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  1. Barr Grylls


    Doesnt matter what the formation is. We simply have too many players who are not up to the standard required!
  2. Barr Grylls

    Player Ratings

    Didnt notice Boyd in the 2nd half. Forgot he was still on
  3. Barr Grylls

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    If your wing backs are gonna push up they have to be decent, ours are sh**e. Palmer cant cross for sh*t and Fox is the same
  4. Barr Grylls

    Ins and outs

    I would love him to go and get Jermaine Defoe. He would still tear up the championship
  5. Barr Grylls

    Liam Palmer was magnificent today

    The worst crosser of a ball i have ever seen. Modern full backs play like wingers now and Palmer cant cross. 100% needs replacing for a new RB. His all round play has improved but his crossing is still garbage.
  6. Barr Grylls

    That Goal

    Either way Jones is at fault
  7. Barr Grylls

    That Goal

    Looks like Brunt wraps his leg around and gets a touch to me
  8. Barr Grylls

    That Goal

    David Jones fault for me. Just stands still and lets Brunt get to ball. Jones doesnt even attempt to clear it. Jones is poo so i dont expect anything else from the bloke
  9. Barr Grylls

    Still find it hard to believe

    Dont worry about it. There has been enough hear say this last few month which breeds negativity. Jos has gone, the experienced players are playing so put it to bed!
  10. Barr Grylls


    Real fans!!!!! You complete and utter moron
  11. Barr Grylls

    Serious Candidates?

    Jokanovic for me all day. If that means selling FF or any other player in january for this to happen then so be it.
  12. You have moaned about him kicking it long because it came straight back but in the same comment have said we cant string 4 passes together. Make your mind up what you want
  13. I am watching, i agree with your points that he put penney and thorniley under pressure but having a pop for him taking a free kick is laughable
  14. Having a go at him because he took the free kick!!! Clutching at straws there lad