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  1. Jeremy helan

  2. I would prefer Agent Orange to mist of the other agents in football, atleast we would save money on groundsmen.
  3. #QPR 4 - 2 #SWFC - OMDT

    Clearly there is a chance, as the stats say so.
  4. So Jos in or out at the end of the season??

    I had a clearout earlier, wasnt pretty.
  5. A disagreeable incident

    FFS... 20 odd thousand people converge, many of whome had been drinking. There are always gonna be idiots, but does it really need an attention seeking Owlstalk post?
  6. Wednesday lose to a quality Fulham

    Mildly amusing the first time...
  7. Selling Players

    We got to take the hit on the chin and move on. No one else will take on half of our over paid OAP's. We need to learn from mistakes.
  8. Will he ever learn

    Had he not been so unlucky with injuries he may well have gone on to make more appearances. And it's George Hirst, not Hurst.
  9. Will he ever learn

    It's a fact that he was considered as a potential Chelsea captain before his injuries.
  10. Will he ever learn

    He's 28 or around that age, had he not had his playing style and aggression he probably wouldnt be a pro footballer. Had he tweaked his playing style, maybe he would have never got career ending injuries. He has ended up here instead of leading Chelsea out every week because of those traits. Embrace him for what he is, faults and all.
  11. St Johnstone

    If we carry on as we are, St Johnstone could well be saying the same about to us before too long.
  12. That's easy done, to be fair.
  13. Can't name any caused by Relgion. I also can't name that many caused by Religion. However, surely it does'nt need me to suggest the conflicts created in the name of Religion?
  14. I think people use religion as justification to instigate war.