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  1. surely the reports on the OS will have full line-ups
  2. He needs to be tested in a proper league first. Anyone on here could score a hat full in the Dutch league
  3. hey trev i want 1 if there's any left but aint got paypal what do i do
  4. anyone know when the squad numbers are released?
  5. isn't there a British muck star that supports Wednesday
  6. according to the ever reliable Wikipedia, JJ and beevers have been released
  7. mine not here yet but bought one at the ground
  8. Tom Heaton. keeper from Cardiff worth a look at
  9. leave Boro at bout 8am arrive at meadowhall bout 11ish (depending how many stops as i dont travel well) have summat to eat in oasis and a bit of shopping get to ground bout 130ish leave ground bout 530ish with tears of happiness still streaming down my face back to meadowhall for more shopping and more food back to boro bout 10ish go to west riding to hopefully celebrate promotions and go on an all night bender
  10. could u be anymore of a bellend. as i said in another thread, if i want to go to a game i have to take a weeks holiday, and i only get 4-5 weeks holiday a year
  11. took a weeks holiday from work to get ready for this game, from 3 o'clock last saturday i couldn't get any work done, not knowing the score nearly killed me
  12. my dad a l**ds fan but he's never been to elland rd, only ever been to Hillsborough and we won ever time he's been so, long may it continue. we also have a bet on that Madine will score more than McCormack so can't wait to see his face wen Madine scores 2 to win the bet.
  13. He cant head the ball. A few times 2day he was beaten easily in the air. Beevers was much better
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