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  1. lukestheman82

    Efe ambrose

    Not that I blame him, mind.
  2. lukestheman82

    Fans Today

    Its a 2 way street.
  3. lukestheman82

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Hull are a decent team with a young player who will soon be earning them 20 mill plus. We are pretty poo, about as much pace as an asthmatic ant and going through a period of change. Im far from a clapper, but its not wrist slitting time just yet.
  4. And a lot of red cards.
  5. Ahhh, yes. I believe the other was in the Albert Hall.
  6. I seem to rememeber a bif of controversy about Gary Hooper wearing 88 for Septic, its a well known Neo Nazi term for Heil Hitler, due to the initials both being the 8th letter of the alphabet. Then he came here and wears number 14, which is another Neo Nazi term, relating to the '14 Words', written by deceased Neo Nazi David Lane. I dare say its total coincidence, but for shirt numbers, its a bit strange. 1-11 as Snoots says.
  7. Nice to see a proper set of posts with ripped up electrical tape still clinging on for dear life... Proper football.
  8. lukestheman82

    A new signing

    Sorry, didnt realise I was dealing with a genius, albeit a genius who uses discriminatory terms to make a crude assumption that someone is a 'Tard'.
  9. lukestheman82

    A new signing

    I bow to your infinate wisdom.
  10. lukestheman82

    A new signing

    He didnt, you cant base an argument on ifs and buts.
  11. lukestheman82

    A new signing

    I give you that Liam got Player of the Year 5 years or so ago. That aside, you are still delusional. Are Liams family on tonight or summmat?
  12. lukestheman82

    A new signing

    None would compare the two.. As far as im aware, Liam Palmer has never won player of the year, despite position or club.
  13. lukestheman82

    A new signing

    Lets compare Carlton Palmer to Joey Pulupessy.