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  1. Atlanta Falcons obviously tanking for Trevor. 1st & goal on ten yard line, trailing by 2 points, 1:12 left on clock and lions no timeouts, surely you kneel twice then kick the easy field goal to win it. Or if your Atlanta you trip into the endzone for a touchdown and give Matt Stafford 1:04 to throw against your ******** poor secondary to win it.
  2. How the hell did Chelsea not get a penalty for that headlock by maguire
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/american-football/54659637 who needs a defense when you've got a sniper in the stands.
  4. nothing wrong with what he did for the throwin. Foul happened before it was taken so ball was still dead.
  5. who picks up Jansen and pinnacle then. Stick Patterson on Toney
  6. Just seen the pen. How can a taker do all that poo in the run up but a keeper can't be an inch or 2 off his line. Should simplify it, continuous run up (no stutter, stopping, cart wheels or dancing) and keeper can't go beyond his goal line. If the taker stutters or stops and scores he has to retake the penalty, if he misses it shouldn't be retaken. If a keeper saves it or the taker misses but the keeper is off his goal line then the penalty is retaken.
  7. isnt shaw injured and the other 2 will be with first team squad
  8. Believed before the season we would make playoffs and still do
  9. Line up on iFollow kachunga at CB and flint behind strikers
  10. That injury to Prescott is terrible. Poor fella
  11. Thomas out with a fractured hip. Yates out of contention. Tough time for British cycling
  12. Should’ve been demoted for the move on Hirschi
  13. Bailly should’ve been sent off for intentionally stepping on Kane’s ankle
  14. Timed was added on for Tom lees going down a second time then going off. No problem with the ref for that but the rest of the game he was terrible.
  15. Queens Park away kit. Each dot represents win/lose/draw in their history
  16. Ref doing my head in already. Everytime a qpr player hits the deck it’s a freekick
  17. 3 ITT in giro this year. Ineos have picked Time Trial world champion, 4th and 5th
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