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  1. Just been looking at the England World Cup squad and was shocked to see how many local lads there were, Walker, Vardy, Maguire and Cahill Sheffield Stones Barnsley Rose Doncaster Asstounded at how how none of these had played for us. I know Vardy represented our club at academy level but was released after being deemed not good enough. Hopefully things are staring to look up for our academy and scouting and we are proactively looking at local clubs to bring in potential future England stars. And also a Congratula
  2. Some people really need to get a life. The transfer window hasn't even opened yet and we're already talking about the Forestieri going/staying saga. What'll be will be...
  3. I couldn't really care less anymore. If he goes, then good luck and if he wants to stay then fantastic. Get over it, it's becoming boring!
  4. Me and my mother would have done better. They both were absolutely appalling but Lawrenson was something else. He's never been a commentator, he's a crap pundit at best!
  5. He's had his time with us. He's not a "young lad" anymore he's had nearly 3 years with us. I can assure you that if I had to single out one player of ours to succeed at Wednesday it'd be him. I just feel if we are going to seriously push for promotion next season then he isn't good enough from what I've seen so far. At times he can be but there's no consistency. Same how I feel about Hutchinson, love this guy but he's always injured. Can't have players like this anymore, unreliable.
  6. Haha footballs mad. I actually though Jones played well tonight too!
  7. Agree with everything apart from Joao, I thought he was woeful tonight and I'm his biggest fan. And may I add he's been excellent in recent games. Just seems to me his head goes down too quickly when things aren't going his way.
  8. He's not good, I thought he was supposed to be a nippy winger in his Peterborough & Burnley days? We must hold the record for having the slowest wingers and Strikers in the football league.
  9. Don't be ridiculous mate. We've had incredibly bad luck with injuries and in the summer we failed to address our lack of pace in the squad. This has been our downfall! No matter how bad we get I will not blame our chairman for pumping millions and million of pounds into our club. We have no divine right to be in the premiership, just because we've spent millions or have amazing fans. This doesn't guarantee premiership football. It was a gamble and unfortunately it failed even though we came incredibly close both times. I also refuse to blame Jos, the guys struggeling t
  10. Lawrenson is an absolute bell! Victor Meldrew-esque commentating
  11. Someone said he has paid for his own rehabilitation. I was just wondering if he chooses this option if we still have to pay his wages. If if this is the case it speaks volumes to what our own players think of our medical department.
  12. Be curious to know whether we pay his wages whilst he's out there
  13. Yeah I agree, Chansiri doesn't strike me as a pushover and definitely wouldn't be dictated to. It's just since the injury I'm yet to see any photos or videos of him at Hillsborough or at our facilities. I'm aware that he's at a specialist in Spain but are our physios that inept that he can't take light training at Hillsborough and fly out to Spain to see the specialist? Maybe he does do this, however going by his social media it's like hes living out there.
  14. It shouldn't be up to him where he regains fitness. Whilst he's contracted to us we should be managing his fitness and should be monitoring every aspect of his rehabilitation. For the the life of me I can't understand why we'd let this happen. Hopefully he comes back fitter and stronger than ever, just seems weird.
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