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  1. I'd best stay clear of any food stalls at Owls in The Park on Sunday, just to be safe!!!!
  2. Barney and myself are usually up in the Grandstand around 2pm on Saturdays, usually around for 10 - 15 minutes. Hopefully see you on Saturday Cheers Ozzie
  3. Believe what you want! Is that the only "Fact" you have? I've got nothing to prove, see you at the next game WAWAW
  4. I have no photos of Ozzie relaxing at home, so if that's the proof you want, I can't provide that, but am interested as to what your proof of "Fact" is!
  5. Who said Owls can't use a computer or a phone? Of course I'm an Owl! Ozzie
  6. Agreed its been blown out of all proportion, but it was far heavier than a "Friendly" pat, remember Ozzie's vision is not great, I can't see someone about to "Pat" my head when approaching behind me and hence have no idea that the impact is coming. I tried to jump over the wall as I have done many times, to give the lad a "Friendly" hug, however my vision and balance had been affected by concussion which is a well known side affect to being hit on the head. As I have stated in previous posts, no harm done and all water under the bridge. Let's just move on! Ozzie
  7. I've drawn a line under it and moved on. Let's hope others can too As I've said I'll willingly shake your hand to show no hard feelings. As you say WAWAW! UTO Ozzie
  8. I don't want anyone banned, appreciate its been blown out of all proportion. Perhaps his "Pat" is harder than he thought. Let's all move on and draw a line under this, I have! If I see him again I'll shake his hand, I bear no grudges. Cheers Ozzie
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