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  1. 406 ******** minutes without a goal. We really are a ******** charity
  2. Cheveley park stud have removed their horses from Elliot’s yard.
  3. He’s been banned in Britain until the investigation is over in Ireland.
  4. If he was more lent up against the horse I might’ve believed him but, after seeing the picture of him straddling the horse, smiling and throwing the peace sign it all looked posed and quite disgusting tbh.
  5. He’s got the backing of the biggest owner in Ireland so doubt he gets a harsh enough punishment. Needs his license suspended for at least a year.
  6. can’t watch Mookie in dodgers blue
  7. yes premiership is a great watch. every game on BT sport whereas i have to search all over internet to watch Pro14 games
  8. Simmonds is ridiculously good, double the amount of tries as the next best this season in what has been a poor Exeter side.
  9. i genuinely thought we'd get hammered by Ireland and England and lose narrowly to Scotland. I've been really surprised especially with how we played last year. Rees-Zammit is lightning quick, I'd say he's in the top 3 quickest in the premiership. Some of these tries are ridiculous.
  10. Whenever I see that a Frenchmen is ref there’s a few expletives especially romain prat. we looked a lot fitter at the end, the Saracen players look off the pace, understandably so.
  11. England in lack of discipline shocker. As good as itoje is, he’s also a liability. I don’t think Eddie Jones is the right man to lead England forward.
  12. Unexpected but what a ******** result. Guaranteed to poo the bed against Italy.
  13. I’ll take the try but the ref and tmo have had a shocker there.
  14. can’t believe he’s not been called up. He’s had a fantastic season. looks like I’ll have to count on Wales to salvage this weekend. Not optimistic.
  15. You know what we need to get ourselves out of this slump, a game against Sheffield Wednesday.
  16. If we don’t win this test I don’t want us to win the last one. May as well take Australia down with our shitness.
  17. Doesn’t Archer bowl spin in the nets, Time to check that out.
  18. If Anderson survives this over, broad needs to try and smash everything
  19. Why review that. Even stevie wonder could’ve given that out
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