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  1. Neil stop trying to make this out to be that people don't like Moore because he is a black man as that's what this whole post feels like to me. The reason he isn't enamoured by myself and others is probably because he hasn't done a thing to earn that. He has failed at every juncture thus far. Every single one. If Moore spends another season and get's us into the play offs, is that success? I can take a loss to Peterborough etc but when it happens people need to accept the manager is not immune from criticism.
  2. The lack of talent and the resulting failure is usually accepted by our fanbase if you work hard. Never understood it to be honest.
  3. So your saying the staff Darren employed, his team, were not upto the required standard? The buck stops with Moore.
  4. Of course you did. Easy to ignore straight fax!
  5. Come on Neil....... He failed to keep us in the Champ (had a fighters chance too aswell) He failed to get us promoted in the automatics with the best squad in the league He failed by scraping in the playoffs and being toothless in the play off games I'm struggling to find the love in with Moore to be honest. He hasn't actually been successful at any football club he has managed to my knowledge. He has failed at every juncture so far with Wednesday too. I want him to prove everyone wrong but history tells you that he probably won't. You need to remember he goes into every single game in League One as favourite as we have the most money, the best squad, the best player, fans and stadium in the league. He has it all at his fingertips, he just has to put it together. He even has his own team behind him. Literally he cannot be given anything else as a manager. No more excuses now, automatic promotion, nothing less should be accepted. He has had a smoother ride than the last 4/5 Wednesday managers by some margin.
  6. Poppycock.... Win games you don't have an issue.
  7. Byers was a bit petulant but Jamie Smith is in a position of authority, he is older and wiser than the players, he should have been clever enough to put an arm around Byers and explain things rather than running after him for a feet. Jamie Smith covered himself in zero glory when covering for Moore, i don't see what he brings to the table. If it was a choice between him and Byers i know who i would be sending packing....
  8. It is just poor. If a manager is a centre back by trade then i expect the defence to be on point, especially the centre backs. He has had enough chances to change them to the players he wants too. No excuses for such poor goals to be giving away. None.
  9. I mean he has got everything he wanted so far and we still defend like amateurs. Not many more of these nights will be tolerated, the thinnest of thin ice.
  10. Keep doing what your doing Darren, i am not your biggest fan as i think you should have done better in both season so far but id love to eat some humble pie this season. Solid start, keep it going.
  11. I would be looking at giving Bailey Cadamateri some game time asap to use as cover in some games.
  12. Bizzle knows. I don't get the doubting. Smith 6 weeks, that is a blow with Gregory out.
  13. It is his incompetence that has the club in league one. So for me he has A LOT of making up to do. He deserves no credit at all for me, zero.
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