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  1. Why didn’t Palmer hit the second one first time, sat up perfectly.
  2. Who’s keeps coughing in the background.
  3. They’d have to spend 3 episodes trying to break through all them locks and bolts.
  4. they should be expelled but the FA will bend over, grab their ankles and take whatever these 6 teams do.
  5. Looks like RCB have worked out how to bowl.
  6. F1 going to Miami from next year.
  7. pretty sure that away kit is a Fijian rugby shirt.
  8. watched a bit of it and that exactly what they were doing. Ball was swinging round corners, no chance for the batsmen
  9. Mohammas Abbas ripping Middlesex a new one. Hat trick and 5 wickets in his first 17 balls in county cricket.
  10. doesn't matter what the result is tonight we're screwed.
  11. Very good pundit and the BBC think highly of Alex with her also presenting A Question of Sport from next series.
  12. Aaron Donald charged with assaulting a bloke over the weekend in Pittsburgh. If it was him he’s done a reyt number on the guy.
  13. They must be the oldest and most experienced rookies in captivity especially 45 year old Jimmie Johnson.
  14. Letting Lowe play with a drinks bottle in his hands and then time to sort his socks or undershorts out before he passed the ball is so Wednesday.
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