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  1. This a million times over. Proper decent bloke and what we need right now but not permanently.
  2. Oh definitely not. Another long hard season ahead, yay
  3. As highly as I rate Bruce, if hes only got kids at his disposal to change things up then he's onto a loser from the start. If we are slapped with a full embargo we are probably going to miss out again
  4. To be fair for two seasons it nearly paid off. If I'm honest I think SG would have done a decent job given the resources offered Carlos
  5. Hey its Hull, just having a brick house is a bonus there. Majority are made out of sticks
  6. Well you just know he's going to sign for us and his leg will fall off during his first training session
  7. No he was running the marathon.....both his legs fell off after the first minute
  8. Don't worry the injuries will soon rack up once we've gotten hold of him, players who come here should be on some sort of disability allowance
  9. Wouldn't that be PITBH? What about Pretty Injured Though
  10. Does this mean we'll no longer be stocking play off final t-shirts? This is a sad day indeed
  11. Surely it should be the 'fix the ailment on Abdi' competition
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