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  1. 34 minutes ago, darklord said:

    Over reaction probably driven by over offended horsey types. 


    Top trainers are not in the habit of bad welfare of their animals. 


    I buy his explanation but I'm sure plenty won't

    If he was more lent up against the horse I might’ve believed him but, after seeing the picture of him straddling the horse, smiling and throwing the peace sign it all looked posed and quite disgusting tbh.

  2. 6 minutes ago, whatevertrevor said:


    Good take and do agree. But we do have a line of players. Put Simmonds at 8 and watch us fly. He is electric. 


    Simmonds is ridiculously good, double the amount of tries as the next best this season in what has been a poor Exeter side.

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  3. 17 minutes ago, whatevertrevor said:


    Look back to the start of this thread, you said you were done, I said you'd pull something out. 


    *P.S although not a straight fight Zammit fella actually put the burners on May. That's the same May that stood Dagg on his head etc.


    i genuinely thought we'd get hammered by Ireland and England and lose narrowly to Scotland. I've been really surprised especially with how we played last year.


    Rees-Zammit is lightning quick, I'd say he's in the top 3 quickest in the premiership. Some of these tries are ridiculous.


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  4. 12 minutes ago, whatevertrevor said:


    Gaz to be fair. you're right.


    Maro is outrageously talented. But my god.


    You deserved the win. But my god. I have never, ever, criticised the ref in rugby, ever, but that was awful. I'm sorry, I can't take it away from you but wow. It's an England dip and it will take us a while now to come out of it.


    Told you Gaz that Wales would come out fighting. Amazing stuff. You never lie down. Massive respect. 


    Whenever I see that a Frenchmen is ref there’s a few expletives especially romain prat.


    we looked a lot fitter at the end, the Saracen players look off the pace, understandably so.

  5. 25 minutes ago, whatevertrevor said:


    Billy not the player he was. I'd really like to see Simmonds have a go. Although he's smallish he makes up for it and so has 'go forward' ballast. 

    can’t believe he’s not been called up. He’s had a fantastic season.


    looks like I’ll have to count on Wales to salvage this weekend. Not optimistic.

  6. 1 minute ago, whatevertrevor said:

    I think we'll win the 4th test and draw the series 2-2, which at any time is a great result in India, but with the covid bubbles and rotation it will be really praiseworthy. That's a big 'if' of course but something I think we can do. 

    If we don’t win this test I don’t want us to win the last one. May as well take Australia down with our shitness.

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