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  1. Absolutely ZERO chance of this buffoon selling us any side of 2025.
  2. Westwood can't fake a broken rib? Infact i think he even played with it. Westwood has the clean sheets record at the club and was in the EFL team of the season a few years back. He is one of the best in the division on his day. On the other hand we have 2 other keepers that literally mean we start a goal down every game playing them. Im sick of people making excuses for poo players. They have contributed to this mess and both need to leave. Id rather have Nicky Weaver in net than either of them.
  3. If Wildsmith or Dawson play another second of this season then the 12% chance of staying up goes to 0%. Both of those players have hugely contributed to the car crash this season has been. If Westwood had played more games we wouldn't be here now. A good goalkeeper is worth 10 - 15 points a season.
  4. Keepers have relegated us this season. Dawson and Wildsmith are so poor. Westwood frozen out and injured. Why run your knackers off when every shot goes in.
  5. If this team was a horse it would have been shot. Backward passes, no energy, can't win headers, can't win a first ball, don't bother with the second ball. Those backward passes though, we need a winner and we go back, time and time again. Palmer, Joey, Boerner, Patterson, Lees, Reach, you just cannot carry that many players. They are absolutely garbage. I wouldn't want them for league one. It's literally a pub team.
  6. Hirst, Shaw and now this lad. Chansiri should be in the circus. Wasted talent all round.
  7. It is going to be right uncomfortable for these clowns. Imagine owning a club and not being able to attend games because the fans hate you.
  8. A friend of mine asked him if he was going to walk away and he told him to get the 200,000 Wednesday fans together, raise the money to buy him out! He didn't give him a price! Got the usual fans blame stuff also. Space cadet.
  9. It is YOUR job to sign the kids up who stand a chance you absolute moron. Who runs the club, us or you? Sick of him now.
  10. I concur my friend. I really don't see why anyone is getting excited with this. Il be behind him, but it's blind faith, nothing "moore"
  11. No brainer, it would be a huge shift change for everyone involved with the club. Great call so absolutely won't happen.
  12. When Luton come from 2 behind to win then yes, it's all over.
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