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Community Answers

  1. does this mean COD will eventually be Microsoft exclusive, if so that sucks ass
  2. Lol cowboys. Best block they had all game was Dak on the ref at the end.
  3. last second field goal in overtime to break the tie
  4. He’s going to get more game time if MK Dons are allowed to play with 12 men all the time.
  5. He must be emmental to even consider coming back.
  6. england finally bring on a half decent spinner
  7. that’s a blessing. if we can keep them under 200 we won’t get beat by an innings.
  8. If they could muster 2 1/5 days England will still lose by an innings.
  9. unlike Steve may this lad also has experience in a better league.
  10. Jets up by 4, just over 2 mins left, ball on TB 7 yard line, 4th&2 and they try a QB sneak when they have been running for fun for the rest of the game.
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