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Community Answers

  1. If we had won that game I was booked to stay in the royal mews at Buckingham palace for the final. Fecking spineless gits.
  2. That Italian kit is terrible, nowhere near Italian blue.
  3. poo like this will happen when fifa/uefa only allocate 20k per team. 35k for corporate and some ******** with more money than sense is atrocious.
  4. It was to save my dads life. If I followed him and supported Leeds my grandad would’ve killed him.
  5. Just lock the little cûnt up. No trial no nothing, just 20 years of being butted at full pelt and at the same time everyday.
  6. paper cut would put him on sick for a year
  7. SHUT THE STAR DOWN. How dare the Wednesday reporter report on Wednesday.
  8. He’s hurting more than we are right now. It’s Reda/Rhodes all over again, everyone and his dog knows both man and ball goes into row Z. Let’s get behind the team and batter the macken cûnts.
  9. Exactly mate. I fancy us to get 3 at home. Put it in row Z Sammy.
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