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  1. EFL are aiming for 6th June, behind closed doors games i believe. A total farce. the season should be cancelled as it is. No promotion or relegation. I mean id be gutted if we we were 1st/2nd but in the grand scheme of things it is the least worst option.
  2. If we went into the Prem then Cam Dawson would need a back support to assist picking the ball out of the net every 2-3 minutes. The thought of Cam Dawson in the Premier League would give me grave nightmares. I hear the EFL want the league to start on 6th June and are aiming for that.
  3. Well said that man. I hope you are right on the breakaway group as the EFL are jokers. They make EFL clubs suffer there way to the Premier League with it all geared for the promoted clubs to fail. Im all for some financial safety but it can be done with contracts. You can protect clubs against owners splashing the cash and then giving the clubs the bill to pay when it goes wrong without all this FFP.
  4. If Monk goes then i struggle to see how it is good news and how things will dramatically change short or long term. We could appoint another Jos, enjoy a worse run than we are on now and end up in League 1 in a bigger mess with a total unknown. The players have to shoulder this blame not the manager. What a pathetic mess, shame as 2 months ago we were flying. Why can't someone just get a grip of this club and make it competitive in every single second of every single game!
  5. I think we need to remember he was playing against Man City, up against world class players. Did well for me all things considered. Id rather play him than Joey.
  6. Westwood is the one to draft in. Cam Dawson is absolutely nowhere near where we need a keeper to be. Im sick of mistake after mistake followed by moaning at other players. He is an idiot and does nothing to keep his place. Nothing.
  7. This lad has got something. Looks a player to me.
  8. I can tell you now that Hamburgs stadium is the best ive been to and ive been to a few in my time, Barca included. If we want to see what can be achieved stadium wise i would look no further. It is unreal.
  9. Could me on lads, slagging a young lad is poor no matter how dire the situation is.
  10. What gets me is how Monk can come in on his own and turn the club around. I've always thought it was just strange. Bruce had a team!
  11. Can we use those lovely team diagrams going forward? It just feels a bit spartan using just text for the team line up these days!
  12. Just a small thing i think would improve things on matchday..... Make it a cashless stadium. If you have to use card for everything it would speed everything up, no messing counting money, change and running about between tills.
  13. Westwood, Lees, Hutch, Reach, Nuhui, Winnall, Rhodes and Forestieri can all go for me. They have had their chance here and now need to be moved on. None of them justify their wages. Palmer and Fox should be backup full backs, we need some top notch upgrades here. A full squad refresh required. Sick of being let down by the same players. This festive period has confirmed what i already knew. Monk has a big job on his hands.
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