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  1. Tom Lees

    Worst player on the pitch by a country mile
  2. Tom Lees has been abysmal. Seriously shocking
  3. Amazing seeing as Lee aint even on the pitch
  4. Championship Table this morning

    We will come strong, we have been there and done it last 2 seasons so i aint worried. Fair play to utd, they are playing without fear but that will 100% change when we get to the business end. Player for player ability wise they are miles behind the big teams and this will tell towards the end.
  5. Balance = Promotion

    Selling your best players doesnt help you evolve or improve!!!!!!!!
  6. Balance = Promotion

    Sell Kieran Lee!!!!!! Are you crazy? DJ isnt good enough, SH is never fit and JB is on loan. Abdi is never fit and you are saying sell KL. That leaves us BB! I am so happy some fans are not managers!
  7. I prefer rhodes because he is more clinical. I like fletcher but he infuriates me when he tries to do fancy flicks and stuff because he isnt good enough to do them. Also his finishing with his feet is woeful. He is brilliant at holding the ball up and getting his head on crosses, if he sticks to his strengths then he is a very good forward at this level.
  8. Butterfield and Bannan

    Butterfield can tackle but can play aswell, Carlos was persisting with Jones who cant do either. Thank god he now knows that these 2 and lee is the way forward.
  9. Streams for tomorrow

    sports devil/ live sports/ vipbox.tv/ football
  10. On target v off target

    Its same old bobbar. Pass, pass, pass, wait for Jack Hunt to get up the pitch who then crosses and we dont score. Then the same happens again. Its the same tactics and move over and over again. So predictable
  11. Penalty

    I thought that was more of a pen than the lee one. Reckless challenge on fletcher
  12. Hutchinson vs Jones

    that's why we didn't get to Wembley then. What about the year before when jones wasn't even at the club!!!!!!!!!!!! Blaming a player for the reason we never got to Wembley proves you are a moron.
  13. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Jones is not the same player as he was. Looking at his CV is irrelevant. Its about how he is now and it isn't good enough. People saying he breaks up play!!!! How? I have never seen him make a tackle. He breaks up play by fouling that's about it. Hutch is streets ahead of him and I am surprised this is even a debate. PS I don't care how many promotions he has got. I will judge him in a blue and white shirt and up to now he isn't a patch on hutch!
  14. Steven Fletcher

    Best I have seen him play in a Wednesday shirt, his problem in the past is he tries to do fancy flicks and balls which he cannot do. If he sticks to what he is good at like today then he will be a right handful for defenders
  15. Wednesday 3 : 0 L**ds United OMDT

    Jones trying to stop saiz is almost comical