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  1. Any fan who suggests letting Hooper go needs to seriously give their head a wobble
  2. He was on loan for a year and started playing well with 10 games left to get a permanent deal. He is doing exactly the same thing now
  3. Pudil plays well when he is due a contract. Did it last time. Pity he is poo inbetween
  4. Have a day off Carlton you ***. What he knows about how our club is run you could write on the back of a stamp. So DC chose Joey P and not Jos? fizz off Carlton or should i say Jon Snow!
  5. Wildsmith Fred Lees JVA Hunt Reach Joey Hutch Bannan Joao Rhodes
  6. Barr Grylls

    The return of BB

    Reach has done ok but apart from his engine he is nowhere near as good as Bannan. I think Reach is being overrated by people on here. He has done ok because he has played basically every game in a very poor season. With everyone fit and firing Reach doesnt make my 11. He has probably had 6-7 good games but has played 50.
  7. Barr Grylls


    https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2018/january/vote-for-your-january-player-of-the-month/ Good solid month from the players and a few contenders, i think Venancio wins it for me. A little bit of work and i think he could end up being the best CB at the club come the end of the season
  8. Barr Grylls

    Here's how Sky Sports saw the game

    Bamba a 7!!!!!!!! Joao ripped him a new one all game
  9. Barr Grylls


    Along with Fox and Jones he has been our worst player this season for me. Super slow on the ball and reckless in the tackle, Its time to move on for Glenn.
  10. Was just wondering what people would prefer, Jos to bring his own man in or keep Bullen as assistant.
  11. Barr Grylls

    Jos Luhukay - POLL

    I would rather give a young hungry manager a chance but if its this guy then so be it, i will back him.
  12. Barr Grylls

    Jos Luhukay

    Has El Chapo escaped again
  13. Would love Slav, my 1st choice
  14. Barr Grylls

    Bullen's resignation speech?

    Exactly, so the players aint playing for him!
  15. Barr Grylls

    Bullen's resignation speech?

    Bullen has showed he is tactically inept and not ready. You would think his plus points would be motivation but he has proved over the last 2 games he cant do that either. If he cant motivate and is tactically inept (owls legend or not) then why is he here