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  1. gazzatheowl

    Good odds?

    just had a look on William Hill. Preston are 50/1 to make the playoffs but 33/1 to finish top six. we are 40/1 on both.
  2. gazzatheowl

    Good odds?

    put £24 on top half finish at 9/1 crazy price considering we were only 5 points off. cash out is currently £50
  3. Will this lazaar be our first Moroccan.
  4. gazzatheowl


    It would be. They started the season very well then hit a brick wall. If they get promoted this season they'll be in the same league as York, providing York don't get relegated, so not far off national league.
  5. gazzatheowl

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Hutch needs to give him a good kicking in first few minutes, Sunday league style.
  6. gazzatheowl


    Scarborough Athletic. From Scarborough and miss the days of going to the McCain stadium with the lads. Nowadays you've got to go to the Flamingo stadium to watch Athletic.
  7. gazzatheowl

    Westwood - toe injury

    Just kick with the other foot
  8. wilder and lampard having a reyt arguement
  9. gazzatheowl

    Next Friday night

    It’ll be our first clean sheet and we’ll score 3.
  10. gazzatheowl

    Reach nominated

    Saturday or Sunday league?
  11. gazzatheowl


    Yes proper annoying
  12. gazzatheowl

    Dawson and Baker

    Tonight Dawson terrified me every time a cross went in, very good shop stopper but a bit of a vampire tonight.
  13. gazzatheowl

    Traning video from today

    Why was forestieri marking nuhiu, complete mismatch
  14. gazzatheowl

    Forest Away

    Spent many happy Saturday afternoons down at the McCain stadium. Gutted when Scarborough when bust, cracking stadium, cracking atmosphere especially when York came to visit and when we beat Port Vale and Southend to reach the FA cup 4th round to play Chelsea. Ground now a Lidl
  15. gazzatheowl

    football quiz 2000-2018

    number 8. played in all 3 leagues?