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  1. How long before the season starts? 2 weeks and were still no nearer finding our next manager. It is looking like either someone already here (Bullen). Or an out of work journeyman (Pulls, Coleman e.t.c). None of these fill me with optimism going into the season but I can't see much alternative. Thoughts?
  2. You mean like Wilder? I think we need someone who knows the pyramid and can find the odd bargain from lower down. Plus his career to date has been promotion and more promotions.
  3. Just watching Four in a bed and one of the hosts is the former player. Just wondered how good is was for us. All I know is that he's in the European tour song.
  4. This is the only way through this mess as far as I can tell. Most other clubs sell their assets when at their peak or when good offers come in for players, Brentford, Leeds and United. As far as I can remember we have only sold Jack Hunt for money in years. We need to change as a club and look as reliable assets to survive.
  5. Yeah good job I'm not a proper fan. I expected Michelin star cuisine.
  6. Auto correct sorry about that one.
  7. I went to the Luton game yesterday. First game for a couple of seasons. Some might say my opinion means nothing as I hardly go. I loved it and miss it but due to family commitments and of course the much maligned financial side of match days that is why it's been such a long wait. As for the game I thought we played some decent stuff but it's clear we miss pace and penetration where it counts. I think we look to Banner far to much and other players need to step up and share the load with the creative side. Off the pitch, well my mate who was there with his son went to buy some much needed refreshments. He came back fuming with the wait, the service and the terrible product. Stale bread and cold hot dog- £4. He took it back and got his money back. I just thought sometimes it's the little things that make the difference to people like me coming back or staying away for a long time.
  8. That's ridiculous. I would not pay that for a full one
  9. I cannot believe that people actually believe he is the answer. I just remember watching sh#te football during his time which was a while ago. Has he even worked since???
  10. If we do get rid of Jos? Could Warburton be a shout for next manager? Had good credentials when at Brentford which was not long ago and he turned them into a team based on good scouting, which I think is vital for us. Or do we just go on his Rangers and Forest achievements?
  11. The problem with playing this way is it only works if we get results. Once they go pear shaped fans quite rightly get very pi$$ed off.
  12. They were there with their kids Liam got kids an ice cream and his Mrs blabbed to them
  13. Just been out with family to a well known I've cream shop near Redford and Liam Palmer walks in with family. I heard his Mrs telling friends " He has been let down by the club and Bolton have promised him first choice right back but we need to think about the travel."
  14. Well to get near top six I don't think it would take loads of money. Look at Millwall, Preston and The Pigs. 3 of the smallest budgets but up there challenging.
  15. I'm not so sure team needed freshening up this season. No pace at all
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