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  1. GoldGigsChris

    Tonight’s official attendance

    ST numbers are counted whether they turn up on a Friday night or not. I'm not sure why they announce a figure anymore.
  2. GoldGigsChris

    Sheffield, city of students

    Take a leaf out of night club's - let the cute girls in free and the lads will soon follow
  3. GoldGigsChris


    He only touched the ball once in the first 15 minutes he played today - similar to Wednesday night. The two goals more than made up for that today, but cost us on Wednesday. He needs to get a foot in when we're not in possession.
  4. GoldGigsChris

    Man City at home 2002...

    My cousin came across from Manchester for that game and sat on the north stand with other family friends. God knows how he sat on his hands through 6 goals.
  5. GoldGigsChris


    Decision making, going for the wrong balls, flapping, short balls out (probably Jos's suggestion), etc. I'm sure you can see he didn't have a great game, but he's a real assett for the future. It's not what he did wrong tonight,, but what he's done right recently.
  6. GoldGigsChris


    He's a young lad that needs some encouragement. He didn't have a good game, but cut him some slack and allow him to mature.
  7. GoldGigsChris

    It’s coming

    We need to pin him down to a contract ASAP before the price goes up.
  8. GoldGigsChris

    The goal

    Still can't believe Reach had the gall to do that from there. Don't think I've screaming that loud since Cardiff.
  9. GoldGigsChris

    Bannan misses Boro game

    Wasted my time opening this thread. I thought it said "Bannan's Missus Boro Game" and was hoping for pics.
  10. GoldGigsChris

    Gary Cahill Linked

    I know Jos has looked to our youth system to bolster the first team, but I didn't think he'd be looking at players that were in there 20 years ago.
  11. GoldGigsChris

    Sean Clare Signing for

    What you on about? One of our kids has just signed for Leicester in the Prem.
  12. GoldGigsChris

    Sean Clare Signing for

    It's good news this. Hopefully some of our other youngsters will see what's happened here and snatch our hands off for a contract at Hillsborough. The grass isn't always greener. Better the devil you know, etc.
  13. GoldGigsChris

    Big Screen Replays

    I was pleased to see them pointing out some contentious moves. The screen clearly showed their goal to suggest to the ref that it was off-side - whether it was or not.... I know we're not meant to use it in our favour but if we can get away with it, the screen almost pays for itself.
  14. GoldGigsChris

    The North West Corner

    Ahh OK. Didn't know that. Cheers.
  15. GoldGigsChris

    The North West Corner

    Why would we (Chansiri) spend loadsa money filling in that corner when we're close to an embargo? If it can't be used, just leave it until we can afford it.