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  1. It was to save my dads life. If I followed him and supported Leeds my grandad would’ve killed him.
  2. Just lock the little cûnt up. No trial no nothing, just 20 years of being butted at full pelt and at the same time everyday.
  3. paper cut would put him on sick for a year
  4. SHUT THE STAR DOWN. How dare the Wednesday reporter report on Wednesday.
  5. He’s hurting more than we are right now. It’s Reda/Rhodes all over again, everyone and his dog knows both man and ball goes into row Z. Let’s get behind the team and batter the macken cûnts.
  6. Exactly mate. I fancy us to get 3 at home. Put it in row Z Sammy.
  7. 3-0 Wednesday win. They were knackered the end And won’t recover.
  8. I would’ve taken 1-0 down going into Mondays game. Sunderland were shattered by the end and not much time to recover.
  9. Sent both players off for the same tackle in the gillingham vs fleetwood game.
  10. did he just go in and say “I want it to look like I’m wearing a cap all the time”.
  11. Was once in a queue like this for Scarborough vs Chelsea in 2004, was all sold out 4 people in front of me.
  12. Been caught licking himself clean in Barnsley town centre
  13. Brad jones keeper 6ft 4. CM Ayo Obileye 6ft 4
  14. Going to my first game for about 4 years, bringing my mum and brother (wednesdayites), dad (Leeds fan) and 7 year old nephew (first ever proper football match).
  15. try watching the game with ******** idiots. ”you can’t just bring a sub on cos someone’s been carried off” ”come on ref you said 4 mins injury time and there’s 48 mins on the clock” “What has Barry bannan done in this game apart from score that wonder strike” add to this audible racism in a busy pub
  16. Had £5 e/w on each of Smith, Sungjae Im and Siwoo Kim. Sky bet paying 11 places
  17. that’s not how the ball got to storey though, somewhere in the middle Hutchinson heads against the post. It’s a lot closer than you think. Still think he’s just on.
  18. Can’t wait to see him leather one into the top corner.
  19. Voted to move stand preferably middle of the away end.
  20. thats nuts, it’ll be 10pm when it starts and possibly after midnight if there’s a red flag.
  21. didn’t it take a massive defection of the defender.
  22. think I got sent down to triple A at end of last season
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