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  1. How do you know anything about this individual, he could have quite possibly worked with the public throughout the whole of the pandemic?
  2. Don't stay away from people like me my friend
  3. This dude is a great little player, I'd be very happy with this signing!
  4. I'd actually release him with immediate effect. If we are struggling for strikers just pick a random fan out of the stands, they'd 100 percent contribute more than Berahino does or an even crazier idea play one of our youth players.
  5. We made Shrewsbury Town look very good. We had most of the ball and never looked like scoring but whenever Shrewsbury had it we looked terrified and disjointed. After this result I believe Moore must go. Coming off a 5 - 0 drubbing to Sunderland and to play like that shows me he has lost the players and does not inspire them to play for him or the badge. It also looks like a large majority of them are just there to pick up a wage packet. This really passes me off as we had a great opportunity to rid these kind of players from our club last season and completely change the ethos and player's mentality at the club. We've got a manager who shows no emotion and 95% of the player's show zero emotion and fight. He has to go!
  6. This is only from what I have seen so far. Maybe the system is wrong or maybe hes lacking confidence but whatever it is he doesn't look very good. He Can't run, can't tackle, can't head, can't shoot. Seems to have a nice range of passing but is far too slow. Wing in all honesty reminds me of Darren Potter. The thing that frustrates me the most about him is that when he loses the ball he shows zero desire to win it back and almost looks like he's throwing a strop. When I saw him in the pre season vs Huddersfield I thought he was going to be our signing of the season but he has struggled immensely. I want to like him and I'd love him to do well but I just can't see it happening for him.
  7. Horrendous footballer, thank god!
  8. Please Nick, I really need a little of whatever you're taking. I didn't take any positives from that game at all. Defensively horrendous, lacked leadership, creativity and bite in midfield and our attack completely anonymous. Infact, only positive I took was listening to our wonderful fans belt out 'hi ho silver lining' 5-0 down on the 87th minute. If only our players shared the same amount of passion as our fans.
  9. Any player who plays out of position on a regular basis and can perform consistently deserves praise and recognition. Both Palmer and Patterson have been excellent at slotting in this season.
  10. I'm shodipos biggest critic. First 15 minutes he played poorly and was all over the place defensively however after the break in play he came out a complete different player. I thought he was excellent and this is the first time he's impressed me. I think he needs to build his confidence but there's a decent player in there.
  11. Dunkley won absolutely everything tonight, Corbenau and Bannan were also very good however the double substitution completely changed the game.
  12. He beat their left back time and time again. By far the most positive and dangerous player on the field, Gillingham doubled up on him second half and he still beat them every time. Once he sorts his decision making out he'll be a very very good player! Keep it up Theo
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