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  1. Duffy top goal scorer with three own goals to his name so far....not for me thanks
  2. Cheers, I might make it 7:30 am start if I can get the daughter up in time !
  3. Blackburn about 8:30 ish to Watford Junction, may set off a little earlier after reading this...anyone know if there are a lot of roadworks on the M1 ?
  4. Sorry guys I've sent it to NorfolkNChanve
  5. I've got an ID with twenty points on if anyone needs it, PM me
  6. Two here willing to help out in row 33, block 130
  7. MrGund I like your prediction the Hull fans are leaving fIrst followed by a sea of blue, this can only mean one thing the Owls win and the massive stay on partying in Wembley
  8. Won't let me purchase tickets, as the select seats option is greyed out ?
  9. Owls foundation members can't get tickets yet, even though they are supposed to be able to today, fingers crossed they are still available when I'm allowed to book them
  10. Waddle by two country miles for me.......walking in a waddle wonderland !
  11. Seem to remember it was also the Grand National the same day, lost on that as well ! Cracking atmosphere though, I remember speaking to some young Everton scally on the bus from the train station, he told me he had not ticket, and no money to get in, however when I watch it at home that night on Match of the Day...there he was on the pitch at the end. That was my second semi after Highbury, thought I would never see Wembley..managed to get there in the 90s....will I ever again though ?
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