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  1. Not as bad as people saying nothink or somerhink. I hear it all the time, I really get how it's acceptable.
  2. I don't think they will appoint anyone yet, or sign any players. The new lockdown makes everyone to do with football think what's around the corner?? Will we even finish the season?
  3. Always called into sweet shop, next to Bamford baps? Summer and spring was generally bon-bons various flavours. Colder weather was cold cubes or cherry menthol sweets.
  4. Sorry if it's been covered (haven't got time to look through 55 pages), I really dont get him going on about Pulis so much and how bad the football was. It shows a total lack of knowledge about football. Everyone knows about Pulis and how his teams play! Worrying who he will through it to next.
  5. How can we bring players in if they can't pay our current personnel their wages. No teams going to buy any of these bunch of so called professional footballers. So we can't move them on. Were stuck with this sh*t show.
  6. Might be somewhere else but what's the points for this year? Must be one of the worst in our history??
  7. This is us I fear. Theres a certain inevitability about it. The players are so clueless and look from the outside not to care. I hope I am wrong but it feels like something terrible is around the corner. I mean long term bad.
  8. Yeah we should but with this fella in charge, young exciting players will not be on the agenda.
  9. I don't think there will be as many as we think or hope. With the rumblings coming out about unpaid wages, it would be difficult to attract many. Maybe free agents will be the way.
  10. Some fans need to take their Wednesday glasses off if they dont think that's a red card. Shocking challenge.
  11. It is Jurassic. Now more than ever it's not enough just to do enough to get by. We need some entertainment, fans demand it because of the high prices we fans pay. The thought if this guy managing us a d coaching our players old and young scares me. It could set our club back even further than we are. The argument that we need him to get us out of this mess does not sit well. We are not cut adrift from everyone else so chances of staying up are better than 2 weeks back.
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