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  1. Aston Martin did the most I think because they get most of the back end from Mercedes so they didn’t cost any tokens.
  2. Basically yes. Every team had a certain amount of tokens they could exchange for development (think it was 2 tokens). No more DAS for mercs.
  3. true. I like the look of it though. Aston Martin wins for bringing British Racing Green back and having Gemma Arterton presenting the reveal.
  4. looks like an F2 car. Probably as slow as one as well
  5. Cheveley park stud have removed their horses from Elliot’s yard.
  6. He’s been banned in Britain until the investigation is over in Ireland.
  7. If he was more lent up against the horse I might’ve believed him but, after seeing the picture of him straddling the horse, smiling and throwing the peace sign it all looked posed and quite disgusting tbh.
  8. He’s got the backing of the biggest owner in Ireland so doubt he gets a harsh enough punishment. Needs his license suspended for at least a year.
  9. can’t watch Mookie in dodgers blue
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