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  1. Works at Drax power station now I think.

    Could play in net
  3. 4-1 Wednesday. Millwall defenders will be told to mark the strikers, while they’re looking for them Wallace and Boyd score 2 each.
  4. Owls v hull city playoff final 2016

    Mates with a hull fan and he says he wishes we had gone up cos they weren’t ready and their owners are mental.
  5. Nuhiu

    BBC supposedly showing in game clips from fa cup tonight. So far one Yeovil lad had a shot saved and no nuhiu goal vid. edit: they just put it on but can’t view it on iPhone.
  6. nice to see a couple of young CB get a game.
  7. Sean Clare

    Hes cuptied isn’t he
  8. If wolves spend that much on one player then, stop the world I want to get off.
  9. Yesterday's penalty

    Ahh the Chris Smalling school of defending. Rag the attacker about and hope the ref ain’t paying attention.
  10. Christmas Day On Owlstalk Thread

    Got bacon flavoured gummy rashers off my brother as a wee wee take, they smell terrible and taste even worse. Need help plotting my revenge next year.
  11. Reckless tackle in the 5th minute. Sent off while receiving treatment for another reckless tackle in the 36th minute
  12. Why is kell brook playing left back for Ipswich