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  1. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    He was probably wondering whether what to do without Terry or how the ref could possibly not give the foul.
  2. Which way did villa coaches leave Sheffield?

    I've not driven north after matches for ages, but don't they always go up Halifax Road towards J36? @Lichfield alien: Why do you ask? Did you see something strange? Maybe a referee asking for a lift back home to Preston?
  3. Sean Clare

    You can tell that he's not trained with the first team - he looks physically fit

    Cheers mate. I didn't know that. If the ref heard the buzzer, it makes me wonder why he didn't react quicker and more surely.

    https://twitter.com/ref_swarbs?lang=en He's not exactly engaging in discussion, as you may expect.

    During the game, I said to my mate that the ref had terrible peripheral vision, as linesman had flagged for two off-sides and then had to radio the ref to point them out - the 'ref' was just going to play on.
  7. Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    How do you block a poster? This thread was reyt hard to read and avoid that Blade.
  8. The championship on ch5

    I got the feeling that Wednesdayite's had contacted them to look into it and he had to say something. Unlike our ref today they are consistent. They never show contentious challenges within games - even though this is exactly what people who attend games would be tuning in to watch.
  9. FAO Neil Swarbrick

    If we were Man U, today's ref would be on the front pages tomorrow morning. The FA don't want to know about problems within the game, but they need to be made aware that there is a problem, and you can bet that Panarama aren't going to report on an SWFC game. Even the Championship programme hinted that they're not interested in talking about the contentious decisions made today. Are there any video techies out there? How about editing the 90minutes into comparisons of challenges to justify this 1 foul? Highlight the decision making. Analyse the pen appeals. Has Swarbrick sent off players before for fouls similar to the Terry/Dave tackle from behind? Any statisticians out there able to check out his other Villa/Bruce/Terry games? Where was he born/brought up? Who does he support? Have other teams fans got issues with him? Anyone work for a car dealer and able to check out if he buys a new car on Monday morning? The annoying thing is that we could've won that game.
  10. No. Well before that. Bruce walked 5 yards outside his box to kick a water bottle, so the 4th official radioed the "ref" to come and give him a cuddle to make sure the game was going to Steve's plan. Bruce spent was stood on the pitch and way out of his area for much of the game and the ref didn't take any notice.
  11. 13mins - we've still got a chance
  12. Is that what we're doing????? Wildsmith Hunt Fred Loovens Thornily Fox Joey Jones Wallace Stobbs Boyd
  13. Carlos reception tomorrow

    What hotel are Swansea in tonight? Anyone fancy setting the fire alarms off at 30min intervals?
  14. Who is the best player at SWFC?

    Gone for FF on skill, flare and re-sale value, but don't think we'll see him playing for us next season.
  15. Wasn't Ken Cooke part of the SWFC PLC board that took us through the darkest days in our history?