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  1. Thing is with youngsters, they need games. All young lads will have more bad games than good but they need experience to develop into decent players. With Wednesday supporters they just wouldn't get the luxury of the time they would need unfortunately. The current management team wouldn't even dream of taking such a chance on young talent anyway.
  2. When people are paying TOP money for games and season tickets then they demand to be entertained. When they arent then they have every right to have their say. Carlos’ tactics do not go with this absolutely god awful rip your fans off pricing strategy. So the club has made a rod for their own back. Carlos out, felt like this since the whimper we left the play offs with!
  3. Bannan

    What a lad Bannan is, grafts, keeps play moving, passes, tackles and even shouts at players to gee them up. Even when he plays bad he is still one of our better performers usually. Well done that man!
  4. You pay £40 a game then you expect to be entertained. Chansiri has made a rod for his own back, charge the earth, expect the fans to demand the earth and the moon!
  5. Not great for youngsters at Wednesday. We finally start getting a decent academy together and then we have a manager who doesn't believe in giving them a chance. How has Matt Penney not been given 10/15 here and there to aid his development, same with Hirst. 3-0 up against Leeds would have been perfect to bring one on. What is going on at Wednesday. Not pleasing at all.
  6. Unless he goes on a 10 match winning run, starting at the weekend, then i ain't interested in anything he has to say.
  7. horse today

    I am "absolutely sure" it isn't worth one of Carlos' £20 notes!
  8. The Top Six

    Can you imagine a play off final against Sheff United? Would you take that match now to get into the Premier League? Tough one.
  9. Lee Bullen for me

    Just NO! what has he acheived as a manager? Proven and experienced is what we need. No sentiments or ex players!!!!
  10. Possession - A Bad Thing

    Birmingham had 38% possession last night and they had exactly the same amount of shots on target, three. You can have 99% possession but it is what you do with it that counts. Slow, lethargic, predictable and pedestrian is whatwe are. We pass it back, wait for the opposition to get behind the ball and then try to pass it round them. We arent good enough for that. Im sick of saying it, he has to leave!
  11. Who is going to defend him now?

    Im absolutely sick of Carlos. He makes us play the dullest football i have ever seen. He picks players out of position and his tactics are to play negatively and nick a goal. He gets away with it by just doing enough to escape everytime. Today, Reach, i like the lad but he is not a full back and im sick of saying it. He has a half decent game at left back and he is hailed as the next Maldini but when all said and done he cannot defend as a full back should be able to. Carlos tries to accomodate this at the expense of the team. Carlos also relies on full backs for the majority of the crosses, Hunt struggles with this so why not address this in the summer!? I like Hunt and Reach but he is not playing them to their strengths. Ross Wallace, yes he setup the Hooper goal but what else did he do? We carry him for large parts of games. He is a winger that cannot beat his man! He should be a bit part nothing more. Dave Jones, a solid backup Championship midfielder but in Carlos' eyes he is a starter today, awful thinking. Paul Coutts ran that midfield in his sleep today. Fletcher was just a nothing today, again another player who should be a backup not a first teamer for a premier league seeking team. Leon Clarke showed him how to do it! Westwood, at 2 nil down and having a ropey game and he is wasting time, faffing around with his distribution. What does he think he is doing? I just cannot forgive lacking passion in a derby and the play offs last season. I can take a loss but not like that, not with that lack of effort and passion. It all ends with Carlos, he built this shambles, he coaches it, his fault. He has to go today. Does anyone really expect wins from Birmingham and Leeds? A promotion seeking team should be.
  12. Patience

    I love your sentiment and im right behind Carlos but i still need to be convinced. The play off performance has damaged me mentally!
  13. I dont want the money, i want the lad playing, showing what he can do. Whether thats this season or next im not bothered. A few goals for us and he will be worth £20m not measley £2m. Come on Chansiri get this one sorted out!!
  14. I believe Wednesday youth and reserves all play a certain style called "The Wednesday Way" to make any step up year to year and onto the first team easier. What that style is i couldnt tell you!
  15. George Hirst Off!!

    If we let him go for say a sum of £5m then i would still feel slightly robbed. A youg lad who has the history and Wednesday close to his heart. We have nurtured the brightest talent we have had since forever and to let him go without seeing what he can do would be really disappointing. I think it is safe to say he will never be worth a measley amount like £5m in his whole career after leaving us. Sign up George and show us what you can do. There won't be better fans anywhere cheering him on thats for sure.