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  1. As above, the stadium sale now being moved into the following years accounts now might move us forward faster financially. If we can stay up next year then we could have a good financial platform for a good push. So by a complete turn of fate this could work to our advantage IF we can stay up. The disadvantage is it does nothing to help player recruitment.
  2. My "guess" is the original issue has been concluded with zero points deduction but a whopping fine. As for what is holding up the announcement, it can only be either an appeal or something to do with Derbys case as it has similarities.
  3. It is a yes from me. To give Monk free reign this summer on players, signing them on 2/3 year contracts is going to end in disaster. This is such an important summer for the club, the most important for years and I have zero confidence Monk will deliver. There is a bit inside of me which thinks, maybe he deserves a chance but i think we are way past the, "lets see what happens", i want a manager that i believe will get the players playing like a team. Not like a team of fannies who play until the 80th minute.
  4. Replacing Bannan, deary me. He is clearly one of our best players. Maybe if we had better players around him he would actually look better. Some people in this thread are slagging him off for coming deep and wanting the ball, Paul Scholes did it for years for Man Utd and was one of the worlds best. I don't see the problem with Bannan dictating play from deep. He runs his blood to water, tackles back, presses (even when his teammates don't back him up) and passes (forwards). We would really miss him if he left. Top player for us. His set pieces are garbage though!
  5. I believe him. No points but a big fine is what i have been told. Result was known over a week ago.
  6. I can't fault this post. We need some real leadership now. This is a crossroad's for us now and the smart decisions now will pay dividends in a couple of seasons. Whether Monk is the man im not sure, im torn. No matter what he should have got better results with the squad he had. No question. In Dejphon we trust!?
  7. Imagine the performance if they knew there was absolutely nothing to play for.
  8. Maybe it has already been decided and Monk wants to keep it out of the news until the season is done to ensure the players put in their all. Maybe there is no points deduction.
  9. Don't unless you want another Gary Rowett scenario.
  10. Sammo, how about a zero points deduction! Chill out pal. Wouldn't like to pay the fine mind!!
  11. He is a quality player. You can see it from the way he plays, always in space, pacey and direct, plays with no fear, great at set pieces, good cross on him and he also seems to have the work ethic to go with it. It is a no brainer from me to sign him.
  12. Good view of the situation but im confident that is not the case. I don't think points will come into it either. Just a hunch 😐.
  13. From my very limited grasp on it. 2017 -£21m 2018 -£35m Total -£56m With the 2018 stadium sale of £60m this gives us a £4m surplus for those 2 years. If 2019 is under -£43m then we comply with FFP. If say we get just a fine then is that not a good result? Feel free to correct if have the above wrong.
  14. Do EFL fines contribute to overall loss in a given year? This is the way i see it and hopefully this is how it will turn out. No points deduction, just a hefty fine. Lets hope Chansiri has done the business. 😀
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