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  1. Seen it on highlights which has a close up replay and still have no idea what Massimo got sent off for
  2. Börner for me but could’ve been any of them. Great performance
  3. can’t wait for fletchers Steve Maclean moment at Wembley.
  4. Wildsmith is mr bean dawson is mario
  5. i'll take 3 points and South Africa to win please
  6. lets hope Darren Randolph isn't in goal for Boro, always has a cracking game against us.
  7. richard keys is the male version of katie hopkins. Says stuff to be controversial while knowing fizz all about what hes talking about.
  8. Cant wait for Odubajo to use his invisibility to confuse the opposition.
  9. I caved in and cash in my bet so I could pay for my mum and dad to go to last game of season. Dads a Leeds fan but is the only one who can drive, and he’s been to hillsborough more times than bellend road.
  10. Can cash out for £219 but gunna let it roll for £240
  11. Has onomah met his teammates before. Doesn’t seem to know what they look like
  12. Nuhiu in net if Dawson gets hurt?
  13. holding out. could cash out for £187 now.
  14. I've heard they've both been put on gardening leave.
  15. I can see it now. We sneak 6th, Leeds finish 3rd and pigs finish 4th. We beat Leeds in semifinals and pigs in final. Please don’t wake me up yet I’m enjoying this dream.
  16. Scored the first goals I saw at hillsborough.
  17. just had a look on William Hill. Preston are 50/1 to make the playoffs but 33/1 to finish top six. we are 40/1 on both.
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