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  1. Jos dropped a b******* today

    I thought that was a pretty strong Swans team, maybe not the team that would face Man Utd in the Premier League, but a respectable team non the less.
  2. Scouting for Wednesday

    Hi just signed Fabra on FM. Likes a red card.
  3. What can we do?

    Say it wasn't you...
  4. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    You're a cuunt.
  5. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Put your toys back in the pram. Was having a joke.
  6. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Bet my dads bigger than his dad.
  7. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Did your mate type that?
  8. Clarity please Mr chansiri

    What hedging? I assume its an investment scheme but have no real clue.
  9. Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Or you could have just dealt with him at the time??
  10. No dig at you Snoots.. However, this is one of my pet hate football clichés. I know some players are quicker than others, but I don't ever recall seeing, or hearing of fake pace.
  11. Hilsborough in 1913

    That's a drawing surely? Or a touched photo? #lucky photo.
  12. To those saying poor team selection

    I hope you don't talk to HRH Princess Wendy like that.