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  1. Brad_owl

    Adam Reach and FFP

    Huddersfield i believe.
  2. Brad_owl

    Matt Penney

    Didn't he put some strong foundations in to get the youth teams to a strong standard? He did also employ Jos who has nurtured these young lads. Surely that deserves a bit of credit. Maybe.
  3. Brad_owl

    Matt Penney

    Plenty of encouragement and plenty of positivity. That is what these young lads need. We do our bit and they will do theirs, no danger. Chansiri might not be perfect but tell you what, where would we be without these young lads and Jos, kudos to him. Even if we lose the next 3/4 i still think we have the right manager and right idea with the young lads. I hope all our fans can get onboard with this even when we go through a tough patch.
  4. Brad_owl

    Almen Abdi is BACK

    Almen Abdi has hurt his back?? How long is he out for now?
  5. I think if that was the case it would have been the last 15 minutes pal. Hope KL gets himself sorted out!
  6. Brad_owl

    Paul Lambert

    Not quite the full story with Lambert! Aston Villa he had to play a lot of youngsters and did well to keep them up for as long as he did. Stoke he had them playing well at times but was on a hiding to nothing. Wolves only let go when they got money, he had them playing better than Wednesday have done for the last couple of seasons. IF Jos goes he would be my choice. Different managers do well at different clubs. He could be just what we need.
  7. Brad_owl

    Its Jos not working

    Im torn on swapping manager but time is fast running out even after 3 league games. As someone above said, is he getting the best out of his team/squad, simply, no. He is putting too many young lads in at the same time, introduce them gently not throw them all in. Its not good for them or the team. i hope he sorts things out and soon, very very soon!!!
  8. Brad_owl

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    This! i mean his bonus is probably worth paying for a few clean sheets right now!!
  9. Brad_owl

    I’m f*cking p*ssed off

    Absolute shambles. To spend more than the EFL will allow you is ridiculously bad management, like what on earth is that all about. To spend said money on some absolute poo is criminal. I feel for Jos but we need someone to get results with the players we have, if he can't then he needs to move over and let someone who can and quick. We all need to pull together now more than ever but the prices being charged have put a stake through the heart of it all for me and instead we have a splintered disillusioned fanbase. Typical Wednesday, just when we think we are on a good path the poo hits the fan and we are back to square one.
  10. Brad_owl

    After today

    I think we all know this mate.
  11. Didn't Chansiri state we would not he able to re sign any contracts if things don’t change?
  12. Brad_owl

    The youngsters - quality

    They will need time to get the experience to become solid Championship players for us. This situation we find ourselves in might just be a small blessing for these young lads and hopefully a few will turn into top players for us.
  13. Im sure Jos and us both wanted some signings, we havent got them so let Jos earn his crust with what he has got. Some players will be like new signings anyway to him. Im not over the moon but lets give Jos the support he deserves / needs. wawaw x
  14. Urby Emmanuelson £30k a week for half a game! Put that money towards tickets and memberships! Awful waste of resources all over the place and fans have to pick up the slack. fizz that.
  15. Brad_owl

    Westwood linked with stoke

    A note on both young goalkeepers we have, i hope if they ever play regularly and make a clanger (and they will) that we get behind them and don’t crucify them. Westwood can go for me but we need to be patient with the young uns!