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  1. Jesus Christ the size of them technical areas. I’ve seen smaller five-a-side pitches
  2. Sorry I can never feel sorry for will power. Always comes across as a tail and it’s never his fault (I know this time it wasn’t.)
  3. Isn’t this the same place that ended Dario franchitti’s career
  4. First time I’ve ever seen a player flagged for offside direct from a corner
  5. For this test williamson declared at a point where all 3 results were still possible if England decided to give it a go. If buttler and stokes were playing he probably wouldn’t have declared and just batted the day out.
  6. pretty sure that was one of the options for youth team kits in the JJB catalogue when I was a kid.
  7. tbf nobody in non league can cross it high enough to reach his head.
  8. think I’ll start putting money on the opposite of what you say
  9. if it is his back, is it time to lump on Danny Martinez. Might be a bit later for him to do a tao geoghegan hart but nobody apart from Bernal has looked great in this giro.
  10. Not watches the stage nor highlights. Did Bernal lose the time or did he treat Yates with contemp with him being as far back as he was.
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