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  1. next year teams can only have 4 minor league affiliates. I know Red Sox are dropping Lowell Spinners (single-A) for 2021 but could have them back in 2022. In the meantime Red Sox are looking to keep baseball in Lowell some other way in 2021.
  2. turns out I got it wrong. when I turned over the ref was pointing Demba Ba to the stands as Ba was telling the ref what was said so I thought Ba was the one to get red carded. It was actually the assistant coach Pierre Webo that was sent to the stands. Some Players from both sides and both managers say they heard what was said but as Mirodo says could be a mix up between languages.
  3. what was the fourth official thinking. Think Demba Ba got sent off the bench for complaining about what was said.
  4. Only time I've wanted a Merc to win all season.
  5. His qualifying streak would definitely end
  6. could be a good shout. He’s already tested the 2019 car, sorry, raced for racing point this season.
  7. It's only the QBs that are missing. Chicago Bears have been playing without a QB for the last 20ish years. (please don't come back to bite me in the arse tonight)
  8. That was terrifying. Very very lucky to be relatively ok.
  9. £19.99 on BT box office to watch 2 old guy spend 16 minutes tickling each other. If you pay that you need a straight jacket and a padded cell.
  10. England’s batting lineup for this t20 is ridiculous. Roy Buttler Malan Bairstow Stokes Morgan.
  11. Think your playing for second overall pick, Jets have number 1 sewn up. Can’t decide if the Jets really are that bad or have mastered the art of tanking.
  12. Lee Westwood is one of the best tee to green but on the green he’s like Stevie Wonder playing crazy golf
  13. Hopefully all de chambeau’s clubs break.
  14. Luciano becchio superman handball in the same game where Kirkland was attacked.
  15. remember that. I came over from Scarborough for the original game but when I got to Meadowhall the game had been called off. I came back through for the rearranged game and clattenberg decided to screw us any which way he could think of.
  16. Ramsdale is their version of Pogba. Sold him cheap then vastly over payed to get him back
  17. “I’ve got real good thoughts on that, not that I’d actually say something in the press” Then gives his thoughts to the press
  18. It's only a yellow card if you make an attempt for the ball. Push in the back or pulling the shirt is still a straight red
  19. Why does he keep the same formation game after game, it clearly isn’t working. Needs to go straight after this game and I’m finally coming round to the fact Dawson is utter garbage and needs replacing
  20. F1 is so boring nowadays. I mean I end up watching a race just to see who comes forth because there ain’t no mystery who’s getting on the podium (save for one race a year). MotoGP is far and away the most exciting motorsport year in year out. 8 different riders have won a race this year. The guy leading the championship hasn’t won a race but is consistent, a British guy who is genuinely likeable is leading the moto2 championship and moto3 always has 15-20 battling for the lead at every race.
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