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  1. Heads are doing , players look deflated. Something is wrong! Could it be the good old wage problems again???
  2. As dire as it is, we have to get our head's out of our arses and realise we are an average league 1 team. Oxford are better than us fact. Is it down to tge players being poor? Or Moore being tactically inept? The players look stifled and scared!!
  3. I was thinking same this morning. Such a strange situation. Weeks ago I was dreading it and couldn't care less but now the mood has flipped and DM has totally changed the fans opinions and got us feeling positive.
  4. I don't get him playing at all. Slows play down and offers nothing for me. Hopefully tge Wolves comes comes good.
  5. Centre mid who controls game, in the mould of Guadiola, Bakero or Iniesta. As for Wednesday player closest was Shez looked like he was 5 passes ahead of everyone else pure class
  6. Watched highlights from other night. He looks like he is just really enjoying football at the moment. Some might suggest it's because he wants a move but I think it's because he's happy in life, with family and stuff. There's a lot to be said for being happy and not always money based.
  7. Yeah the gaps to big between midfield and forwards. It's a thankless task for anyone up front. BB needs to stop going next to centre halves and play more forward, far too deep to affect play. Early days though but he needs to trust others more.
  8. His family is from Jordan Thorpe, estate next to where I grew up. Doesn't matter of his family are Wednesday or Pigs, he's a local boy.
  9. Wing will be massive fir us. We need to address the forward issue though and of course all about how many injuries we get.
  10. I don't understand Patterson at all. First time watching him close up, poor for me. Looked for trouble most of the time, hardly won a header and f all pace. We need better.
  11. Obvious from watching today is a striker, my god Patterson is so bad up there, especially on his own. More pace and a mobile forward is a must this week!!! Hopefully
  12. Enjoyed the game. Some definite pluses, Iorfa coming back. I thought Hutch was immense and Wing looks a class above and will be very important but our pack of chances created is alarming. Patterson up front is horrific and wide areas we didn't offer much. Oh keeper did well too.
  13. Was going to say, does not seem like a Moore signing!!
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