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  1. Oh aye, he's got a cracking number he's going to belt out
  2. I've heard that 'Stars in Their Eyes' is making a comeback and Clive is the very first person on it, be interesting to see how he gets on
  3. Gonna say drowning him would be a tad harsh
  4. Agree 100% was absolutely farcical last night trying to renew. Whoever designed that website wants their lumps feeling
  5. Wouldn't surprise me if there is a big fat bonus waiting for him if we get the playoffs! Would be more than deserved if we sneak in
  6. Got to beat Bolton first, a team lacking confidence and in absolute turmoil.... Nailed on sh*thouse 1-0 to Bolton, it's the Wednesday way innit
  7. Available in the club shop for £99.99 - only available in XXXL
  8. Also is his body made out of biscuits? If not, sign him up
  9. Losing tonight with a tie, and cash cow, against one of the best teams in England in England on the line, would be the most Wednesday thing ever
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