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  1. Not really mate, sorry. I'm sure there are a few being looked at that I have no idea about. This would be a pretty good one though. Not mentioned in this thread.
  2. I believe a centre back we are looking at is a premier League lad, English and mid twenties. Has played Championship. I hope that older signings are a thing of the past now. We need some energy and pace in the team.
  3. Brad_owl

    Adam Reach Injury update

    Im with you, if that is the figure he goes for then we might aswell pack it in!
  4. Brad_owl

    Adam Reach Injury update

    Carlton Palmer said Reach to Wolves for £6M today in the West Brom lounge.
  5. 1000% No! Id rather blood kids and have a few seasons of limbo than roll the dice gambling the future of the club. Surely its an absolute nonsense.
  6. Skybet says promotion is a 250/1 chance.
  7. Brad_owl

    WBA line up

    Hutch hasnt played for a year, hes the most well rested player we have. He starts!
  8. Brad_owl

    New manager odds

    Martin ONeil would be the best name out of the original list for me! Roy Keane on the coaching staff, something about that i like.
  9. Brad_owl

    Official - Club up for sale

    Shame he doesn't know his way around a balance sheet!
  10. Brad_owl


    It is very hard when he doesn't seem to have a plan or be a leader when we really need one. Puts up prices, spends the cash and then moans when the cupboards are bare. Not our doing! He needs to pull something out the bag and quick to get the fans back onboard. I hope he does for all our sakes.
  11. Brad_owl

    Fans forum match day thread

    With maths like that is it any wonder we are in a right mess.
  12. Brad_owl

    Fans forum match day thread

    The club need leadership, not this pathetic worm saying he is tired. At the end of the day it is HIM and ONLY HIM that has overspent and got us into this mess. Only HE bought Urby Emmanualson on £35k p/w for 6 months only for him to play for 16 minutes. Only HE that has bought so much dross and wasted so much money its beyond a joke. He is has the final say after all. It is HIM that has fleeced fans and now its gone wrong with his ridiculous spending hes tired. Sell up and go now. Furious!!!
  13. Brad_owl

    Adam Reach and FFP

    Huddersfield i believe.
  14. Brad_owl

    Matt Penney

    Didn't he put some strong foundations in to get the youth teams to a strong standard? He did also employ Jos who has nurtured these young lads. Surely that deserves a bit of credit. Maybe.