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  1. Joao - It's Time

    Yeah got to be ahead of the lump surely.
  2. Patience.

    Loovens legs are going. Out of the 2 centre halves I expect the Dutch lad to push for starts
  3. Patience.

    What ever?
  4. Patience.

    Fans need be patient with these new players. They all look like they could all add some quality. We have been crying out for a footballing centre half and now we have 2. They're not going to be blood and guts player like Lee Bullen. So will fans show some patience?
  5. Joost Van Aken Signs - OFFICIAL

    I really hope we give this lad a chance. I don't think he will be a Bullen type more the Woodgate type centre half. So should link defence better to midfield.
  6. Jordan Mutch

    Is going on loan to a championship club. Could it be us? Local boy but is he the type we want?
  7. Where is the rest of this video? Simply,Simply lovely
  8. Every game seems to be a flip of a coin result as to if we win, lose or draw. When was the last time we had a comfortable win? Norwich? Is it down to how we play?
  9. Just been watching Everton and a player called Kovecevic came on for Hadjuk Split. So as you do I watched some youtube footage of Darko banging them in for Sociedad and Juventus. Not like us to waste striker talent.
  10. It will be tough this year. Rivals stronger. Whereas we basically have had the same team for 2 years now.
  11. FF to Brighton

    Agreed game changer. One of were one in the whole squad
  12. If it is true then wouldn't he be perfect for us? Great delivery, works hard. I guess Derby, Wolves or Fulham then.
  13. Progression

    Looking at some of our rivals start to the season and it got me thinking about how much progress we have made? Our team is basically the same team which lost to Hull in the disappointing play-off final. Looking around at other teams recruitement, they have all improved their playing staff, either by selling of assets then re-spending the money on players (Derby). Or spending new money from new investors (Wolves). Are we expecting too much from this team? Can a team be together too long and become stale?
  14. Djourou deal back on ?

    I agree with this. I think "regressed" is a good way to describe us at the moment. Especially compared to the positivity of the pigs.
  15. Pace!!!

    It has been missing for a while. Why has this not been addressed? All the way back to the Hull play off final match.