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  1. Good old 'Cadger Casper'. Me old man was taught by the fella that wrote the book, Kes.
  2. Whilst a few incidents recenly are shocking, I think that speaks more about how the game and violence surrounding it has improved for the better. The stuff going on now isnt big or clever, but its a hell of a lot better than things were in the 70s and 80s..
  3. You are clueless. "arrested on suspicion" Thus giving the Police time to investigate and either charge or release the person arrested. Its a crap day out getting nicked for something you didnt do. But rather that than letting people that have potentially commited crimes and could go on to commit more go, just because the Police havent quite crossedthe T's and dotted tje I's.
  4. Just me that thinks we bought our shorts from Jacamo?
  5. Only Manwithastick could find a fault in a positive thread.
  6. Fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind...
  7. Ignorance is better than complicity. Had some of the people that worked with the victims done their job in the first place this debate would not be happening.
  8. Dont blame you.. But if the OP is so divisive, offensive or whaetever, why not just delete it. All its done now make people want to know what was said.
  9. Seems legit. Weirdly I noticed Maddogbob edited the OP. But daft, if the OP breaks rules or is inflammatory, then just delete it.
  10. Pedo a shitty word with a horrible history or have I missed something?
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