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  1. I don't think the Chairman will put any more money in. I think the novelty might have worn off for him.
  2. Between us, Rotherham and Wycombe for bottom place. Not got any confidence in the club to change my view that we are in deep doo dah.
  3. Is this seriously our only option? Bringing in a player that has had many chances in the past. Of course it all depends on wages we are willing to pay but someone like Leon Clarke would be a better option. Despite recent history with United.
  4. A friend of my mums has/had Pele's Santos shirt from the game on their wall.
  5. Squad has got experience, it's a tough one.
  6. We have gone for experience and an old head. This is why we are in this mess. I'm sick of players coming for one last pay day. What's wrong with young confident players wanting to make a name for himself???
  7. I can't see much money flying around at our level to be honest. With the current climate I think clubs will fight out for best loans, released players or freebies
  8. I'd love to know where the club are looking for new players. Are we looking at academy cast offs? Lower league prospects? Or cheaper overseas unknowns? Going on the 2 signings we have already made, I'm guessing it's the 1st. An interesting few weeks I hope.
  9. Yeah I'd rather have a player who does sod all else but creates and scores goals. Not sure how many ar around and at what price. Unless of course someone can spot a up and coming one, a bit like Bristol City used to do a few years back.
  10. I just made the observation that rumours seem to come from whoever Chansiri jnr follows on Instagram is our next signing and this has started the next signing debate
  11. Sorry if it's been covered but going on current transfer info, I.e Att Chansiri Instagram! Is he the next signing??
  12. It is a great opportunity for the club to change how it does things. The owner has lost the fans and choosing a decent manager in charge of their own recruitment would be a positive for him and us, but sadly I agree with you, I just can't see it happening
  13. Too much invested now I'm afraid. Ofcourse he also owns our only asset which is the ground. It feels like hes got us by the balls. I really fear for our future. I don't want to think we could be the next Bolton or Pompey but it's very possible.
  14. Mike Hunt just been released from Spurs, has anyone seen Mike Hunt??
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