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  1. Can cash out for £219 but gunna let it roll for £240
  2. Has onomah met his teammates before. Doesn’t seem to know what they look like
  3. Nuhiu in net if Dawson gets hurt?
  4. holding out. could cash out for £187 now.
  5. I've heard they've both been put on gardening leave.
  6. I can see it now. We sneak 6th, Leeds finish 3rd and pigs finish 4th. We beat Leeds in semifinals and pigs in final. Please don’t wake me up yet I’m enjoying this dream.
  7. Scored the first goals I saw at hillsborough.
  8. just had a look on William Hill. Preston are 50/1 to make the playoffs but 33/1 to finish top six. we are 40/1 on both.
  9. put £24 on top half finish at 9/1 crazy price considering we were only 5 points off. cash out is currently £50
  10. It’ll be our first clean sheet and we’ll score 3.
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