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  1. OWLS about that?

    Cardiff in for FF

    Quote that lovely nosed gentleman, £980583972282882282723 million.....then double it! F*ck that noise
  2. Agree 100% with this, whilst a guy follows him round with a boombox playing that song from the postcode lottery advert "Someone's knockin' at your door, someone's ringing the beeelllll, do me a favour and open the Doooor and Let DC iiinnnnn"
  3. OWLS about that?

    Marco Matias

    Is he allowed to use searing pace? Won't his legs fall off
  4. OWLS about that?

    Be careful of fake news!

    It's all 'crooked Hilary's' fault
  5. OWLS about that?

    Nuhiu isn't the answer

    Stick a fork in this thread it's done. Spot on
  6. OWLS about that?

    Long season.

    I never said that it was likely, was the poster who stated that
  7. OWLS about that?

    Long season.

    it ridiculous how far we are going backwards since DC took us over! Season 1: playoff final, season 2: playoff semi final, season 3: midtable mediocrity, season 4 relegation dog fight (probably). The only thing that has remained stable is the hike in prices
  8. OWLS about that?

    There’s 3 10mill bids on the table..

    Bolton, Ipswich and Preston
  9. OWLS about that?

    How to alleviate the Almen Abdi situation

    Retire him and send him off to a good home to live out the rest of his days......bit like they do with retired greyhounds
  10. OWLS about that?

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    Agree 100%. He's on a hiding to nothing as if we are lingering near the bottom come October we'll all be baying for blood. 1 or two injuries again to key players (E.g. Fessi and Bannan) and we're deep in the brown stuff again, with no funds to bring in cover either.
  11. OWLS about that?

    Quick win Clare

    Chansiri would if he would be paying us, every little helps and all that
  12. OWLS about that?

    How many season tickets have we sold?

    Have we announced record sales on shirts and memberships yet?
  13. OWLS about that?

    Dom can think of 8. Are there any more?

    I did and I'm still not optimistic, even less optimistic. Whether that's down to the leg over situation or our situation, is anyone's guess
  14. OWLS about that?

    Sad but true

    Brilliant song, terrible post