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  1. I'm glad I don't live on Vere Road. Away fans will block it/charge down it at home supporter returning to their cars, with no escape.
  2. Yep, we need Bully around... to help the next manager find somewhere to live
  3. Not so. I'm listening over the internet - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/live:bbc_radio_sheffield
  4. No need for iFollow today - Radio Sheffield commentary is still online.
  5. If Dom Howson knew all this, why did he wait for Jos to be sacked before writing about it? It would be nice for journalists to inform us, rather than reflect with hindsight.
  6. This iFollow commentary service is garbage again. It's cut out 4 times already.
  7. His pronunciation of tail-tone Road was amusing Damn swear filter - (Penistone Road)
  8. Despite the dodgy line-up, don't worry guys. I'm not able to get to the match tonight, so sods law says we're gonna win 5-0.
  9. It's my own thought - I've made it clear that I don't know it as a fact - just my point of view. If you say that you think we'll win the next game is that you just making it up - no it's your point of view.
  10. Not making owt up. Not stating it's a fact. I said "I think DC is expecting 15 point deduction". I do think that. Why else would DC state at a fans forum that we need to go up this season or we're going to be in big trouble? Indications are that the FA is moving away from fines for FFP and towards 15 point deductions. Is any point of view other than yours just fake news?
  11. We've heard the need for promotion this season. I think DC is expecting a 15 point deductions for breaking FFP. If correct, we need to be at least 15 points above relegation. We need to change the manager now before it's too late.
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