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  1. Imre Varadi

    Graham Pugh - Please help

    There is a Graham Pugh on Facebook...looks like him.
  2. Imre Varadi

    who attended this game

    Yes,on the kop...in last year at school but still had to get permission....poor game though.
  3. Being at Notts County and seeing Scanlon score a 2 min 45 secs hat-trick against us...we drew 3-3
  4. Imre Varadi

    Morgan Fox

    Craig Armstrong
  5. Sure i remember him playing at least once.
  6. Imre Varadi


    Just a rumour at the moment though.
  7. Imre Varadi


    The only rumour i've heard,is that Andy Rhodes is on his way out.
  8. Imre Varadi

    whats your memories of this guy

    That tackle from Souness! Bet Siggi thought he'd been hit by a freight train!! Horrendous challenge!
  9. I'm trying to think of any full back we've had in recent times,that allows the winger to get crosses into the box,as much as Jack Hunt does.Most of the time he's nowhere near the player.
  10. Yeah...we saw lots of fight against the pigs..Jeeeez!!! Probably my most embarrassing game ever!!
  11. Imre Varadi

    Okay, so, who next?

    Dean Smith