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  1. David Jones

    Not again Jonah Hill
  2. Jones the quiet man

    Its a forum on opinions, tail!
  3. Jones the quiet man

    I do, keeps getting done with simple 1-2,s. I am sick of midfielders go past him with ease
  4. Hooper and Fletcher

    Is your favourite film Moneyball by any chance?
  5. Jones the quiet man

    I aint a massive fan of Hutch, I just think jones is shocking
  6. Jones the quiet man

    No, I don't see what he does. He doesn't tackle, his passing is average and he cant run. What are you seeing other than stats? Fed up of people looking at stats all the time, they don't always tell the story. Like assists for a player depends on how good your striker is
  7. Jones the quiet man

    It has nothing to do with jones, he is dire and sooner hutch is back the better
  8. Fletcher keeps flipping about and losing the ball, he needs to know his abilities. Also I don't see what jones brings to the table, he doesn't even protect the back 4 as the opposition midfield just bypasses him with a simple pass or a simple 1-2, he literally runs on treacle.
  9. Daniel Pudil

    He isn't even the best left back in his house and there is only him and his grandma live there
  10. David Jones - good start to season

    I don't think he is good enough for a starting place once everybody is fit, happy to have him in the squad though as we have needed him lately. Hutch, Lee, BB all better than him but Jones is needed if any of these are injured. Almen Abdi is the one I would gladly drive to another club, HUGE disappointment!
  11. Forestieri to Fulham 12m

    I would sell for 12mil. Then spend the lot on a CB and a LB as we are getting rinsed down the left side as yesterday showed AGAIN! Fox isn't a footballer and Pudil cant play CB as Mason bullying him and out jumping him yesterday for the goal proves this. A good CB would of easily won that header and put mason on his arse while doing it. If Venancio turns out to be a good in then LB and LW but down the left needs addressing sooner rather than later.
  12. Fox is so clueless its insane and Pudil aint won a header all day. Left side is very poor!
  13. Frederico

    Put him straight in, Pudil is shocking! Had a decent game against Fulham but has been god awful every other time. Plus he is a LB!!!!!!
  14. Fessi swap deal?

    Send Abdi with him, truth be told he aint done a tap since he has been here and his injury still hasn't gone away after seeing a specialist over pre season. I judge Abdi on what he has done for us not Watford, so how people rate him so highly on here baffles me
  15. According to Dom Howson

    You are correct sir, it was Newcastle who were sniffing