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  1. seems there was a lack of grip with the wet weather tyres in Austin.
  2. we could get 53 people off here and I’d be confident of beating the jets.
  3. https://www.thegamecollection.net/all?keywords=the+trilogy+-+definitive+edition&title=grand+theft+auto+the+trilogy+definitive+edition it’s on here for £46.95 but only for PS4 and Xbox one atm.
  4. Lets go Red Sox. Love a close one don’t we.
  5. I swear US sports were trying to kill me last night. First the packers waste multiple chances to put the game to bed and a usually reliable kicker has an off day, the bengals kicker scared me when he celebrated missing that FG. Then Boston decide they aren’t content with playing 9 innings of baseball, give up a 2 run lead and decide to walk it off in 13 innings instead. I suppose it’s all training for being a Wednesdayite.
  6. we are also down 3 starter on the offensive line
  7. think you’ll win this one. We are without Jaire Alexander and za’darius smith, two massive parts of our D. I don’t know what your Defence is like but if you can stop Rodgers then you should win comfortable.
  8. he’d start 11th but wouldn’t get a free choice of tyre because he made it through to Q3
  9. First stop on a cruise a few years ago. Beautiful place, we took the bus tour round the island to all the fishing villages. I was absolutely fascinated by the football stadium high up in the mountains. We only had a day so couldn’t do too much.
  10. Nagy is doing a fantastic job you need to keep him, just a shame you haven’t got big Mitch or Cutler at QB
  11. gazzatheowl


    That Hatton result is an absolute travesty. He got the poo beat out of him for 6 rounds and gets it by 1 round. Spoilt it for me, not even watching okolie or Joshua. Absolutely fuming
  12. What are we going to nickname this comeback. The Wonder at whistling Straits?
  13. Took Essex 30 mins to wrap up victory today, utterly shambolic.
  14. 25 wickets fell on day one at Essex. The game will be over before the drinks break in the first session of day two
  15. surprised how easy it was for our defence after the first three drives. So glad Eric Stokes is eating into Kevin King’s playing time, King couldn’t cover a bed. Goff still had far too much time to throw though.
  16. it doesn’t really matter how good Rodgers plays if our defence is continually dissected by semi-competent QBs
  17. really hope it was a blip by Green Bay last week but we are so terrible in the secondary I can only see a lions win.
  18. has Djokovic had his oh poo I'm losing medical timeout
  19. That’s sports personality of the year wrapped up this year. Well done Emma Raducanu.
  20. GET IN EMMA RADUCANU. That was absolutely amazing and there is plenty more to come.
  21. That was a great set. Come on Raducanu finish this off
  22. Not only going up but going up as league one champions.
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