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  1. Don’t like this tactic of not marking at set pieces
  2. Half time doesn’t count
  3. Bit worrying we have the same amount of keepers as we do out and out strikers to choose from.
  4. Silver/grey away kit = promotion
  5. deontay Wilder vs Monk from Mean Machine. Sounds like celebrity death match reboot.
  6. In a footballing sense Reda isn’t European. It says on the bottom of the artwork. Reda, yoann folly and madjid bougherra all played for African countries but born in france
  7. I’ve missed other sports a hell of a lot more than football
  8. some scumbags nicked all the y’s from the turnstiles.
  9. Tim flowers getting done by a mound of dirt
  10. Jason puncheon disappearing to have a dump half way through second half.
  11. Liam Palmer violets. Benito carbonara gary spaghetti hooper
  12. Thinks some of you are making an asp out of yourselves.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byw-Cr_PYpA did he confirm whether he poo himself or not
  14. Only defensive cover on bench is the young lad
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