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  1. Not championship but this is extraordinary. Referee squares up to Ipswich’s Alan Judge.
  2. Had to be offside Paterson headed onto their lad and fletcher looked to be at least 2 yards offside
  3. Let’s hope the assistant refs have nicked the pea out of his whistle at half time
  4. Refs got a new whistle and he want everyone to know.
  5. Is it possible to send the ref off. Some utter abysmal decisions.
  6. Did he give that free kick for a foul on stoke keeper. If so that’s a shocker.
  7. that was the first game back in town. Played pigs in a friendly
  8. gazzatheowl


    not usually a big fan of hearn but he was right to go off at the judging. Things like that do nothing to help boxing get away from the reputation of being the most corrupt sport in the world.
  9. this one would fit him better that the ones he did wear
  10. gazzatheowl


    Should've been stopped after the forth, Warrington was all over the place. If it was the other way round Ref wouldn't have hesitated in stopping it. Anyone watch the fight before, absolute horrendous from the judges
  11. yes, not a fan of England national teams in football and rugby. Stopped supporting the English rugby team when the likes of Danny Grewcock, Matt Dawson and Austin Healy were playing, and there has been plenty of players since them that have made it very easy to hate the English team. Still enjoy watching the Premiership
  12. Love sh!thousing the wins. England will be tricky.
  13. That scream by jack Willis was horrific. Feel for poor lad.
  14. Are the commentators actually at the game. So many errors.
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