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  1. Do you think we'll get the money back some time this century? I'm expecting a phone call to get the ball rolling on 2nd January 2022
  2. Been saying this for a while, he doesn't have as much money as we were led to believe, signings like Urby Vitorrio Diego Emanuelson who played a grand total of 1 game for us bankrupt him
  3. Wouldn't bother, lovely time to be an owl..... At least the home kit looks like last seasons.... With an alternative collar
  4. Hahahahahhaha I didn't think of that. Top PR work again from us
  5. Can't wait for DC to charge £60 for the same shirt with a different collar.
  6. Home kit looks the same, or is it just me?
  7. At least he didn't give a penalty away, every cloud and all that
  8. Pelupussy, Reach and Michael Morrison will be in there for me. Didn't Megson bin Morrison off because he fluffed a tackle?
  9. This! Didn't realise it was the journalists who pick the starting 11, don't put a shift in or were responsible for player recruitment. It's no wonder we're in the sh*t if they've been running things all along
  10. Don't give Chansiri ideas, he'll get that knocked up and charge £110+VAT for them
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