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  1. Cheers was hoping it was on Saturday at training ground.
  2. when and where is the game against united?
  3. His debut was also my first game at Hillsborough
  4. Are you not bored of starting threads yet?
  5. just give him a good kicking in the first minute, then later in the first half leave one on him when the ref isn't looking and make sure it hurts.
  6. That is brilliant. Hats off to whoever made that. If that doesn't get you in the mood for the game, nothing will.
  7. This for a laugh next time we play rovrum.
  8. Murray should get fined for staying pitchside while the pen was taken.
  9. Done Name. Hourihane's next Email. Allyourbestplayers@swfc.ha.ha
  10. That silver, black and white one looks a lot like the Oakland Raiders uni
  11. don't know, i told him it was our choice what category we use but he'd seen it on a forest forum and was convinced.
  12. Last season a forest mate was convinced we were going to charge them £52 cos the FA had designated then as the highest category team, even after I told him that category was never going to be used
  13. Nice birthday present all be it a day early. What a cracking display by the lads
  14. Was it abdi that got a right kicking that forced him off?
  15. When I can get to games I usually travel from Scarborough on my own. 750 train and get back at about 2130. Ma mum's coming to rovrum game with me for her birthday. Went to Wembley on my own. Beres and William Hill are only pre match ritual for me.
  16. Two teams of Wednesday fans having a friendly at hillsborough. Winners get to train with the 1st team.
  17. great penalty from weaver but nowhere near as good as this one from Pressman.
  18. Brilliant as usual. Gutted i missed that night in May, looked and sounded amazing on TV. 2-1 wednesday (reach and forestieri)
  19. Nuhiu was doing the shoot but sadly missed everybody and took a photo of the presto sign.
  20. Naked Owen Coyle is going to haunt me forever now, thanks Pauli. 3-1 Wednesday. all 3 in second half injury time.
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