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  1. I reckon Watford and Abdi knew his legs were starting to fail when they sold him. Best case scenario for Watford was to get some cash for him and get him off the wage bill. Best for AA was to get a long contract on good money. Win-win for them. I did wonder why a player who was playing in the prem would move to us at the time. We've had our pants down again.
  2. If Carlos isn't removed this weekend

    If DC doesn't sack CC soon, he'll set the expectation to the next manager that they can be meh and still stay in a job, thus removing motivation to succeed.
  3. If Carlos isn't removed this weekend

    Owlstalk is publishing articles these days, so why not go down and ask the questions yourself? (Serious question)
  4. This. Caroos was a defender. The other Portuguese guy is a defensive coach. Bullen was a defender and the other main coach is Rhodes senior - goalkeeping coach what could go wrong?
  5. Why is Carlos still here?

    As well as saying he would leave if the crowd weren't behind him, he's also said that he's not here for the money as he doesn't need more money. So, no idea why he's sticking it out.
  6. So why did you quote me?
  7. Where did I ever say you did say that? I made a comment in a thread that's 40 odd pages long and you think somehow that I was talking directly to you? What you smoking?
  8. If David Hirst had wanted the best for his kid 8 years ago, he would've sent him to uniteds academy - which WAS miles ahead of ours at the time. The advice GH is receiving now seems to be based purely on money, not what is best for his development.
  9. (x-1)wlstalk: Turning positives into negatives for 15 years
  10. Ronaldo and Semedo

    Id take Ronaldo as player coach
  11. What the heck does this actually mean?

    This thread's just got surreal
  12. SWFC press conference live

    If the fanbase could be motivated in times of dire football, we'd have been chanting for Carlos's head for weeks now. He's wasting his words. The guy obviously can't get the players up for games anymore, so he's asking us to do it. DC needs to act now.
  13. What the heck does this actually mean?

    Sounds like he's trying to avoid telling other teams our weaknesses. My guess is that our team are not fit enough to run for 90mins so we slow it down, frustrate, defend and only try to play for 10mins per game.
  14. West end of south stand. Left of the turnstyles.
  15. Will this reduce Foundation membership, if you can in the bar instead?