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  1. Yep, I'm still waiting for my 19/20 refund. In fact, I think I'm due a refund from Dave Allen for the Premiership Return ST for false description of goods.
  2. If he means truly self-sustainable, ie. self-financing without any input from a chairman, then we're not going to achieve that. How many clubs do? The ST money will pay for the rent on the ground and that's about it. What about player wages, staff wages, buying players, etc. We'd need to abandon Hillsborough and go down a few leagues before the fans would pay for all the clubs running costs.
  3. Maybe they've just used those seats to replace broken seats in the rest of the ground OR Sky Sports are so excited about showing the Wednesday next season that they're building a massive studio there
  4. I don't think of the average Owlstalker as a Nazi, and very rarely seen anything racist on these pages - maybe admins see a lot more? If the sway of opinion is to make identities transparent, you've got the data Neil, why not rename all user names to real names?
  5. Is there an irony in people, who use pseudonyms, calling for real names to be used on social media, or is it me?
  6. Uninspiring stuff. First team look like the losers from last season, and our subs are no where near as good as Celtics kids. If we lose Windass, Borner and Bannan, we've got a massive job to do.
  7. The South Stand would shake to the foundations if this was played over the PA
  8. How many of these will still be here for the first game? Rumour that Dean Windass has said that Josh won't play for us again. Rumour that Palmer and others are looking at legal ways to leave the club, due to non-payment of pay. If Iorfa is fit, will he be leaving? What will be the quality of new recruits, when they know players haven't been paid? - About the same as recruiting with a 12 point deduction? It's a no from me - would settle for mid-table.
  9. Is DC refusing to sell another player that doesn't want to play for us again? Has the guy learnt nothing?
  10. Can Chansiri add my 2019-20 refund to the League 1 discount from my 2020-21 ST together to give me a 2021-22 League Two ST for "free"?
  11. Has SWFC stopped the refunds now? Not heard of anyone having a call for ages.
  12. Anyone on here live in Thailand and able to doorstep Chansiri? We need to find out what's going on and what the plans are.
  13. Lee Strafford publish theories about signing injury prone players on here a few years ago. IIRC, the players agent and the club recruiter could make it financially beneficial for them, if they hire an injured/injury prone player. Whether these kind of dodgy deals are going on at SWFC is anyones guess, but you do have to wonder how we recruitment so badly, so often. Who does the medical assessment before we sign them, and does DC get to see the report before sanctioning the move?
  14. Without ST refunds, most have effectively already bought a ST for next year, so it's be 20k again.
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