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  1. Can someone tell Dom Bess he’s playing cricket not baseball
  2. That over by Jimmy was basically cricket muck.
  3. Bess is bowling horrible. Only chance of him getting a wicket is Indian generosity.
  4. Fighting in Wales training. Jake ball punched Alun Wyn Jones.
  5. Can’t bring myself to wish England well useless maybe when they play the Irish.
  6. we’re not going anywhere fast with Pivac in charge. Our insistence that players stay in Wales or have 60 caps to get picked isn’t working because you don’t get better getting battered by the Irish most weeks.
  7. England looking terrible makes me happy. I know Wales are going to be poo so any fun I can take out of it is good
  8. charlton offered £500k for him. Bit out of our price range.
  9. Dustin Pedroia retires today. In related news Manny Machado is a bellend.
  10. Aaron Rodgers all day long. MVP: Aaron Rodgers. Coach of the year: Kevin Stefanski. OROTY: Justin Jefferson. DROTY: Chase Young. OPOTY: Derrick Henry. (Would’ve said Davante Adams but might be biased) DPOTY: TJ Watt. Comeback POTY: Alex Smith.
  11. Nobody who plays the jets and Tom Bradyless patriots twice a season is allowed to win MVP.
  12. Loved the race where you have to wreck all the lawnmowers in a combine harvester. It’s a bit grim with all the bodies scattered around the track though.
  13. Any racing game that you can drive a sofa or a toilet has to be brilliant.
  14. Would like them to give Amar virdi a go
  15. Well, Stoke can just feck right off. 2 games in a row they’ve knocked me out.
  16. Wasn’t Richard woods brother on the books at one point. lekaj brother were in the youth system.
  17. F OFF BEZ. Packers going all the way
  18. Big Ben will be fine next year when he gets back on pornhub and gives it a proper yank to warm his elbow up.
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