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  1. Is it one of those Panini album Scottish stickers from Football '85?.....you know, the ones that were ony half size and you used to get Willie Miller and Alex McLiesh together as 335A & 335B?
  2. Did you get this GIF for Christmas? You've used it on at least 3 posts
  3. Oh right, you mean like when he scored that worldy for Leicester against us? The nobber.
  4. Absolutely spot on reply mate, I couldn't agree with you more.
  5. Yeah its on the corner of his desk, he keeps all the bics with the chewed ends in there along with a few bent paperclips and the copper coins he uses in the coffee machine (although the copper coins might be the transfer kitty)
  6. What a disappointment.... I saw the thread title and though it was going to be about another of Neils bands
  7. Sam Hutchinson when he uses Milans special Radio Sheffield phone...
  8. Heard and interview on Radio Sheffield this dinner time with Stuart Gray talking about how Kirkland is unhappy at being the back up 'keeper and then went on about him being an excellent professional and goal keeper etc and that he had told Kirkland to keep pushing for a place in the team and doing what he's doing... Am i just being cynical or does anyone else think this is the start of the lube being squeezed out the tube for us being shafted when we sell Westwood in January?
  9. To be fair though he's not played for years, think his legs might let him down a bit now
  10. Take a leaf out of my book.... Always take a lady somewhere really expensive to eat on a first date... That's why I usually take them to Woodall Services
  11. What's with the sainsburys basic brand tomato sauce? You cheap scratty b*stard!
  12. He served half of his 5 years sentence, that poor lass has a life sentence.
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