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  1. Just a rumour...

    Disagree, it's typical Carlos to get a result when the pressure is mounting. We'll likely get something from Derby and then revert back to type against the Dingles
  2. Megson Propaganda

    All hail the ginger king! He's coming home......hopefully
  3. Nigel Clough

    Oh god you're being serious aren't you? No....just no
  4. Just a rumour...

    Heard it from a friend who, heaaarrrd it from a friend whooooooooo, heard it from another Carlos got the sack
  5. Just a rumour...

    This 100% I love the man and want him to succeed but he's just going backwards. That first season under him was some of the best stuff I've seen from us for a long time. He's far too negative now and sadly I can't see it changing or him turning it around
  6. Just a rumour...

    I'd feel more confident with her in midfield instead of Jones
  7. The Signs are here

    All hail King Meggo
  8. Positive vibrations

    I think that's a touch harsh! Dropped from the team definitely, but dropped to their certain deaths is a little too much
  9. Positive vibrations

    Do you not think he had the opportunity to 'see the error of his ways' after the good performance against Leeds, that coupled with a two week break. Something is seriously wrong to go from world beaters one minute, to absolute dog sh*t the next. His times up I'm afraid and he needs to leave before he is given the chance to do any more damage.
  10. Carlos Carvalhal IN ??

    I can only liken it to living in North Korea. It's an outrage
  11. Carlos Carvalhal IN ??

    You've named the thread 'Carlos Carvalhal IN' then posted "No, not Carlos"???? Think this threads for the bin mate
  12. Sheffield Wednesday's Next Four Games

    With the way this season has been it'll be: lose to derby, put in a spellbinding performance against Barnsley, struggle against Millwall but somehow get the win, lead for 80 minutes against Villa only to concede in the last minute after having created umpteen chances. 6 points which will be enough to relieve the pressure on Carlos again.
  13. A Little Bit Worried

    It has to be said that we're giving it a right go this season
  14. I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    I'll second this, really like him but the longer we keep him the more we will stagnate. It's no good losing two, three on the bounce and then turning up for one game. Maybe that would be acceptable of you were aiming for survival. Chansiri needs to act now. Otherwise it'll be another season of failure
  15. We always end a teams bad run

    Absolutely nailed on they would score the first goal.