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  1. MERRY XMAS EVERYBODY. Santa's wish list is Wednesday to be top of championship by nxt XMAS. Come on u Blue and White Wizards. And good will to Charlie Websters f---y
  2. Never got to know my grandad but, its him i thank for being a Wednesdayite.
  3. I have ma grandad to thank for being a Wednesdayite, although he died wen i was 2 he made my mum promise that she would bring me up a Wednesdayite, and not follow ma dad into being a l***s fan. He used to take her to every game home and away. he used to service the cars of all the team. If he was still here then i would be at every home game instead of the odd one or two a season.
  4. steaming but think it goin to be 5-1 too us lowe hattrick and reda 2. Anyone kno of any links for the polska or espana live match
  5. Read somewhere that lad from newcastle has got a decent freekick on him
  6. Really gutted i couldn't chip in as I was skint. I don't know trev but reading the different threads it was a truly amazing thing that happened for someone that truly deserves it. All the best at the game trev, with any luck I'll be there too.
  7. Think it the same on the rumours site i go on, so we are MASSIVE
  8. ROD Buxton Kasnik Batth Reda Coke Lines Prutton JJ Madine COG SUBS: Jameson, R. Jones, Bennett, JOC, Uchechi, Lowe, Morrison
  9. Think it will be a tight game 1-1, Jones last minute header to rescue a point
  10. Ben Marshall for me. Far to good for this league
  11. the ref was called Paul Tierney, so remember that and nxt time he comes to hillsborough give him hell
  12. poor deluded piggy whats the matter mummy out turning tricks again
  13. Just listened to his interview after the Hartlepool game. Seems to love playing for a MASSIVE club and loves the fans and also seems like a decent bloke.
  14. Madine for League 1 player of the month as well
  15. Would love to get to Hillsborough more often but can't afford the train fares from Scarborough. Altogether a match day would cost me bout £100 so can only go to a few games a season.
  16. for those listening on Wednesday player will we get the choice of which commentary we want to listen to? cos would rather listen to Rob O'Neill and John Pearson than radio Sheffield.
  17. Bywater Bennett Johnson Batth Buxton Lines Semedo Marshall Palmer McGoldrick Madine giving us a 4-3-1-2 formation SUBS: ROD,Reynolds, Kasnik, Prutton, COG
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