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  1. he did put in a tackle tonight though, it was weeks late and he did get booked but that’s improvement, right.
  2. At a guess the winter break in Ukraine will last longer than 3 months.
  3. no Alfa Romeo and alpine still to go.
  4. Is the new Ferrari red?
  5. gazzatheowl


    double knockout would do.
  6. 500 miles north of Dover, so the very top of Scotland. No wonder our fa is screwed being so far away.
  7. Is he just trying to find weird ways to give himself concussion. Kicking a volleyball into his own head is up there with the daftest reasons for concussion.
  8. That’s got to be career over. Bet he’s terrified whenever he feels a sneeze coming.
  9. Can only see a huge Scotland win on Saturday. Pivac needs to stop shoehorning players into positions they don’t play and stop picking Ryan Elias at hooker.
  10. Matt fisher gets a call up. Bit out of left field and has terrible luck with injuries but very decent bowler when fit.
  11. What the hell happened to Dean, thought he never got injured. Great hit from Byers
  12. Can’t wait til little rimmer and little kryten sign for us.
  13. At least now I don’t have to stay up and watch the dreadful Super Bowl halftime show. Every cloud and that.
  14. does this mean COD will eventually be Microsoft exclusive, if so that sucks ass
  15. Lol cowboys. Best block they had all game was Dak on the ref at the end.
  16. morgan hadn’t seen a red ball in years though
  17. last second field goal in overtime to break the tie
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