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  1. Peter Shilton...sure i saw him play for us in a testimonial game.
  2. Emmanuel Dieseruvwe is on the bench for Salford tonight...as is George Boyd.
  3. That first season under Wilko...jeeez...they were so fit and mobile...absolutely crushing teams!! Megson and Shelton worked their socks off
  4. Good post mate...i agree...I'd have liked Ryan Lowe but in reality it was never gonna happen.We've taken chances in the past with Danny Wilson and look where that got us...relegated!! But the club's in a pretty dangerous state at the moment,with practically every player playing well below their best and with little confidence going forward...hopefully someone can get em firing again.
  5. What is hoofball? If hoofball was what Howard Wilkinsons team played....then bring it on!! They were my favourite few years,all this passing it sideways in midfield does nothing for me.I like to see the ball in the oppositions area,creating chances,forwards winning the ball and laying it off. Bullying teams is what i enjoy and we've not seen that for a longtime. When Wilko took over i think we went the first 18 games unbeaten,it was great stuff,we were making tons of chances every game. I just don't get football today,goalkeepers throwing the ball to a defender 6 yards away,who's got a forward
  6. Another rumour...but a guy i know,knows the mother of one of the staff,and the first thing she said to him was...i told you we'd get off the charge...also we are seeking compensation. I bloody hope it's all true.
  7. What a strike that was at the Lep from practically on the by line
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