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  1. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Someone said he has paid for his own rehabilitation. I was just wondering if he chooses this option if we still have to pay his wages. If if this is the case it speaks volumes to what our own players think of our medical department.
  2. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Be curious to know whether we pay his wages whilst he's out there
  3. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Yeah I agree, Chansiri doesn't strike me as a pushover and definitely wouldn't be dictated to. It's just since the injury I'm yet to see any photos or videos of him at Hillsborough or at our facilities. I'm aware that he's at a specialist in Spain but are our physios that inept that he can't take light training at Hillsborough and fly out to Spain to see the specialist? Maybe he does do this, however going by his social media it's like hes living out there.
  4. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Would hope this is the case.
  5. Fernando Forestieri rehab

    It shouldn't be up to him where he regains fitness. Whilst he's contracted to us we should be managing his fitness and should be monitoring every aspect of his rehabilitation. For the the life of me I can't understand why we'd let this happen. Hopefully he comes back fitter and stronger than ever, just seems weird.
  6. I'm not sure if this has been touched upon as of yet but how the do we let one of our best players and arguably our most prized asset complete virtually a seasons rehab abroad? Surely he should be close to Hillsborough being assessed on a daily basis to ensure his rehabilitation is is as quick and as successful as possible. Just seems mad to me. I wish him a speedy recovery and can't wait to see him again.
  7. Just want to show some appreciation for this guy. Came with a fairly hefty price tag, young lad, lots of pressure and was given dogs abuse only up until recently but I'm so glad he's proven people wrong. Personally I think he's a great footballer, he's intelligent, amazing engine on him and I think he's played virtually every game since he arrived in various positions without spitting the dummy out. He will only get better and I agree a team should be built around him. Well done Reachy boy!
  8. Mate the signings we have made have been laughable. I completely agree and I bet Chansiri is on suicide watch. Whoever has been advising this poor man needs arresting for fraud. Imagine splashing out 25million on these jokes. I do really feel sorry for him. However these signings have been made and what's done is done. Lets look forward not back, we have a new manager and we need to give him sometime. At the minute he's doing his best with limited resources.
  9. I can only think that he's not 100% (wouldn't be a surprise) or he just isn't showing it in training. Jack Stobbs had a great game midweek against the blades and maybe he's really impressed in training. Boyd for me atm is in the same category as Matias, Abdi, Hutchinson and the rest play one game injured for 10. I think the the main reason why Carlos never played Matias as well as others is the fact he knew they couldn't play more than a few games before they'd eventually get injured and perhaps didn't want to build a first 11 around crocks. ( even though he signed them ) I've just had enough this season and to have 15 senior players out injured is beyond ludicrous. Sooner the season is over the better.
  10. I think some people actually think that jos just like Carlos is intentionally not playing certain players because he doesn't like them. Rhodes isn't starting because he is BOBBAR!! Most sensible Wednesdayites know this and Jos knows this. The players that aren't getting a look in, aren't because they're not showing the manager that they're good enough and it's as simple as that! I trust Jos and his team selections and I don't think he has any hidden agendas or reasons to not play certain players. Best thing we can do is survive this season, have a complete clear out of these overpaid bunch of P U S S I E S this summer and get a good blend of youth and experienced players who still have the desire and will to achieve promotion. Most of these guys we have at Wednesday now don't give a t o ss about getting promoted. Myself I'd prefer to play the whole u23' s and u18's till the rest of the season than watch these jokes ever again. Uto!
  11. Carvalhal MARK11!!

    Out of curiosity, what would your team selection have been?
  12. Rhodes

    I really do hope Rhodes leaves. I've seen him play more than enough to make an honest judgement of him and he's a "ok" player but no way is he a 10mil striker. He's no better than any of the other strikers we have at Wednesday. I just feel Rhodes isn't a threat, he isn't strong enough, he isn't fast enough and when things aren't going his way he seems to disappear. If we could let him go and bring a young LB from the premiership and potentially a young striker too I'd be more than happy.
  13. Seasons is over

    Season is over, season was finished after the Burton match. We have no divine right of being promoted just because we've spent a bit. I think yesterday with a full strength squad we'd have won yesterday and at the lane. I think we have a good manager who is instilling discipline, bedding in youth players, improving our fitness and doing wonders for squad harmony. We need to give him time to build for next season and not to add any extra pressure.. I'm enjoying watching players like Nielsen,Clare, Thorniley and O'grady make their debuts under our new man and not look out of place, trust me this will be an excellent incentive for our youth players. If they're playing well they've a chance of being promoted to our squad. He's openly said he isn't afraid to play anyone if he thinks they're good enough! You never know depending on injuries we may even come close this season. Nevertheless I think Jos is doing an excellent job considering the players he has currently injured.
  14. Fonseca. If not him wouldn't be disappointed with Hurst or Lee Johnson.