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  1. I don't like to write anyone off before they start but I just know this is going to be a disaster. Cook was the logical, sensible and safe choice. Shambles.
  2. Why is Paul Cook not our manager yet? It is literally like Chansiri has been put through on goal, no keeper in the net and he is going to hit the corner flag! Sort this absolute no brainer out.
  3. A confident man, i like it. I hope you are right.
  4. Get this man in the club now. He would get the fans backing and he seems absolutely tailor made for what we need. FFS, do something right DC.
  5. This Jorge Grant for Lincoln is worth a look, can do everything apart from take penalties! Looks a great player.
  6. Thank you for this. It prompted me to ring up and ask what they could do. I did get it slightly cheaper at £59.50 which for me is amazing. Tip of the hat to you Neil.
  7. Even if Monk goes the damage is now already done. He should stay and deal with his mess for the rest of the season. He has given 3 points to each of our relegation rivals, each effectively 6 pointers. I couldn't be less proud of the team right now Gary!! Talk about a car crash of a manager. Embarrassing.
  8. One half of football to save the season. It really is that big.
  9. Bannan is pulled down playing with the dross he is. He has to drop back to get the ball and to try and make something happen. With hutch in the team it took that off him and allowed us to use him in a more advanced role. Bannan is not the problem. We are lucky to have him. Imagine the cost to replace him.
  10. He cannot play another game for this club. It is that simple. He is so bad it is making us a laughing stock.
  11. We started the season -12 but we also start each game with AT LEAST -1 goal also. Dawson should be absolutely embarrassed.
  12. How does he even get anywhere near the first team. It is baffling.
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