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  1. Not that many wear the last two shirts at matches, never mind when shopping in town. I'm sure it'll change when the traditional (no history lessons required) stripes come back - hopefully in a few weeks.
  2. GoldGigsChris


    Your maths probably isn't too far off depending on how you count the hours he works
  3. According to Swansea forum, Carlos's contract ends at the end of this season, so we're unlikely to see him at Hillsborough next season.
  4. GoldGigsChris

    Daily star today

    Please tell me that United haven't got a sell on clause for McGuire.
  5. GoldGigsChris

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    Is it really worth bothering having an academy? SWFC pays good money in pay, accommodation, facilities, coaches, physio's, etc. with little return. When a couple of prospects do come along their only interested is the pay from being a Prem U23, irrespective of any chance of actually playing competitive football, and we get a token "compensation" payment in return for 10 years of investment. If the Prem want a steady feed of new recruits they should be made to pay for it.
  6. GoldGigsChris

    So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    Or stick with a crock. He's failed his interview for me. It's time for a proven manager, not one of DCs unknown high odds gambles.
  7. GoldGigsChris

    So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    He's not a motivator, he struggles to change a game and his marquee signing of JoeyP hasn't filled me with the confidence that he's fit to look after a pivotal pre-season full of new signings. Let's not make the same mistake we did with Carlos and leave it until all the money's been wasted and we're on a downwards slope.
  8. GoldGigsChris

    hirst to united

    In the millionaire teen footballer generation, no club can afford to retain a player who believes he's worthy of the big time. The financial maths are stacked against us whatever we do here. PS. I get sick of "United" [in the thread title and elsewhere] relating to Man Utd exclusively, when there's loadsa soiled united's across the UK.
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    Good on ya Kivo. Enjoy. Take it all in. Having read your posts for many a year, I'm sure your'll fully appreciate the experience.
  10. £3.24 a pint for bottled beer I thought Jaipur was expensive, but it's cheaper than this - Thornbridge sell 12 bottles (330ml) of Jaipur for £21.66
  11. I love that the Treasurer (on the right) has an affluent belly and a fat cigar
  12. I saw Jos driving (slowly) up Penistone Road at 1:50 a few matches ago. I thought he'd be there , meeting with the coaches, the medical team and talking to players well before then. I bet the team was announced before he was in the ground. Strange.
  13. I'm looking forward to him explaining why we didn't get promoted this season. He promised to elaborate at the end of the season.
  14. Was that Todd Carty at the start/bottom of the vid? Maybe Tricky Dickie wasn't the only Eastender Wednesdayite.