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  1. An injured Lee or Hutch has got to be better than Joey P!!
  2. He played well, I would of liked to see him overlap more but its his debut against a prem side so its understandable
  3. The bloke refused to wear the shirt while trying to force a move. I will never forgive him for that no matter how good a player on his day. He doesn't give a flying fizz about our club. He is a bad egg and always will be if he doesn't get his way.
  4. I would rather play with 10 than start Fox. Terrible footballer who makes wrong decision after wrong decision. Isnt good enough for championship football.
  5. Has been immense this year. Will be pivotal to what we want to achieve next season. Unplayable when he is in the mood
  6. We all get carried away but Iorfa excellent!!!! Come on pal he was poor tonight, last 2 games his passing has been awful
  7. Palmer RB, Lazaar LB, Iorfa on the bench. Simples!
  8. Fox has improved but is still garbage. He is feared death and just kicks the ball anywhere. His passing is shocking. Did nobody watch him against ipswich, the little he had to do was dreadful. Reach's sitter came from an awful attempt from Fox. Bannan was bollocking him for his bad passing! Lead up to the goal was from a shocker of a pass from Fox to Hutch who was only 5 yards away. We literally didnt have to defend against Ipswich but anyone who thinks Fox played ok are deluded
  9. Our left side is atrocious with fox and boyd. So i would be happy if this comes off
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