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  1. As no fans will be able to attend games irrespective of what country they live in, are UK fans going to get 46 games for £140 OR, are they going to charge us £10/game like before? I'd say the £140 is good value for money.
  2. I expect all ST holders will get iFollow video, so I've emailed [email protected] to cancel my audio subscription - no point paying for both.
  3. Opportunity to build a team for promotion, and typical for Wednesday, we're now looking for players to get us out of League 1
  4. Will Fulham rest players for the playoffs, or push for a mathematically possible automatic spot?
  5. I've just got in and they're showing the match. Not sure why you're seeing this.
  6. I logged in an hour ago. Sat in front of a black screen, so just refreshed browser and it's logged me out.
  7. If you pay per game, you can get these two for £9.99 from Now TV, along with any other Sky Sport programmes on that day.
  8. As someone mentioned, Derby are offering iFollow video to all supporters at £10/game. Will SWFC also offer each game at £10? If SWFC does offer this, and only 7 games are available for video, it would actually be cheaper for a South Stand ST holder to get the full refund and pay per game. ...and only 10p/game more if all 9 games are on video.
  9. How come I'll be paying £9.90 per match for the video, but a Kop ST holder will only pay £5.43? (on top of the iFollow audio subscription, I've already paid for) Kop: £5.43/match (((455/23) * 5) - 50) / 9 North: £7.85 (((555/23) * 5) - 50) / 9 Grandstand: £7.85 (((555/23) * 5) - 50) / 9 South = £9.90 (((640/23) * 5) - 50) / 9 Why couldn't they just give a full refund and offer the video at £7/match for everyone?
  10. It looks that way. For anyone else that's hunted round the swfc.co.uk site and the redundant hyperlinks, you need to log into the new ticket site, which has a page (https://tickets.swfc.co.uk/en-gb/categories/season ticket options) which just shows "No Events" - no introduction, no option details, no iFollow video pricing, etc. The iFollow subsriptions page (https://www.swfc.co.uk/ifollow/subscribe/#MatchPassAvailability) shows that I have my standard audio feed, so they've haven't just setup all season ticket holders up for the video feed. They need to get on to this quickly and hope the new ticket site has good bandwidth for 20,000+ people choosing an option in a short time.
  11. Has SWFC decided on a refund/options yet or are they just watching Owlstalk to see how best to minimise refund costs?
  12. Why don't the club post these on iFollow? - a service that they're charging me for
  13. I wonder if they've all been following personal training and diet plans over the last two months.
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