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  1. Remember what you are You are customers and this is your only input. *Gates are only a third of the yearly intake. atten(avg) ticket(guess) games Annually 23000 x 25 x 20 = 11500000 x 3 = 34.5million/£500 = 0.00145% Whatever your name this is you on a spreadsheet = 0.00145. Thats how Businesses work. regards 0.00145 --------------------------------- there's lies damn lies and statistics
  2. It always makes me laugh when people start to analyse stuff when we're losing and yet when we're winning they don't. Youre looking for something thats not there which in reality one player, one purchase could have been the difference between success and failure this season Personally I think there is absolutely nothing wrong at the club apart from not having got rid of the manager at the start of the season and in some respects I can understand why we didn't This i hope was an oversight, some footballing naivety at play. Im sure it wont happen under Chinsari again Stop over analysing like a girl wondering why her boyfriend broke up with her. Its football. If you dont like it dont pay youre money. Thats the ONLY choice you have, we have and its what I do. I love reading stuff on here. I come on every few weeks just to see what the crack is and your all imploding.
  3. This forum gets stranger. Are you the trainer? Why the hell would you want to guess what would make the team fit and how would guessing make them fitter? Im guessing the fully qualified and experienced trainers know way more than you
  4. For everything thats said about Rhodes, most Wednesday fans couldnt wait to sign him even though it was obvious. to me at least, we did not need him. Put up and shut up.
  5. I was expecting this question. The only thing thats was wrong was not getting rid of Carlos pre season. Now we're stuck with a 10 million pound player worth jack, no pace, one way of playing, players demotivated, fans fighting with each other. Yeah so all's looking rosey!!! This seasons gone bar one game of fortune in a few days Avoid relegation and build for next season....I think I ll wait till then Enjoy your season tickets...
  6. 21 games in and Carlos is still here.............. August 7 TurtleyTerrible replied to ItsAGrumbleFromImre's topic in SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY MATCHDAY Massive lack of creativity impacted by our stagnant play, resulting in few chances and the odd long shot. Same as last season. Carlos youre a decent bloke but its bye bye for me. Carlos needs to go now so we can save our season. Why wait until 10/20 games in before we inevitably get rid of him. I hope I will be eating my words but i doubt it
  7. Couldnt agree more. I wanted Carlos out before the start of the season and could see Bannan was not as good as the Rose-tinted view everyone has of him. The guy goes missing for large periods and nothing is more than average. Which is what Wednesay are. If you have average players you become an average team. We are an average team with no synergy. Check out the league table. Its there in pure black and white.......... But wait no let me put my rose-tinted glasses on, Oh look we'll be in the playoff if we win the next x amount of games and then possible automatic with the same flipping players as the last couple of seasons. get real. you lot
  8. https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/news/14-amazing-football-club-badges-154722880.html
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