand. It made the story 'SWFC have the highest ticket prices in the country' based on the category 'A' prices (which no one knew if we were ever going to actually use) which was picked up by the national media. It also made it impossible to tell how much a particular game was going to cost until shortly before, and put the onus on the fans to actually dig around the club's website to find the price. It was a massive own goal as it created the perception in the wider market that the high prices were even higher and had the club branded as rip-off merchants in the national media. Tickets for away fans are consistently expensive which leads to a fresh burst of negative publicity via social media every home game. The club has never attempted to address this perception and barely publicises when we have cheaper tickets. It's almost like Chansiri doesn't WANT the cheap ticket days to be a success in case it proves him wrong...
  10. Footballers really need to get together and agree to stop taking it all so seriously. All those '90s guys who could play 3 times a week and fit in two extensive binge drinking sessions and a steak pie at half time - can anyone really say they enjoyed the football any less? They really don't need to bother with all this 'sports science' and 'nutrition' and 'professionalism'. As long as they all agree and anyone caught training too hard or eating macrobiotic pasta is rigorously punished...
  11. owlinexile

    We have a small squad apparently

    In our current circumstances, when you only have one decent right-back at the club, they are literally irreplaceable..
  12. Wow. I hope they aren't planning to leave that car unattended where anyone can find it...
  13. This is true. Sadly the long-awaited collapse will never come whilst they can simply replace revenue from fans with more tv money from China and the Middle East.
  14. Chansiri has hired MC Escher to do the stadium upgrade for if we get the World Cup in 2030. Apparently obeying the laws of physics is bad luck in Thailand...