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  1. With relegation all but confirmed, what does the club do about planning for League 1? With 12 players or so out of contract and with not much chance of them staying, should the management team pick players (if any are good enough) who will play next season. Maybe one or two of the U21's? Tough call to put them into a team that used to losing though.
  2. https://www.cityam.com/right-to-dream-founder-tom-vernon-to-explore-buying-british-football-club-after-securing-e100m-investment-for-pioneering-project/ Listening to Talksport thus afternoon. They interviewed this guy, very interesting listen and how his model works. He wants to become involved with an English club. Probably not possible due to our circumstances bit who knows.
  3. I want players we've never heard of with no fear or thoughts in their head that we are "massive"
  4. So why is he still getting a game?
  5. Chances of us and Blunts being relegated on same weekend?
  6. People are saying we need to spend next year. I don't think so. Barnsley have spent nothing but their model has a chance to work, unlike ours.
  7. Yeah I used to live near the ground. I find it bizarre that the oldest club in the best sport in the world play behind a pub. They should have a proper ground and use their status to bring people into the city. Maybe a museum?
  8. A friend of mine has just shared this. He has become a member of Sheffield F.C for £30. He gets some nice stuff and helps try to finally make the club bigger. I understand they are going through the process of trying build their own stadium (4,000 capacity). Nice to see a local club possibly on the up.
  9. It is clear these players are not up for the fight and they won't be in League 1. Some big clubs down there but we will be the team they all want to beat. What needs to happen is a total shift in how we recruit. Let DM bring his own players in, invest in young hungry players we can sell on for profit. Stop paying wages we can't afford to players that don't care. These changes of course will not happen because of who's in charge of this sh**show.
  10. Last few games has shown the players up for what they are. Opportunity to get some points against relegation rivals and we lose 5 on the bounce. I dont care if theres been a wage issue, it's a feckin disgrace. I'm done
  11. Don't want to put a legend like him through it. Needs to stay as far away as possible, too toxic.
  12. Jesus its depressing reading. I wonder how many teams in the champ have such a little amount from selling on? Only one is Joao. At the time it felt like good business but I imagine his value has at least doubled £15 million??
  13. I agree boycotting the matches and putting any more money into his pockets would be the best way to show them fans are serious with their concerns. The big problem is though, it could mean the club not existing. It feels like we're stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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