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  1. Erm OUT. Simply nowhere near this level erm. Erm, Out.
  2. I sincerely hope so, he has had more chances than i would have given him. Should have gone 4 games ago. Get this clown out NOW.
  3. Mark Robins surely has to be a strong shout. His win % even managing lower end teams is 39%. He always seems to play good football, his teams are always tough to play against and he has Coventry flying currently. He would be my choice. Darrens position has to be terminal. Good recruitment but has shown absolutely diddly squat as a manager.
  4. I was sick of the talking at the end of last season. This season it was time to walk the walk. He is a absolute disaster. Any manager in this division could have got more points with this squad. No more chances for me. Out.
  5. Sick of hearing it Darren. Im yet to see you actually prove you can win games yet. Im sick of hearing potential. Win games, that's what you have to do, nothing more or less.
  6. He used to win MOM every week. Was amazing for us.
  7. He has shown pretty much nothing in his time here. Im sick of hearing of his potential, he isn't an 18 year old prospect anymore. Good business for me.
  8. Reach was an absolute disgrace last season. I wouldn't have given him a tin of Heinz beans!
  9. Is it when Paxo left? Is it when the new COO started? Has DC's mummy and daddy got involved and wrestled control away? Has DM got absolute control? I want answers as to why the club is now being run in a sensible manner! On topic, Iorfa is a player who we can build a team around, a new contract would be amazing.
  10. A good team is greater than the sum of its parts. I think Lee Gregory would compliment the pace around him. You also need a big experienced lad around these young kids as League One is an unforgiving place at times. Hutch and Gregory add a bit of dog to us. Content with Gregory if true.
  11. I mean i'm a pessimist but even this is pushing it. Relegation candidates, ridiculous. Peacock-Farrell, Hutch, Iorfa, Palmer, Bannan, Windass, Wing, Adeniran and Luongo all Championship quality players. Crackers, I can only think it was written prior to the last week or so's signings.
  12. What a guy, hugely important he stays fit this season. Should be captain. Happy Birthday Sam.
  13. As many have said, it looks like Moore and the recruitment team have been busy and they seem to be delivering some quality additions. Kudos. Excited to see what this kids got.
  14. Really positive read. Keep up the good work. I hope this relegation has been a turning point for everything to do with this club. UTO
  15. So long as they all have their contracts upto date so they can't leave for free at the end of the loans then im all for it.
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