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  1. Heard summet

    I've heard pigs have spent no money but can stay put a better team out th an us.
  2. Bring Him Home

    Doing well as assistant to Poolis
  3. Simon Coleman

    Our lass knows him. He's a PE teacher near Worksop I believe. Also a wee pipe.
  4. Is CC the championship version of Arsene Wenger? Only way he will go is if he walks.
  5. The fans confidence is low because of the team.
  6. United

    Actually Wilder is a good bloke. So good on him. Heard him on talk sport yesterday he spoke very well.
  7. No more wavering. It is time.

    Hell No!!!!!!!
  8. New Sheffield Wednesday Home Shirt

    I saw loads of people wearing the away shirt yesterday. They were also pushing around flat packs and serving meatballs.
  9. Joao - It's Time

    Yeah got to be ahead of the lump surely.
  10. Patience.

    Loovens legs are going. Out of the 2 centre halves I expect the Dutch lad to push for starts
  11. Patience.

    What ever?
  12. Patience.

    Fans need be patient with these new players. They all look like they could all add some quality. We have been crying out for a footballing centre half and now we have 2. They're not going to be blood and guts player like Lee Bullen. So will fans show some patience?
  13. I really hope we give this lad a chance. I don't think he will be a Bullen type more the Woodgate type centre half. So should link defence better to midfield.
  14. Is going on loan to a championship club. Could it be us? Local boy but is he the type we want?