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  1. OWLS about that?


    Somebody did this at last years championships with 'Carlos out'. Very much like deja vu
  2. OWLS about that?

    Terrible Communication from the Club

    Rumour has it that Chansiri has considered this as a way of getting around FFP - £30 a minute
  3. To be fair, a corpse would motivate more than Jos at the minute
  4. OWLS about that?

    Steve Bruce announced next week

    Looks more like Squidward from SpongeBob with that hooter
  5. OWLS about that?

    Fans Forum - Change of venue

    Tough one to call, one hand you've got Tango and then other you've got DC who's on about 40 fags a day. Can't see it going the distance. Tango via third round TKO
  6. OWLS about that?


    Imagine a crate of Elev8 being dropped off in a D Taxi!! Heaven
  7. OWLS about that?

    Nuhiu in front of the North Stand

    Its really come to something when a player is an asset because they are 'rarely injured'
  8. OWLS about that?

    Last 20 - Tactics to Win

    Can't believe you're seriously asking the question
  9. OWLS about that?

    Joey’s dilemna

  10. OWLS about that?

    Festive form predicted

    Think this gif sums it up perfectly myself
  11. OWLS about that?

    Perfect draw

    Yeah of how much damage they would do to the netting with the amount of times the ball would be hitting it.
  12. OWLS about that?

    An attack minded manager.

    Genuinely surprised his name hasn't been mentioned already
  13. OWLS about that?

    Les Reed for DOF

    No it was Les Dennis