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  1. Brad_owl

    1st fixtures

    Wigan (away) Hull (home)
  2. THE most important bit of summer business. Getting this lad back! If he retires you would have to pay £5-£10M to replace him. He really is that good. I am praying that the posters above are wrong but pretty telling multiple sources are saying the same. Pray for Kieran!
  3. Brad_owl

    The new young'un...

    Unlike Scram i cannot see any negatives that youngsters are being given a go. In this thread Scram you have been pretty embarrassing. You obviously have football knowledge but instead of using your knowledge to inform and put across some good points you seem to like trying to be a know-it-all who wants to prove other posters comments as wrong. Shame as your a good poster at times. As for Kirkby and our young lads. We need to take it on the chin that they make mistakes, they will get nervous but we are a good club with good fans and are more than capable of helping these lads through. We take the mistakes now and then we get the rewards as they mature and get experience as players. I can live with that. Huge plus for our club and something that can only have a positive impact on our club going forward. Jos seems to like seeing how they do and thats good enough for me! Best of luck Conor Kirkby, im sure you will be reight!
  4. Brad_owl

    Squad harmony & team spirit

    Really nice to hear that!
  5. Brad_owl

    Rate jos so far?

    I have seen some positive signs since he has taken over the reigns. - We are hard to score against, a solid defence is something to build on. Thats a solid defence with nearly all of it's first teamers missing. - Blooding some youngsters, this is never a quick win, young lads need games to improve and during this time results will inevitibly suffer. - Dealing with the injury crisis on top of a team with confidence shot to pieces. Tough job to start with. To judge him now is criminal, lets give him the rest of the season, the summer to recruit some of his own players and then give him a fair crack of the whip. I think we will be pleasantly surprised. 7/10 from me. Solid start with most things going against him!
  6. Save the cash for the summer rebuild.
  7. He can't tackle. He can't head. I like him but he can't do either. Wing back, for me, is not where he should be.
  8. Brad_owl

    Booth to Tottenham

    He was absolutely dire. Just because he ran around a bit doesnt cover up the fact he was just a bad Premier League striker! Di Canio must have wondered what on earth he was playing with!
  9. Brad_owl


    30 pages minimum!
  10. Brad_owl

    Jos Luhukay

    Im waiting with anticipation to see what Jos can do. He seems to be everything we need, straight talking, no nonsense coach with great experience. We don't need a failed british manager with "championship experience" , Lambert was the only one that i could have stomached but this guy, a complete unknown with a decent record could be a master stroke by Chansiri. Infact apart from waiting too long to sack Carlos and then the CEO he has just appointed Chansiri has done a fair job for me. Come on Jos do the business. I hope Wednesday fans all get behind him and we all pull in the same direction now. Im bored of listening to negative doom-mongers on here now. Lets get the team sorted over the next 6 months and concentrate on next season. WAWAW
  11. Brad_owl

    Christmas message from DC

    I mean when you are wasting money on Urby Emanuelson then mentioning money to fans is insulting!
  12. Brad_owl

    Christmas message from DC

    Absolute meltdown. This is what happens if you put the prices up so much then the fans expect. So as much as i like Chansiri he has made a rod for his own back. Yes he puts a lot in but so do we! We are a stronger club when we all pull together yes! However we also we cannot accept the football we have seen for over a season now. I mean currently its beyond a joke! Quite clear from that message Carlos isnt going anywhere. Also Chansiri if you want to rant about fans and threaten not to put anymore cash into the club then sell up. Im sorry but the rant was not what suppoters needed to hear right now!
  13. Brad_owl

    Time for Penney

    Young lads need to be given a chance but you need to expect that they will have bad games, they may be left wanting in some games but they need games to get them used to this level and then in time to excel. So playing Penney now is for his benefit not neccessarily the teams. Carlos wouldn't take this chance when he is under the pump, no chance. Personally i would start blooding these promising young lads so they are better for it for next season. 10/20 minutes here and there. Its a crying shame when we have a decent youth team for the first time in an eternity and it is just wasted.
  14. Thing is with youngsters, they need games. All young lads will have more bad games than good but they need experience to develop into decent players. With Wednesday supporters they just wouldn't get the luxury of the time they would need unfortunately. The current management team wouldn't even dream of taking such a chance on young talent anyway.