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  1. GoldGigsChris


    Better technically second half, but Robs still not explaing whats actually happening I'm finding myself trying to listen to the commentator next to him who seems to be constantly commentating with the actual play.
  2. GoldGigsChris

    I follow it’s a scam

    As a well supported club, the bandwidth demands will exceed mant of the clubs they serve. it won't help their servers when wednesdayites can ONLY hear the match through them too. Not fit for purpose.
  3. GoldGigsChris


    Loud bleep then silence then "sorry we're experiencin tech difficulties'. I've missed more of the game than heard and when it is working Rob commentates as if your watching in tv - I'm not that's why I'm paying this garbage
  4. GoldGigsChris

    Joao Injury?

    I'd go a step further. If they're out injured long term, they should do the corporate meet and greets, visit schools and SCH. If I was in their shoes, I'd want to contribute something for the massive wage.
  5. GoldGigsChris

    Lucas Joao

    He managed to RUN across catchbar lane from the car park well enough before the match.
  6. GoldGigsChris

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    The sides of the North were no where near as full as usual. The pre-match traffic was easier, the numbers on the South stand concourse were down and the drive home was was 30 minutes shorter than usual. They count the season ticket holders in the attendance, whether they turn up or not. My guess is 20 to 21k max today.
  7. GoldGigsChris

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    No way was there 23k there today. Presumably 4000 season ticket holders are still away on holiday and maybe 1000 POTG. Uninspiring pre-season has killed the expectations.
  8. Is there something in KWs contract that's putting DC off? Seasons played in bonus? Play XX games bonus?? Pay increase on XX games? (This could be impossible for DC under P&S) For whatever reason it's obvious that Jos's been told that he can't be included.
  9. GoldGigsChris

    Sheffield Wednesday Beer

    If SWFC were in 'collaboration', it'd be far more expensive. The 4.0% Wednesday Pale Ale, brewed by Thornbridge, is even more expensive than they flagship 5.9% Jaipur. https://www.thornbridgebrewery.co.uk/product.php?s=jaipur https://www.thornbridgebrewery.co.uk/product.php?s=WednesdayCase
  10. I don't know if he is unfit or has another issue that's stopping his football career, but the millionaire footballer life, gorgeous missus and everything money can pay for doesn't seem to be helping him step back on the pitch. Maybe he needs to retire and move back to Switzerland, to spend more time with his old school mates and family.
  11. How about free exec box for their family
  12. GoldGigsChris

    FAO Three Year Season Ticket Holders

    My 3 year ST finishes at the end of this next season. At the time of purchase, promotion looked likely. I paid up-front on the gamble of making a massive saving over a couple of years of Prem STs. I'm sure I'll buy a season ticket next season irrespective of results, but would only consider another long term investment if promotion was on the cards and the price was good. I'm lucky to be a position to consider multi-year STs, but it does seem a little unfair that only the wealthy have the opportunity to pay less (over the three years) - I guess that's life.
  13. GoldGigsChris

    New signings?

    I recognise Ulrika Johnson and John Taylor from Duran Duran (top-right), but who's the rest?
  14. GoldGigsChris

    Request to #SWFC about the kits online

    Belly size as well as chest size would be useful
  15. GoldGigsChris

    Nando & Johnny Compilation

    Excellent Johnny's worth whatever he gets paid just to keep Nando happy