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OWLS about that?

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  1. OWLS about that?

    Fernando injured

    I blame Brexit
  2. OWLS about that?

    Gary Hooper

    Course he has, can't imagine lords working
  3. OWLS about that?

    Will The Westwood Scenario Cost Us

    It's costing us in wages whilst Dawson is still a bit wet behind the ears there is a brilliant keeper in there and he'll only get better with age. We'll be fine
  4. OWLS about that?

    The Fidget Midget

    Probably one of his better games for a while that. Hope he keeps it up as a fired up in form Fessi can only be good news for us
  5. OWLS about that?

    Joey p

    Shades of Reda and Rhodes in the 4-4 game. Gerrim in the stands
  6. OWLS about that?

    George Boyd and David Jones?

    With how long he's been out he'll need a full season to get fit......and I use the word 'fit' very loosely indeed
  7. OWLS about that?

    After the horse as bolted

    Is that the grammar police I hear approaching?
  8. OWLS about that?

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

  9. OWLS about that?

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    End of thread
  10. OWLS about that?


    Thoughts and prayers
  11. OWLS about that?

    Marco Matias

    Hopefully we will get a good run out of him. There's a player in there hopefully we now get to see his potential
  12. OWLS about that?

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    Can't be The Star as the spelling and grammar seem to be okay
  13. OWLS about that?

    Time wasting...

    Someone did last season