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Community Answers

  1. Took Essex 30 mins to wrap up victory today, utterly shambolic.
  2. 25 wickets fell on day one at Essex. The game will be over before the drinks break in the first session of day two
  3. surprised how easy it was for our defence after the first three drives. So glad Eric Stokes is eating into Kevin King’s playing time, King couldn’t cover a bed. Goff still had far too much time to throw though.
  4. it doesn’t really matter how good Rodgers plays if our defence is continually dissected by semi-competent QBs
  5. really hope it was a blip by Green Bay last week but we are so terrible in the secondary I can only see a lions win.
  6. has Djokovic had his oh poo I'm losing medical timeout
  7. That’s sports personality of the year wrapped up this year. Well done Emma Raducanu.
  8. GET IN EMMA RADUCANU. That was absolutely amazing and there is plenty more to come.
  9. That was a great set. Come on Raducanu finish this off
  10. Not only going up but going up as league one champions.
  11. Final to be shown live on channel 4. think she’ll do it but it’ll be closer than any of her other matches in the tournament.
  12. He’s the one who always gets promoted from league one but never leaves league one.
  13. Raducanu also guaranteed herself $1.25m prize money.
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