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  1. Disgraceful, suspend for the rest of the season or sell asap.
  2. No, probably not, it's what it seemed to stand for at the time, we were so close to a great achievement; sorry if I didn't answer your question properly, as I said, as a Wednesdayite there is so much I'd change about our history, but then that is not the Wednesday way, it was never going to be easy
  3. Because as a young lad I was absolutely gutted and it seemed to signal our slow decline over the years. Losing at home to Man City when they seemed to do everything they could to make Wednesday win; to be fair there are so many things I wish had been different, this one just resonates so much with me, that's me and me dad on the left on our way to Wembley, a glorious day until...
  4. Bullying in any form is abhorrent and only shows up the bullies for the sad people they are. I feel sorry for the bullies, however, as they are the product of their upbringing, life experiences, etc. Jake, you are worth a thousand of these bullies, but they deserve our pity because they will never be happy and you can hold your head up and be proud to be a decent and brave human being, I wish you well UTO
  5. I was there too, that's me and me dad on the left outside a posh hotel we happened to be passing. Wonderful day, remember Ron Springett's save, the Wednesday goals, the fans and Treble wee wee tail's goal. We were brilliant that day, not really sure what happened in the years following leading to that Man City game, oh yes, nearly forgot, the tears on the train home, I was twelve...
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