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  1. Would like them to give Amar virdi a go
  2. Well, Stoke can just feck right off. 2 games in a row they’ve knocked me out.
  3. Wasn’t Richard woods brother on the books at one point. lekaj brother were in the youth system.
  4. F OFF BEZ. Packers going all the way
  5. Big Ben will be fine next year when he gets back on pornhub and gives it a proper yank to warm his elbow up.
  6. That's the fella. Right after winning the title with Joan Mir
  7. Read somewhere the other day that the boss at Suzuki MotoGP team was going to Alpine
  8. Today is a sad day in packers land. It’s quite possibly the final game for Mitch turbisky in a bears jersey, although I am looking forward to see who the next bears QB is too throw to our secondary. BRING BACK JAY CUTLER.
  9. we’ve been practicing it most of the season
  10. We must be able to put a full squad out because we new in advance that villa and derby were playing their kid this weekend.
  11. not if the first team have COVID-19
  12. Got 5/2 on sky bet for Wednesday win. Exeter are evens
  13. can’t even find the game on William hill
  14. No to Roberts, haven’t seen him have a good game for Leeds and always looks terrible for Wales.
  15. Interesting stat. Aaron Rodgers had more TD passes than Green Bay had punts this season.
  16. don’t you think we’ve had enough red cards this season
  17. gazzatheowl


    I'm fairly curtain that the lass presenting on DAZN told Garcia's Dad before the fight "you makes them pretty, you make them athletic, that's some good sperm you've got". The fight before Campbell was brilliant, just 2 guys who didn't have a lot of regard for their own faces.
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