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  1. An alternative to Hector for me would be Ben Gibson. No real gossip on this but i know we were looking at him January time before Bruce was through the door. Thoughts?
  2. Guaranteed to concede with him in net. He has no presence about him, shouts and flaps about like it's all a big show for people and doesn't actually concentrate on his job. Defender must hate playing with him. He needs game time away from S6.
  3. £80k a week, am i missing the joke. £10-15k max. Shelvey was on £80k a week, Aarons would have been nowhere near. He would be a great signing for me.
  4. He mentioned an interest in Ben Gibson and i know that was correct. I think he gets a fair amount right but things can change and then you look silly after calling it. If you don't like it, don't read it. Simples.
  5. I would love to see Hoopers stats on the games while hes been here vs the games hes actually played. It has to be under 50%. I'm not too fussed either way on him. Kieran Lee however is a massive player for us. For me, he is by far our best player but it remains to be seen how close he will be to his old self. I hope he comes back every bit as good. With an embargo looming his addition would be huge.
  6. Not really mate, sorry. I'm sure there are a few being looked at that I have no idea about. This would be a pretty good one though. Not mentioned in this thread.
  7. I believe a centre back we are looking at is a premier League lad, English and mid twenties. Has played Championship. I hope that older signings are a thing of the past now. We need some energy and pace in the team.
  8. Im with you, if that is the figure he goes for then we might aswell pack it in!
  9. Carlton Palmer said Reach to Wolves for £6M today in the West Brom lounge.
  10. 1000% No! Id rather blood kids and have a few seasons of limbo than roll the dice gambling the future of the club. Surely its an absolute nonsense.
  11. Hutch hasnt played for a year, hes the most well rested player we have. He starts!
  12. Martin ONeil would be the best name out of the original list for me! Roy Keane on the coaching staff, something about that i like.
  13. Shame he doesn't know his way around a balance sheet!
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