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  1. Patience

    I love your sentiment and im right behind Carlos but i still need to be convinced. The play off performance has damaged me mentally!
  2. I dont want the money, i want the lad playing, showing what he can do. Whether thats this season or next im not bothered. A few goals for us and he will be worth £20m not measley £2m. Come on Chansiri get this one sorted out!!
  3. Under 23s at Hillsborough Today

    I believe Wednesday youth and reserves all play a certain style called "The Wednesday Way" to make any step up year to year and onto the first team easier. What that style is i couldnt tell you!
  4. George Hirst Off!!

    If we let him go for say a sum of £5m then i would still feel slightly robbed. A youg lad who has the history and Wednesday close to his heart. We have nurtured the brightest talent we have had since forever and to let him go without seeing what he can do would be really disappointing. I think it is safe to say he will never be worth a measley amount like £5m in his whole career after leaving us. Sign up George and show us what you can do. There won't be better fans anywhere cheering him on thats for sure.
  5. Last season we all stomached some pretty awful performances and kept the faith even though we were so lucky on so many occasions to get the points. However Huddersfield in the play offs was when my mind was made up. Went out with a whimper, unforgivable! The start to this season, points and results aside, we are the same, clueless, timid, rigid, ageing poor outfit. We look scared to play. We have a squad that doesnt gel together, no pace and players having hissy fits. He cannot be in charge for another minute for me. Get rid now and get a manager in pronto and back him with a couple of signings!
  6. Big Sam

    I have seen so many turgid performances that im just done with Carlos. The main one was the play off performances, really important games and we were just awful. At home, the game there for the taking and we serve up a god awful performance. Performances aside you look at the squad he has assembled and we have a lot of older players on big contracts. An ageing squad with no pace will not get you out of the Championship and doesnt stand us in good stead. Dave Jones goal masked another poo performance. We go a goal down then try and play. We never come out and have a go at teams, why?! Recruitment is patchy at best and Carlos tends to make players worse, their development just stalls with us. Players consistenly played out of position. I mean i would assemble a squad with players to fit a system, Carlos doesnt. Time for a change.
  7. Carlos being honest

    He has to go for me. This turgid, awful, negative way he approaches games is an insult to the beautiful game and the hard paying fans. Footballers want to play football, what we are playing isn't football. He has had a full pre season to fine tune his team and get them ready for a mediocre test in the first game and he turns up that. Even if we got to the play offs again, would you really trust Carlos in them, i absolutely would not! Nice guy but a change is required.
  8. johan djourou

    Agreed! What a coup if he signs. He will be immense. Fast, strong, powerful, brave and can play. Add in the experience, at 30, he will be some player in the Championship. Il believe it when he signs.
  9. johan djourou

    Just wondering who people think is be a better defender in the Championship than Djourou?
  10. johan djourou

    Amazing signing if we get him. Head and shoulders above every one of our defenders!
  11. johan djourou

    He would be a great acquisition. He would be the best signing from all the names ive heard. Anyone who says he is crap needs their bumps feeling. I actually saw him play at Hamburg against Werder Bremen and he was brilliant. Controlled the game and won everything thrown at him.
  12. Adam reach

    Reach can't tackle or head so how anyone thinks playing left back is a good idea i will never know. When i saw him play for Preston against us he played centre midfield and he looked like a world beater! Somewhere in midfield is his position. Happy to see glimpses of what he can do. I will wait until he is doing against the Villas, Boro's and Fulhams of this world though first. Keep it up Adam!
  13. Leicester bid for George Hirst

    Good point on him not being part of the Portugese trip. Would have been a nice experience for him. i really hope this doesnt end in tears!
  14. Big Dave Off ?

    Nice guy but the amount of fouls he gives away and the times he is offside makes me sad inside. We need to be looking at better, it is that simple.