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  1. Any idea how long ST seats are reserved for? I can afford to pay now but this just isn't fair for struggling families. I have a cousin whose a Liverpool ST holder and they pay for theirs around June or July, just before the season starts. 8 months before is ridiculous. If it stops DC pushing the early bird date earlier and earlier each year, and helps supports others, I'm happy to pay the higher price in six months time, but need to ensure that I don't lose my seat, with SWFC friends. Are seats only reserved during the early bird period or until the start of the season?
  2. We had far fewer injuries in our Wembley year under Carlos. Did we do well that year due to lack of injuries, or did we have few injuries because we were playing well?
  3. Another great OMDT Snoots I predict Evans will re-tuck his shirt in 5 times. Massive 3 - 0 Humongous Song for the day: Come to see the cake ball...
  4. How many Yorkshire men would pay £13 for footie food? If it was a fiver, maybe.
  5. Owlstalky Sleaze. Surely Stubbs gets paid enough without having to lobby us on behalf of Papa John's Pizza. How much have they paid him? Does he get a seat with the Lords for tonight on the South Stand?
  6. Excellent MDT mi'lord. Proper belly laughs. It kind of reminds my another situation, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I don't know if it'll be 4-1, 1-4 and that's just our formation.
  7. Errr yeh, no. We'll get the 20 coaches together and watch the video back to analyse it.
  8. Haven't countless managers blamed the training ground pitches for decades? BUT we had the training ground pitches ripped up and built from scratch a couple of seasons ago Are the pitches still bad, or is this just a managers default excuse for pushing players beyond limits?
  9. We need a captain that can raise spirits and work rate when we concede - not put his head down.
  10. I'm really infuriated after that match. Does anyone know what our game plan is? (including the players) Patterson asked our bench what formation we were playing for about 5 minutes, after a substitution. Out of possession, we even had a back SIX at one point, even though the ball was 50yards away. On the break, we looked like kids all running towards the ball in the playground. When Radio Sheffield asked about the game, DM seemed vague and said that he and his team would have to analyise it - If he knows what his plan is and it didn't work, then he should know what the problems were. Not good enough. We hit the post and bar, had two penalty shouts, and we still deserved to lose that one. Not good enough and something has to change, quick.
  11. Some say Ghoul Guy scared Hutch so much his hair turned white
  12. Is Giddings going to describe what's happening in the game, or do we have to guess?
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