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  1. Have the club been paying all staff through lockdown? Even though it didn't need too. Why would they if they're skint??
  2. Should there be a cut off for wearing replica kits? Age or size? Theres a fella near me who wears his Grimsby home shirt and pink away shorts all the time! He's mid 30's and 18 ish stone. Looks wrong.
  3. This is a good point he can play in meaningful games without the pressure of fans on his or the team's back. Got to be worth a chance.
  4. I think the first signing will tell us a lot about if the club is changing direction. If it's a journeyman after one last bug payout, or a young, hungry up and coming player? Important few weeks on and off the pitch.
  5. Just looked at the league table Bundesliga 3 and 1860 Munich are down there too, crazy.
  6. Its mad. I've seen he was touted as one of the best youth players, even at one point better than George Best. 10 goals in 15 games for his country. WTF
  7. Never heard of Colin Walker. Just googled him, he did not play many games. His 3rd highest performance number was New Zealand national side with 15 caps!!
  8. I think it shows the mentality of the club. Those of us hoping for a complete fresh start with new dynamic players should take a reality check. It's going to be tough. I am sure hes a nice popular player, but as a footballer not up to scratch. We will have a smaller squad next year so we do need players of decent quality.
  9. I've heard each season ticket holder receives a piece of Cakeball. With over half of Cakeball still available, everyone should receive a nice chunk to share with other season ticket holders or members.
  10. What's going to happen with F.A cup final? Will it be at Wembley? Imagine your team winning that and not being able to experience it
  11. I love the retro Bukta stuff. Are Bukta still around?
  12. It's a survey to gage the current feeling of fans. All questions are valid, in my opinion.
  13. Problem is do you trust the people in charge to recruit correctly? I don't.
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