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  1. More Evidence of Piggery ;-)

    The second article sums our respective fan bases up perfectly: We lose, and we avoid streaky bacon They lose, and they beat up their wives I'd be ashamed if my club stated that
  2. History - Who were the pigs in Sheffield?

    Thanks Andrew. Interested stuff. I've not heard that version of the pig story before. You usually get the Hillsborough / Bramall Lane was built on a pig farm or United play in streaky bacon colours. I wonder if @dunsbyowl has a view on this.
  3. Talented Individuals

    Our players work hard and undoubtedly have team spirit and work for each other, but the way Carlos sometimes sets us up and changes the team selection, I've also seen a bunch of talented individuals. That's what frustrates in bad games, as you know we could do better with the players that we've got.
  4. Hark blah blah... United cinq (sank / 5) on 24/9 Conceived on Christmas Eve
  5. Win lose or draw, its not that big a deal

    Having been at the BDM and reveled in the 4-0 banter ever since, it would be a BIG DEAL if we ever lost by a similar margin.
  6. Shirts

    If they do, can they post some pics on here? What are the Owlette's doing these days?
  7. Shirts

    Why don't you ring them back and tell them that????
  8. Shirts

    How is a shop assistant going to know how the shirt sizes relate to previous years when they haven't received a single shirt yet? Maybe they'll know when they've come in
  9. Shirts

    Maybe they don't want to give out information before a press release?
  10. Get some Hendo's on this

    Chansiri would price these at £25 at Hillsborough
  11. Just in time for holidays to go over your ski jacket
  12. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Jonathan Buckan / Dom Howson commentary team. It's going to be a long afternoon.
  13. Another Van Aken song thread

    NB. Joost is pronounced Yoast, to rime with toast, not Juiced.
  14. Who's nicked the Henderson Relish....

    So half a pint of lager is cheaper than third of a pint of tea. Maybe CC is pushing fans towards alcohol to improve the atmosphere for the second half.
  15. Open hostilities with this?

    Is the blade pictured above ordering a TUF/John West product?