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  1. They were there with their kids Liam got kids an ice cream and his Mrs blabbed to them
  2. Just been out with family to a well known I've cream shop near Redford and Liam Palmer walks in with family. I heard his Mrs telling friends " He has been let down by the club and Bolton have promised him first choice right back but we need to think about the travel."
  3. TINGLE75

    How far behind are we?

    Well to get near top six I don't think it would take loads of money. Look at Millwall, Preston and The Pigs. 3 of the smallest budgets but up there challenging.
  4. TINGLE75

    How far behind are we?

    I'm not so sure team needed freshening up this season. No pace at all
  5. Fulham are probably 1 of 3 or 4 decent teams in an otherwise mediocre league. So what are people's thoughts on how far away we are and what is needed to compete again next season?
  6. I agree some hungry lower league players. There's plenty of talent out there just needs scouting. We need legs to up the pace. Too predictable and slow allowing opp to get their shapes back.
  7. I've always loved the exctement you get from watching a wide variety of sports but with Wednesday being dire and depressing and the ashes even more so, I'm really off all sports. How can I fill my time?
  8. TINGLE75

    Paul Hurst

    When I played for Young Owls we nabbed him from Throstles and he took my place. So I hate the bloke. I reckon he's in the same mould as Wilder so a yes from me.
  9. TINGLE75


    The amount of people who get there and their mixed up on here, I can be let off.
  10. TINGLE75


    Our scouting network must be shot or are we just using this Doyen sports we keep hearing about
  11. TINGLE75


    My point is if we know it why don't the idiots in charge
  12. That has been a massive problem this season. 1. A beast in centre mid 2. A solid centre half. 3. At least 1 pacey winger. 4. A pacey forward, in the Jamie Vardy mould These have been needed for 2 seasons it's not rocket science.
  13. TINGLE75

    Oh dear

    Problem we have because of poor recruitement I don't see much changing when Carlos goes. Said before no pace in team at all. It was disgaceful to watch when the lump came on.
  14. TINGLE75

    HE was at Hillsborough today

    You have to be kidding! Some fans act like we owe him. He was shuffle!!!!
  15. When Nuhiu scored late last night I would normally have been delighted and gone to sleep happy. I think for first time ever my reaction was " oh ok". I'e